Huey Newton Rising

Donald Trump has resurrected Black Panther leader, Huey Newton, from the dead with his racist decree. I believe I am elected to take Huey’s place because of the people in my family tree, including the son of a Black Panther who is related to Mary Ann Tharaldsen who lived with Thomas Pynchon in Mexico, and was married to two other famous writers. She was a good friend of Richard and Mimi Farina and one of the Chicago Seven. We stayed at Saul. When we got married we stayed in Marilyn’s bed.  M is a good friend of Les McCann. Her sister was married to Les’s drummer and co-authored ‘Fela: This Bitch of a Life. Fela was befriended by the Black Panthers. Above is a pic of Mary Ann visiting me in my hood. I lived in a shack next to my good friend, Bob, whose Mexican sons had much power in Fruitvale. Bob was Mary Ann’s gardener and asked me to help put in a vegetable garden. When MA saw the fifty drawings of Atlantic I had done – she was blown away! She asked me if I had gone to college. She majored in architecture at Cornell.

“They forced me out of high school because I told them PE and History was preparation for the military, and thus I worked hard to get an F.”

Trump said dead Veterans were losers and suckers. I be this decree was made to save his draft-dodging ass. I read that farmers and ranchers are going to vote for him – in even greater numbers. White People are, and always have been – RACISTS&HATERS!

The pic of my grandson reaching for the umbrella was taken by Kathleen, the wife of David Hunt, and mother of Malcom who was named after Malcom X who inspired Huey. Kathleen told me about the black sisters of the David’s father telling her about their relationship with Angela Davis and other sisters. When I made David my Heir I had Malcom in mind. He is Tyler’s cousin who I am not allowed to see. Malcom has a new cousin, Ember, who has been removed from my life by a woman’s cult led by Patrice who I told to stay away from my family because they bonded with my father and brother TWO RACIST SUPREMISTS. I have much trouble with the pic of Vic out to dinner with the Benton family. Vic had convinced aunt Lillian I was not his son. When I asked Vicki Presco if it was true that Vic raped our niece, Shannon;

“She knew better to drink with Vic. The same thing happened to Christine and I in our twenties!”

Vicki was living with Vic at the time she told me this. When her son called me after failing to tell me my sister had been ten days, he was wrapping up our family ties. I asked him if Mark showed up. I believe he lied. My brother excommunicated me from HIS family that is a Incestuous Family System, that always goes after the Scapegoat, because they can’t handle the truth the have been VICTIMIZED by the REAL PERPATRATOR. I have always suspected my friendship with people of color, and my radical views on white people in denial made me – even less of a family member. Trump is a PERPATRATOR and is conducting a Massive Coverup with a Racist Loyalty Check. The Messengers are being DEFUNDED! I lost friends by predicting what was coming. Most people play games with their COMFORT ZONE.

I used to go to Marilyn’s church down Harlow where her gospel choir rehearsed. I was the official photographer who captured their Hult show.  They wanted Soromundi to sing with them, but when the minister learned they were Lesbians, he banned them from his church. Marilyn stopped me from blogging on this and arranged for them to sing downtown.

Huey Newton came out with a edict on the treatment of homosexuals’ which might have gotten him killed. Lessons in ACCEPTENCE are sorely needed. A man who had a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol – led the way. I anoint Huey a Nazarite in the True Holy Spirit. He has risen!

John Presco

Fela Kuti (1938-1997)

In 1982, the authorized biography of Nigerian Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti, written by Carlos Moore was published. Kuti was a personal friend of the writer. Fela, Fela: Cette Putain de Vie was first published en France, en 1982, by Éditions Karthala, then in the United Kingdom as FelaThis Bitch of a Life , by Allison and Busby. The biography has since been translated into six languages.[13] The Broadway musical Fela! (2009–2011) was inspired by this work, as recognized in the settlement of a copyright dispute over stage production rights.[14][15]

The 2019 documentary film My Friend Fela (Meu amigo Fela), made by Joel Zito Araújo, explores the complexity of Kuti’s life “through the eyes and conversations” of Moore.[16]

In recent years, Moore has been living with his family between Brazil and Guadeloupe, writing about global racism, particularly racism in Brazil.[17]

Personal life[edit]

Moore’s first wife, Shawna, was from the US, and they had a son together, Kimathi. Moore’s second wife, Ayeola, whom he married in 1992, is from Guadeloupe.[7]


President Trump is moving to revamp federal agencies’ racial sensitivity trainings, casting some of them “divisive” and “un-American,” according to a memo by the White House Office of Management and Budge

In the two-page memo, OMB Director Russell Vought says that Trump has asked him to prevent federal agencies from spending millions in taxpayer dollars on these training sessions. Vought says OMB will instruct federal agencies to come up with a list of all contracts related to training sessions involving “white privilege“ or “critical race theory,” and do everything possible within the law to cancel those contracts, the memo states.

The memo, released on Friday, also tells all federal agencies to identify and if possible cancel contracts that involve teaching that America is an “inherently racist or evil country.”

“The President has directed me to ensure that federal agencies cease and desist from using taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions,“ the memo states.

Vought writes in the memo that “it has come to the President’s attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date ‘training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

He then refers to a press report that says federal employees “have been required to attend trainings where they are told that ‘virtually all White people contribute to racism’ or where they are required to say that they ‘benefit from racism.’”

It could not immediately be learned what training sessions Vought was referring to in the memo. Recent Fox News segments have heavily criticized “diversity and inclusion” efforts in the federal government started under the Obama administration.

“It’s absolutely astonishing how critical race theory has pervaded every institution in the federal government,” Chris Rufo, research fellow at the right-wing Discovery Institute, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson earlier this week.

The memo later says that “the President, and his Administration, are fully committed to the fair and equal treatment of all individuals in the United States.”

The memo comes after Trump has put himself at the center of an intense national debates about race, politics tactics, the Civil War, and the Confederate flag. Democrats have long taken aim at Trump’s comments about race, including his false assertion that President Obama was not born in the United States.

And this year, after numerous Black Lives Matter protests occurred around the country following incidents when certain police officers killed or shot Black Americans, Trump has sharply criticized social justice protesters and called for law enforcement to crack down hard.

OMB said it would soon issue more guidance on the crackdown of these training sessions.

Huey P. Newton on gay, women’s liberation

Published May 16, 2012 11:45 PM

The following speech was given by the late Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, on Aug. 15, 1970, on gay and women’s rights. Shelley Ettinger, a member of Workers World Party and a lesbian activist, wrote on her blog, “Read Red,” about Newton’s speech: “I think it’s important to remember this speech because the Black liberation movement and even the Black community as a whole are so often slandered as though they’re somehow more sexist and/or homophobic than other movements or other sectors of society, and here we have a great revolutionary leader speaking out just one year after the Stonewall Rebellion, far earlier than almost anyone else.” In light of President Barack Obama’s recent announcement in support of same-sex marriage, WW is reprinting in its entirety Newton’s historic speech that urged revolutionary class solidarity with these oppressed groupings.

During the past few years strong movements have developed among women and among homosexuals seeking their liberation. There has been some uncertainty about how to relate to these movements.

Whatever your personal opinions and your insecurities about homosexuality and the various liberation movements among homosexuals and women (and I speak of the homosexuals and women as oppressed groups), we should try to unite with them in a revolutionary fashion.

I say ”whatever your insecurities are” because as we very well know, sometimes our first instinct is to want to hit a homosexual in the mouth, and want a woman to be quiet. We want to hit a homosexual in the mouth because we are afraid that we might be homosexual; and we want to hit the women or shut her up because we are afraid that she might castrate us, or take the nuts that we might not have to start with.

We must gain security in ourselves and therefore have respect and feelings for all oppressed people. We must not use the racist attitude that the white racists use against our people because they are Black and poor. Many times the poorest white person is the most racist because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover something that he does not have. So you’re some kind of a threat to him. This kind of psychology is in operation when we view oppressed people and we are angry with them because of their particular kind of behavior, or their particular kind of deviation from the established norm.

Remember, we have not established a revolutionary value system; we are only in the process of establishing it. I do not remember our ever constituting any value that said that a revolutionary must say offensive things towards homosexuals, or that a revolutionary should make sure that women do not speak out about their own particular kind of oppression. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite: we say that we recognize the women’s right to be free. We have not said much about the homosexual at all, but we must relate to the homosexual movement because it is a real thing. And I know through reading, and through my life experience and observations that homosexuals are not given freedom and liberty by anyone in the society. They might be the most oppressed people in the society.

And what made them homosexual? Perhaps it’s a phenomenon that I don’t understand entirely. Some people say that it is the decadence of capitalism. I don’t know if that is the case; I rather doubt it. But whatever the case is, we know that homosexuality is a fact that exists, and we must understand it in its purest form: that is, a person should have the freedom to use his body in whatever way he wants.

That is not endorsing things in homosexuality that we wouldn’t view as revolutionary. But there is nothing to say that a homosexual cannot also be a revolutionary. And maybe I’m now injecting some of my prejudice by saying that “even a homosexual can be a revolutionary.” Quite the contrary, maybe a homosexual could be the most revolutionary.

When we have revolutionary conferences, rallies, and demonstrations, there should be full participation of the gay liberation movement and the women’s liberation movement. Some groups might be more revolutionary than others. We should not use the actions of a few to say that they are all reactionary or counter-revolutionary, because they are not.

We should deal with the factions just as we deal with any other group or party that claims to be revolutionary. We should try to judge, somehow, whether they are operating in a sincere revolutionary fashion and from a really oppressed situation. (And we will grant that if they are women they are probably oppressed.) If they do things that are unrevolutionary or counter-revolutionary, then criticize that action.

If we feel that the group in spirit means to be revolutionary in practice, but they make mistakes in interpretation of the revolutionary philosophy, or they do not understand the dialectics of the social forces in operation, we should criticize that and not criticize them because they are women trying to be free. And the same is true for homosexuals. We should never say a whole movement is dishonest when in fact they are trying to be honest. They are just making honest mistakes. Friends are allowed to make mistakes. The enemy is not allowed to make mistakes because his whole existence is a mistake, and we suffer from it. But the women’s liberation front and gay liberation front are our friends, they are our potential allies, and we need as many allies as possible.

We should be willing to discuss the insecurities that many people have about homosexuality. When I say “insecurities,” I mean the fear that they are some kind of threat to our manhood. I can understand this fear. Because of the long conditioning process which builds insecurity in the American male, homosexuality might produce certain hang-ups in us. I have hang-ups myself about male homosexuality. But on the other hand, I have no hang-up about female homosexuality. And that is a phenomenon in itself. I think it is probably because male homosexuality is a threat to me and female homosexuality is not.

We should be careful about using those terms that might turn our friends off. The terms “faggot” and “punk” should be deleted from our vocabulary, and especially we should not attach names normally designed for homosexuals to men who are enemies of the people, such as [Richard] Nixon or [John] Mitchell. Homosexuals are not enemies of the people.

We should try to form a working coalition with the gay liberation and women’s liberation groups. We must always handle social forces in the most appropriate manner.

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