Michael Jackson Looked Like Elizabeth Taylor

I had the best day of my life! As the Duck football game began, Marilyn Reed called. We had not talked since the Mayor’s show at the Emerald Arts Association. For two and a half hours we had a brilliant conversation. We talked about the movie Colette and other women artists. Then we talked about John Gainer, the Choirs, and the breakafast she will be attending as part of the University of Oregon’s celebration of Black History.

“I wish we had recorded our conversation, because it is the most brilliant one I have had in my 72 years on the planet. Our timing is a creative masterpiece. Everything is coming together.”

I have my best friend back! Marilyn finds these books about women artists, brings them home, and reads them. She has a collection by her bed. There is a category system. I told her I just read a Vogue article about Michael’s show at the National Portrait Gallery.

“Marilyn, I believe Michael had surgery so he could look like my kindred, Liz Taylor. He had already made himself look like Diana Ross.”

Why would Michael do this? I am going to save my answer for my book, and possible HBO series about ‘Claudine Victoria Rosamond Bond. Willy is Claudine, is, Colette.

“If Michael can be a woman, then James Bond can be a woman. Michael wanted to play James Bond. Ian Fleming wanted Richard Burton to play Bond!”


I am going to create my fourth character for ‘The Royal Janitor’…….J.J. Bond (James Jackson) Bond is a black P.I. and attorney for the Stars. He will be a cross between Melvin Belli and Super Fly. He is a genius when it comes to Social Justice and the Underdog. He grew up in Harlem and is the only dude that can outrap Donald Trump. Melvin played Gorgon in Star Trek. There is a new generation who never heard of Shaft. J.J. has gone under the knife many times in order to make himself look like Humphry Bogart. He lives in a world of the Maltese Falcon Noir, an Icon that helps him unravel many cases. The falcon was owned by the Knight Templars thus J.J. is Langdon the Symbolist.

“Dark men all over the world are under the influence of that “Evil Bird” and don’t know it.”

Several portraits and photos of Augustus John are in the gallery keeping Michael company. Augustus is seen riding with Talitha Pol who would marry John Paul Getty 11. whose daughter, Aileen Getty, married Christopher Wilding. Liz encouraged Michael to take up art. Was he aware of the Getty family connection and the Getty Museums. Liz grew up in John’s home, and her uncle was an agent for his work . Augustus did a portrait of Dylan Thomas and was a friend of James Joyce. Here is a art and literary dynasty that is the foundation of the Bohemian movement outside France. It has come to American with my cousin Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. With Christine Rosamond’s portraits of beautiful Bohemian women we have a gathering of the muses who love to play with masks.

“There are more of us to be taken care of, now.”

Marilyn is married to the Jazz Drummer, Kenny Reed, who played with his wife’s good friend, Les McCann, who is an artist. Marilyn talked about the influence early black music had on Rock and Roll. I told her about Janis Joplin being intimidated by Linda Tillery who I heard practicing with The Loading Zone as I worked on my paintings in the next room. The Zone played with Lightening Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Howlen Wolf, and Sam and Dave. From them came the integrated Tower of Power who complimented Jackson who celebrated a multiracial culture.

Michael did a drawing of George Washington and the door of the White House with Presidential Seal. I suspect his best friend, and surrogate mother, Liz Taylor, suggested to the King of Pop that he could be anyone he wants. That he wanted to be her, must have been a real shock – and compliment! Michael understood there was no greater Icon, than Liz, who he might have seen as a worthy President?

I understand what Kanye West is saying to our President. He wants Donald to be included in our National Portrait Museum, because when he looks good, we all look good. However, being admitted into the Great Hall of Muses, from which the word Museum, hails, is not that easy. There are intricate rules, many of them……unspoken. Unspoken, is not Mr. Trump’s favorite word. You can be anything you want in America, barring one, the blabbermouth in the Oval Office. This is why Trump is forever campaigning.

Marilyn and I talked about the black identity being about the mastering of Social Justice as put forth by Moses and Mosaic Law. White Republicans want the charismatic King Jesus to elevate them in every way. “Let my people fly!” has overcome “Let my people go!” In wanting to play James Bond, Jackson sought to step over the threshold and be a player at the Masked Ball. He wanted to master the games white folks play with Fame and interchangeable parts. Then there is Grimm’s fairytales. Michael wanted to be bigger than Disney. He wanted to be Sleeping Beauty who was named Rosamond. I am reminded of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.

Michael and Oscar got caught by society. They ran towards ruin. I will be seeing the movie about Wilde called ‘The Happy Prince’. Coming to ruin is a great aspect of being an artist and being famous. Perhaps, there will come a day, when Donald Trump is let out a tiny door of Federal Prison on a cold January morn, and, waiting for him is a man.

“Mr. Trump. I would very much like to do your portrait. I think you qualify, now.”

With twenty minutes left in the game, I rooted for My Ducks. It was I who used my magical finger to make the Huskies miss that field goal to take us to overtime.

“All good things come to those that wait!”

I think I am going to do a painting of Ian Fleming atop a mountain.

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018


2. Michael may have gotten plastic surgery to look more like Elizabeth.
Many theories about why Michael decided to change his appearance have circulated over the decades — the most common one of which was that Michael was trying to look white by bleaching his skin and sharpening his nose. However, according to an unnamed friend, there may have been an added reason — his obsession with Elizabeth Taylor. The friend said:

To Michael, Elizabeth was a saint, a goddess. And it’s tragic—all those surgeries [Michael had]. If you look closely, in the beginning, he’s trying to look like Elizabeth. His ruined face, his appearance, was a tribute to Elizabeth gone terribly wrong. I think he wanted it to be the greatest fan letter ever written.





Talitha Dina Pol was born in Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), daughter of the artists Willem Jilts Pol (nl) (1905–88) and Arnoldine Adriana “Adine” Mees (1908–1948).[2]

Her father subsequently married Poppet John (1912–97), daughter of the painter Augustus John (1878–1961), a pivotal figure in the world of Bohemian culture and fashion. She was thus the step-granddaughter of both Augustus John and his muse and second wife, Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeil (1881–1969), who was a fashion icon in the early years of the 20th century. By Ian Fleming‘s widowed mother, Evelyn Ste Croix Fleming née Rose, Augustus John had a daughter and Talitha’s aunt, Amaryllis Fleming (1925–1999), who became a noted cellist.

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette‘s life is too big to be captured in the pages of a novel (or a series of novels), to be accommodated by the stage, or to be enclosed inside a two-hour film. Happily, Wash Westmoreland’s new biopic, Colette, knows that and leans into it. There’s a moment in the second act where Keira Knightley, who plays Colette, is watching someone on a stage playing a fictionalized Colette while her husband is having sex with someone playing the fictionalized version of the fictionalized Colette. Colette, removed. Colette, diluted. The story of Colette is only a fragment of her life, the one in which France’s most prolific writer realizes she cannot be contained; not by her want of a dowry; not by her lack of education or formal training; not by the laws governing sexual conduct and gender presentation in turn-of-the-century Paris; not even by the room her husband locks her in to write her Claudine series, which he publishes under his name.




The National Portrait Gallery (NPG) is an art gallery in London housing a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people. It was the first portrait gallery in the world when it opened in 1856.[4] The gallery moved in 1896 to its current site at St Martin’s Place, off Trafalgar Square, and adjoining the National Gallery. It has been expanded twice since then. The National Portrait Gallery also has regional outposts at Beningbrough Hall in Yorkshire and Montacute House in Somerset. It is unconnected to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, with which its remit overlaps. The gallery is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.




The National Portrait Gallery in London will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Tenby-born Augustus John with a new display of portraits of the artist.

The display of portraits are drawn from gallery’s collection and includes photographs by Alvin Coburn, Howard Coster, Bill Brandt, Yousuf Karsh, Norman Parkinson, Ida Kar and Cecil Beaton.

The display spans his life from youth to old age and charts his early career, relationships, his fascination with Romany culture and his success and reputation as an artist. It also includes images of pivotal figures from his life including Dorelia McNeill, Lady Ottoline Morrell and Talitha Pol.

Selected from the Gallery’s photographs collection, this display spans Augustus John’s life from youth to old age. It includes photographs by Cecil Beaton, Norman Parkinson, Bill Brandt and Alvin Langdon Coburn. The display complements portraits by Augustus John currently on show of son Sir Caspar John, the society hostess Lady Ottoline Morrell and the poet Dylan Thomas.







Marking what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday on August 29, the exhibition comprises some 100 works of art depicting his many facets and faces, seen through the eyes of everyone from Andy Warhol to Grayson Perry.

Among them is the last portrait Jackson commissioned of himself, Kehinde Wiley’s depiction of him as Philip II of Spain on horseback, after Rubens. Jackson often had himself painted as kings and archangels — easily brushed off as megalomania. “This is someone who grew up in a poor area of Gary, Indiana, in a two-bedroom house with eight siblings, who managed to transcend that,” Cullinan argues.


A pop comet like Jackson, probably the most significant icon of a generation, was clearly destined to leave its trail on contemporary art. This is confirmed by the “Michael Jackson: On the Wall” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery of London (from the 28th of this month to October 21st), which celebrates his 60th birthday (August 29th) by inviting 40 artists of different generations to create works portraying the influence of this giant on the spirit of time.

Jackson’s friendship with one of the most famous stars of American film is the focus of Catherine Opie’s work. “I photographed Liz Taylor’s house in the “700 Nimes Road” series; I wanted to create an intimate portrait of the actress through her dearest personal effects. Many objects were tied to Jackson: autographed photos, others in which they appeared together, a jacket of his hanging in the closet, and gifts that the singer gave her. They were very close. They both experienced the same sense of solitude and fame when they were young.”


Taylor was something of a muse for Warhol. She’s so glamorous.”

In 2007 Hugh Grant sold a painting entitled Liz from the same series for £11.4million at auction, just six years after he paid £2million for it.

The Christie’s auction has a total of 63 lots worth a pre-sale estimate of almost £60million.

A dual biography and examination of the unusual relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson, Elizabeth and Michael: The Queen of Hollywood and the King of Pop — A Love Story, arrived in bookstores just a day after what would have been Jackson’s 58th birthday. Written by critic and historian Donald Bogle, the book takes a deep dive into the intertwining lives of the two icons. Though Michael had longed to meet Elizabeth for years, it wasn’t until after the death of her ex-husband Richard Burton in 1984 that the two finally got in contact. Hoping to lift her spirits, Michael provided Elizabeth with tickets to his Victory tour. She attended, but left halfway through because she couldn’t see. Michael was devastated when he heard the news, called Elizabeth, and the pair ended up chatting for three hours, launching a friendship that lasted until Michael’s death, in 2009. Elizabeth and Michael takes an insider’s look at a relationship that most onlookers didn’t understand. While it’s common knowledge that Michael wanted to paint the walls of one of his suites violet like Elizabeth’s eyes and that she once gifted him an elephant named Gypsy, there’s much more to their story. Here are nine things we didn’t know about Elizabeth and Michael’s unusual friendship.

1. Michael once bailed on dinner plans with Diana Ross for Elizabeth.
We’ve all been there; you have plans with that one friend from a job you had while back, but then literally your coolest friend texts you, “What are you up to tonight?” You never see her, so you text the first friend, “Would it be cool if blah blah joined?” Now imagine those friends are Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor, respectively. (Though, depending on the person, you could easily imagine the situation reversed.) One evening in the early ‘90s, Michael planned to have dinner with Diana Ross — that is until Elizabeth Taylor also asked him to have dinner. What to do? Michael tried to combine dates by asking Diana to join him and Elizabeth at a restaurant. Diana Ross reportedly declined and told him they’d have to reschedule and go to dinner another time … without Elizabeth. “This is not the way to do things, Michael,” Ross told him. Divas don’t share the spotlight!

2. Michael may have gotten plastic surgery to look more like Elizabeth.
Many theories about why Michael decided to change his appearance have circulated over the decades — the most common one of which was that Michael was trying to look white by bleaching his skin and sharpening his nose. However, according to an unnamed friend, there may have been an added reason — his obsession with Elizabeth Taylor. The friend said:

To Michael, Elizabeth was a saint, a goddess. And it’s tragic—all those surgeries [Michael had]. If you look closely, in the beginning, he’s trying to look like Elizabeth. His ruined face, his appearance, was a tribute to Elizabeth gone terribly wrong. I think he wanted it to be the greatest fan letter ever written.

3. Elizabeth gave Michael his first Christmas.
In January of 1993, after Michael no longer was a member of the Jehovah’s Witness, Elizabeth arrived at Neverland Ranch with her husband Larry Fortensky on Christmas to exchange toys and games with Michael. Jackson had grown up without a traditional childhood, and this moment meant the world to him. This first Christmas was videotaped and eventually shown publicly when his home movies aired on television.

4. Elizabeth and Michael’s extremely close relationship caused his family to go to therapy.
Michael’s parents and siblings were deeply offended by the fact that Michael preferred to spend time with Elizabeth over them in the early ‘90s. On several occasions when he was hospitalized, he didn’t care whether his family came to visit him, but was over the moon when Elizabeth showed up. Katherine Jackson was reportedly angry that Elizabeth was able to see Michael whenever she wanted while she, his mother, had to make an appointment to see him. According to writer Stacy Brown, Katherine felt that Elizabeth had stolen her son. Janet Jackson became so concerned about the psychological well-being of her family that she paid for all of them to undergo therapy. When they complained about Michael, their therapist reportedly told them to forget about Michael and move on, as, in his mind, Elizabeth Taylor was his mother.

5. Michael didn’t tell Elizabeth he was marrying Lisa Marie Presley or having children.
Michael didn’t tell Elizabeth everything, including his plans to marry Lisa Marie Presley. He waited until after they had secretly married to call her. Elizabeth was allegedly very upset when she found out, asking a friend: “What has he done? What has he done?” Additionally, Michael never introduced Debbie Rowe, the woman who carried his children, to Elizabeth before Rowe’s pregnancy. He felt that if she wanted to meet Debbie, she could introduce herself. Elizabeth was dismissive until the children were born. Bogle writes, “Rowe told the story that she called Elizabeth’s office and even left her address. In return, she received a signed photograph from Elizabeth, thanking her for being such a supportive fan.”

6. Diamonds were Michael’s best friend for getting Elizabeth to show up to things.
In 2001, Michael asked Elizabeth to be his date for his 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden. Elizabeth declined, but Michael was eventually able to persuade her to come with one thing: diamonds, duh.

He never had to buy Elizabeth’s friendship or lobby for her presence at public events but when the spirit didn’t move her, Michael had a little trick up his sleeve, and it wasn’t rocket science. All it took was … you guessed it … diamonds. When Michael wanted Elizabeth to join him for an award show, or in this case, his thirtieth anniversary special, she was there for him contingent upon receipt of a diamond.

7. Elizabeth and Michael didn’t speak for months because he had to take back a necklace he had given her.
In what could be described as a Larry Davidian mishap, after giving Elizabeth a necklace that had been loaned and never actually paid for, Michael had to ask for it back. Instead of calling Elizabeth himself he had one of his attorneys make the call. Elizabeth was not pleased. Bogle writes:

Apparently, Taylor was enraged, not so much by the request for the necklace, which she had indeed assumed was a gift, but that she was treated in such an impersonal way by one of Michael’s attorney’s. She had the necklace returned, but she wouldn’t speak to Michael for months.

8. Michael didn’t attend Elizabeth’s 75th birthday party because of his brother’s car accident, but not for the reason you’d think.
Although it has been reported that Michael did not attend Elizabeth’s party and that she was not expecting him to be there, he had every intention of going. On the day of the party, just as Michael was getting ready to leave, Randy Jackson crashed a car into the front gate of Michael’s house. Randy reportedly refused to leave, because Michael owed him money. Apparently, Randy then sat in the driveway for two hours until their father, Joe, was called. Michael ended up not going to the party, fearing that his brother would follow him there. “He’ll just find out how to follow us to Liz’s party and cause a huge scene; she doesn’t deserve that,” Michael said according to reports of the incident.

9. Elizabeth requested to be buried near Michael.
After her late husband Richard Burton’s death, Elizabeth made plans to be buried next to him, in Switzerland. However, closer to the end of her life she changed her mind and requested to be buried close to Michael in the Great Mausoleum in Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery.

Was Elizabeth Taylor a true friend of Michael Jackson? How did Michael feel about her?

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4 Answers

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For most part she was. Elizabeth Taylor herself said ‘’i am the only one who hasn’t betrayed him’’. Though i do agree with London Williams that Michael indeed bribed her to attend his concerts during the later years of his life and it is also reported that she never spoke to him after he missed her birthday party in 2008, when Michael’s brother Randy crashed his car at Michael’s gates demanding money Michael owed him, for most part they were very good friends.

Seemingly, Elisabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson had nothing in common. Their age difference was huge. Elisabeth was at least 27 years older than Michael. The media mocked their friendship and alleged romance. They did , however, have a lot in common. They both had abusive fathers, they both had rotten childhoods, they were both child stars. They both loved animals, battled similar drug addictions and they were both great humanitarians. Michael had known Elizabeth Taylor since 1982. In 1984, he invited her to one of his Victory tour concerts in Los Angeles but the box he arranged for her had bad sight lines so she left. Michael called her and apologised to her.

They immediately bonded. She was a mother figure to him, for which his own mother Katherine would later say ‘’ Elizabeth stole my child’’. The Jackson matriarch did not approve of her son’s friendship with Elizabeth. Indeed, Liz advised him to move out of his parents’ house in Encino. Michael took her advice and bought his Neverland Ranch in 1988 and he ordered his decorators to paint a suite in Neverland velvet like her eyes, they couldn’t however get the colour right. He named that suite after her. Michael wanted to buy property in the area since 1982, when he shot the video for his song ‘’say, say, say’’, which was a duet with Paul MacCartney.

He also had a huge wall size tapestry of Elisabeth’s face. Her 1991 1.5 million dollar wedding was paid by Michael and he gave her away to the groom.

Later, Liz would buy Michael an elephant for his menagerie zoo, which he named Gypsy after her folklore outfit.

Previously, Elisabeth Taylor had nicknamed him The king of Rock, Pop and Soul Music, when she presented him with the Soul Train Heritage Award in 1989. She said: ‘’ In my estimation, he is the true King of pop, rock and soul’’. She would defend that compliment in an Oprah Winfrey in 1993.

She also added that ‘’he is the least weird person i know’’.

Elizabeth Taylor gave Michael Jackson his first christmas in 1993, as being raised a Jehovah Witness he never celebrated it. In 1993, she staged an intervention so he would go to rehab for his painkiller and prescription pill addiction and both in 1993 and in 2005, when Michael was facing allegations of child molestation, she publicly and adamantly defended him. Elizabeth said: ‘’ I believe Michael is absolutely innocent and that he will be vindicated’’. Michael said about Elizabeth:’’ Elizabeth is like a mother and more than that. She’s a friend, she is Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the Queen of England and Wendy- Peter Pan’s soul mate.’’Elizabeth would say about Michael ‘’ he is the purest, most giving love i ‘ve ever known’’.

Michael idolised Elizabeth in his early youth and wanted to meet her. She was ‘’ the embodiment of Hollywood history’’. She could tell him about Hollywood stars like James Dean and Rock Hudson, which fascinated him. Her career however was in decline while he was in his prime. He was the perfect escort on their dates. They were inseperable in the 80’s. Michael showered Liz with expensive jewlery, including a 17 carat diamond ring, a diamond bracelet, diamond necklaces and ruby encrusted watches. He also made gigantic donations for her AIDS foundation.

In the 1990’s Michael and Elizabeth were extremely close. When Michael was hospitalized with chest pains he did not want to see his family members but he was over the moon when Elizabeth showed up. His parents and siblings were so offended and hurt that Janet Jackson was so worried for the family’s psychollogical well being that she paid for the entire Jackson family to have therapy. They complained that Michael prefered Elizabeth’s company instead of theirs and the therapist told them to get over it and move on because in Michael’s mind Elizabeth was his mother. Michael even bailed on dinner plans with Diana Ross for Elizabeth’s sake. Though he had made plans with Diana first when Elizabeth called him he tried to combine the dates but Diana declined because as she said ‘’ divas don’t share their spotlight’’.

Michael Jackson with the women of his life Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor. He called Diana Ross ‘’his mother, his lover and his friend’’ in his autobiography ‘’moon walk’’ and Taylor ‘’ a real, real friend’’.

However, they had their ups and downs. Michael had loaned Elizabeth a necklace which he had not paid for however. He requested it back thus but he had one of his attorneys call her. Elizabeth was upset not by the request of the necklace which she had indeed assumed it was a present but because he did not contact her himself. She was highly offended by his impersonal approach and she refused to speak to him for a very long time.

Elizabeth Taylor was destroyed by Michael’s death. She wrote in Twitter:’’ My heart, my mind are broken…I loved Michael with all my soul and i can’t imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had so much fun together. I am still grieving for Michael, i always will.’’

In spite of her frail health Elizabeth attended Michael’s private funeral at Forest Lawn Park, on 3rd September 2009. Elizabeth Taylor had made plans to be buried next to her late husband Richard Burton in Switzerland. Towards the end of her life she changed her mind and requested to be buried next to Michael Jackson. They were united in death two years later when Elizabeth Taylor died at the age of 79 in 2011. Though they were not very close during the last years of Michael’s life, i believe she loved Michael and she was a very good friend to him. RIP both.

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