Shakespeare and Elizabeth Taylor

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A Rose Among The Woodwoses


John Presco

My cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, died believing she descended from a bunch of hillbillies, and hicks. What are hicks? If I had not taken a DNA test, this would be the case. It should be of interest to her children, grandchildren, and the children of the Thespians she married, that a mutual great grandfather, Thomas Wilson, acted with the Queen Elizabeth’s Men. Elizabeth Taylor’s Men were known for their egos, too.

Richard Burton was a famous Shakespearean Actor, and a Wild Man. He married a Wild Rose, twice! The names Taylor and Burton were on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the 60’s. If any two people were born to herald the end of Puritanical America, it was these two Hollywood Stars. Now that my blood test has put much of Hollywood in the Rosamond Family, Tree where the Webb Family be, then Thank God I am a historian who cares to plant Shakespeare’s Family Tree – in Wild America!

In my historic-fiction I have our kindred, Mary Wilson Webb, naming the Mayflower. She was a good friend of the ship builder’s wife, who wanted to name this famous ship ‘Heather’. This made all the men present, cringe. Countless women have suggested this name. There was a heated argument. Feelings were hurt. Mary spoke.

“Heather is a flower that blooms in May. Why not the name, Mayflower? This way everyone gets their way!”

When the ship that Mary and Alexander Webb sailed to the New World, in, was built, Mary’s good advice was sought. Roseflower was launched, and, more history would be made as the Puritan’s sailed West over the horizon. Gone with the tide and the wind.


It is time to finish, and publish my book.

“And therefore the Poets do feign, that Hercules being a man of great wisdom, had all men linked together by the ears in a chain, to draw them and lead them even as he lusted. For his wit was so great, his tongue so eloquent, and his experience such, that no one man was able to withstand his reason, but every one was rather driven to do that which he would, and to will that which he did; agreeing to his advice both in word and work in all that ever they were able.”

Sarah Wilson Rosamond (Willson) MP

Gender: Female
Birth: 1726
County Antrim, Ireland
Death: 1790 (64)
Abbeville County, South Carolina, United States
Immediate Family: Daughter of Thomas Wilson and Elizabeth Willson
Wife of Pvt. John Roseman
Mother of Margaret Weems; James Rosamond; Jean Rosamond; Capt Samuel Rosamond and Sarah F Hodges
Sister of Capt Matthew Willson; Samuel Willson; Rebekah Willson; Elizabeth Musgrove; Nathaniel Willson and 2 others

SIR ALEXANDER WEBB JR., son of SIR ALEXANDER WEBB and MARGARET ARDEN, was born on August 20, 1559 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England, died after 1629 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts and was buried in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He married MARY WILSON about 1579 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. Mary was born about 1561 in Stratford, Warwick, England.

JOHN WEBB, born on Oct 23 1597 in Stratford, Warwick, England; died on April 5, 1660 in Siterly, Hampshire, England.

It has been proposed that Elizabeth had a specific political motive behind the formation of the company. Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester and Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford were using their companies of players to compete for attention and prestige at each year’s Christmas festivities at Court; Elizabeth and her councilors apparently judged the competition, and the noblemen’s egos, to be getting out of hand. By culling the best players in their troupes to form her own, she slapped down ambitious aristocrats and asserted her own priority.[4]

Richard Burton, CBE (/ˈbɜːrtən/; born Richard Walter Jenkins Jr.; 10 November 1925 – 5 August 1984) was a Welsh actor.[1] Noted for his mellifluous baritone voice,[2][3] Burton established himself as a formidable Shakespearean actor in the 1950s, and he gave a memorable performance of Hamlet in 1964. He was called “the natural successor to Olivier” by critic and dramaturge Kenneth Tynan. An alcoholic,[3] Burton’s failure to live up to those expectations[4] disappointed critics and colleagues and fuelled his legend as a great thespian wastrel.[3][5]

Burton was nominated for an Academy Award seven times, but never won an Oscar. He was a recipient of BAFTAs, Golden Globes, and Tony Awards for Best Actor. In the mid-1960s, Burton ascended into the ranks of the top box office stars.[6] By the late 1960s, Burton was one of the highest-paid actors in the world, receiving fees of $1 million or more plus a share of the gross receipts.[7] Burton remains closely associated in the public consciousness with his second wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor. The couple’s turbulent relationship was rarely out of the news.[8]

Mary Arden was the mother of William Shakespeare. Mary’s date of birth is unknown; she was likely to have been born between the years 1536-8. She was the youngest of eight daughters and lived in a farmhouse that was built in 1514. Mary’s father, Robert Arden, was a member of the Guild of the Holy Cross, an important communal Stratford institution. Upon his death, Robert left Mary a significant amount of land in Wilmcote together with a sum of £6 13s 4d (equivalent to £30,000 in current value).

Probably about a year after her father’s death in late 1556, Mary married John Shakespeare and moved to live with him in a house on Henley Street. She was between 19-21 years old when she got married and left her father’s home. There was no mention of their engagement before Robert’s death, so the marriage was likely her choice. John was an upcoming businessman with a house in Stratford at that time.

Mary and John had eight children together, although three of their children died young. William was the oldest surviving child of John and Mary Shakespeare, who lost two infant daughters before William was born. William’s younger siblings were Gilbert (born in 1566), Joan (1569), Anne (1571), Richard (1574) and Edmund (1580). Ann died at the age of eight, but the others lived into their adulthood.

There is evidence to suggest that Mary would have been a literate woman, as she is mentioned as the executor of her father’s will. She would have benefited from a degree of education when carrying out her duties as the daughter of a farmer. This is all certainly knowledge that could have been used in the raising of a young William Shakespeare.

Later in life, after her husband’s death in 1601, Mary may have lived with William and his family at New Place. However, it is also possible that she may have stayed with her daughter, Joan Hart, in Henley Street.

Mary Shakespeare died in 1608.

Mary Margaret Webb (Wilson), of Bramcote MP

Gender: Female
Birth: 1561
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death: circa 1629 (63-71)
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Immediate Family: Daughter of Thomas Wilson, MP and Agnes Wilson
Wife of Robert Burdett; Sir Christopher Lowther and Sir Alexander Webb, Jr., Kt.
Mother of Sir Thomas Burdett, 1st Baronet of Bramcote; Anne Burdett; Richard Webb, of Norwalk; William Micajah Webb, I; Elizabeth Sanford and 3 others; John Webb; Christopher Webb, Sr. and Henry Webb « less
Sister of Margaret Wilson; Ann Burdett; Nicholas Wilson and Lucrece Wilson
Half sister of Margaret Wormall
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30. Sir Alexander WEBB Jr (Alexander , Henry Alexander , John Alexander , John Alexander , William , John , Geofrey , Henry ) was born on 20 Aug 1559 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. He died after 1629 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts and was buried in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

   Alexander Webb Jr married Mary Wilson and came to America with four sons: Christopher, Richard, John and William. This was the beginning of the WEBB family in America.

Alexander married Mary WILSON about 1579 in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. Mary was born about 1561 in Stratford, Warwick, England.

When most people think of Gone With The Wind, they do not normally associate Elizabeth Taylor with the film. However, she was considered for the role of Bonnie Blue Butler – Rhett and Scarlett’s daughter . Friends, even a talent scout, tried to coax Sara (Elizabeth’s mother) into letting young Elizabeth audition for the role. However Sara refused, and the role went to Cammie King. By the way, Elizabeth loved Vivien. She even once said “Vivien Leigh was my heroine. She was innocence on the verge of decadence, always there to be saved.” Elizabeth would later replaced Vivien in Elephant Walk (1954) after Vivien had a nervous collapse on set (she suffered from bipolar disorder). It is likely that they met, at the premiere of Around The World In Eighty Days in 1957, and in 1960. Elizabeth starred in a film called The V.I.P.S. in 1963 – it was based on the story of Vivien running off with Peter Finch and getting stuck at the airport because of heavy fog.

Mary Morton Rosemond of Iowa

When I read the following this morning, the book, and movie ‘Gone With The Wind’ came to mind.

“The couple had nine children; eight girls and but one son — Martin — who served with Lucas County boys in Company C of the 13th Iowa Infantry and died in service in 1862. When James Roseman died in 1887, there was nobody by the name of Roseman left in the county.”

Thanks to my kin, Charles M. Wright, I was able to find the Western branch of the Rosemond-Rosemond-Rosemond family that descends from James Roseman, Phillip Rosemond, and Moses Morton Rosemond. Add to this branch my grandfather Frank W. Rosamond, and his four daughters, June, Bertha, Rosemary, and Lillian, and the Western Rosamond family, is complete.

I have chosen Mary Morton Rosemond t ground all the Rosy families, because she is a trained Librarian and State Archivist. If she were alive, she would be doing what I and Jimmy Rosamond have been doing for many years. The Rosemond family is mentioned in several history books, none more tragic then the Record of Iowa Soldiers. Why did they let Martin join The War of the Rebellions? He was surrounded by eight beautiful sisters who loved him dearly. He got wound, and was discharged. He came home and died shortly of his wound. What a heartbreak to say goodbye. He was handsome, and, perhaps too effeminate? Did he, and others believe he would come home……….a man. A Rose Man?

There are some profound parallels between the history of The Gone With The Wind, and the Roseman family who were pioneers. They Came from Ireland, and went West. Their name is gone, but their DNA is all over Iowa, including the bloodline to the Wieneke of Iowa. Frank Weseley Rosamond married Mary Magdalene Wieneke, and thus another Mary M. Rosamond. What is in a name? Did Mary Rosemond ever dream one of her kin would become one of the most famous Movie Stars of all time? Then there is my sister’s famous works of art, she know all over the world for her images of beautiful women. Christine Rosamond Benton used her middle name to sign her work, thus giving this name new life. I suspect Mary Morton gathered all her Roses around her, and this monument, with, just the name.

I am kin to Richard Burton who Ian Fleming wanted to play the first James Bond. Liz Taylor is kin to Fleming via Aeilene Getty. The Getty family have founded famous libraries, archives, and museums.

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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