Paris Jackson and Liz Taylor

Cazalet was the Godfather of Liz Taylor who was the Godmother of Paris Jackson, a top model. Cazalet is very much like Ian Fleming’s James Bond.
In 1942 Cazalet called upon the British government to grant the Jewish Agency’s request to create a fighting force of 20,000 Jewish soldiers and a home guard of 50,000 to be made an integral part of the British army.[17] His efforts failed, however.

Cazalet’s family received a flood of tributes, many from unknown admirers and others from notables, including Churchill, Anthony Eden, Eleanor Rathbone, Hugh Dalton and Polish dignitaries.[2]:287 Chaim Weizmann speaking at a memorial ceremony in London, described Cazalet as “one of the few precious friends of the Jewish people in modern times who never was moved from his devotion to the (Zionist) cause.” He said that his grave at Gibraltar would become a place of pilgrimage for the Jewish people, while Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, agreed to plant 1,000 trees in Palestine to be named the “Victor Cazalet Grove.”[20] A lead article in the New York Herald Tribune read:
There can be few other Englishmen of our time who have touched so many nations and so many individual citizens upon terms of understanding and friendship. What he did for Poland he literally did around the world. Here in America his friends were countless … it was as an understanding observer and appreciative visitor that Americans held him in affection and will remember him. To that post-war world, which must lean heavily upon men of goodwill if peace and justice are to prevail, Victor Cazalet is a heavy loss.[2]:

As Cazalet was an acquaintance of screen actor DeWolf Hopper and his former wife, Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper, he sent a letter of introduction on behalf of Elizabeth to Ms. Hopper, to help 7-year-old Elizabeth become involved in acting.[1][24] Hopper met with Elizabeth and Sara and offered to help. Months later, Cazalet wrote in his diary for 16 April 1941, “Imagine excitement of Taylors. Elizabeth has a contract for seven years with a big cinema group.”[22]:33

William DeWolf Hopper (March 30, 1858 – September 23, 1935) was an American actor, singer, comedian, and theatrical producer. A star of the musical theater, he became best known for performing the popular baseball poem Casey at the Bat.
Jackson, 19, was recently named the new ambassador, in a role she said touches her “familial roots.” Taylor, who died in 2011, was a close friend of Michael’s before his 2009 death and was even the teen’s godmother.
“She was a courageous and unstoppable force of change during a time when the government remained silenced on the ongoing crisis,” Jackson told PEOPLE of Taylor. “She demanded [government officials] give HIV/AIDS the attention it desperately needed.”
“Her story is an example of how one person can have such a profound and positive effect on the whole of humanity,” she continued.

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After seeing Paris’s eyes two days ago, I wanted her to be one of the Nine Judges of Rozemont, that has morphed into a Global Council for World Wide Justice. What that Justice will look like depends on The Children of the Future. I want my Bond Revival to focus on Good Solutions, not the Bad Guys – who own no solutions! We are seeing this is the case in the election of Trump by neo-Confederate Right-wing Christian Naysayers who degrade everything Artists, Writers, Actors, and Poets, stand for! We are not  humanities enemy.

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is the continuation of the Dutch Renaissance, that never ended. The Dutch Brevoort family built New York and funded the Theatre, the Arts, the Opera, the Smithsonian, and several Libraries. We Creative People have won the Cultural War thrust upon us – and Europe, by hateful and un-gifted drunken trailer trash. Trump’s obscene…

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