Our Spiritual Program

When I was down in the basement of the Rosamond gallery in Carmel, I was approached by three women in Christine’s AA group. I asked them if my sister had found God….


Rosamond drowned on her first sober birthday. She struggled to live in the Pacific Ocean for fifty minutes until her muscles burst. She was pulled from the sea while she was still alive. She died on the way to hospital. There is a good chance she found God.

In looking at the staff of Alcohol Justice, I was reminded of a list of Catholic Saints. They are perfect in every away – and they are on a mission to save the environment! Wow! Let’s observe a minute of Silent Awe!

In AA we own no lofty credentials. Members are bid to save their life with the help of the Twelve Steps. Is anyone on the Justice Team a recovering alcoholic? If I recall, Fred Buck had a drinking problem. Did William Buck? How about Leonard Buck?

Any drunk can walk into the door of an AA group – and be drunk. They are bid not to speak – if they are drunk. The AJ staff brag about their social networking skills. Is this the foundation of the World’s Greatest Social Circle that is proud of its Dumb Duality, being, Drunks are Dark – while they are full of light! Good verses Evil. Black verses White. I do not see a black person on the staff. How about a Native American?

Here is my kin’s struggle;

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Here is my friends struggle…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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