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Valkyrie Brevoort’s grandfather was a great translator. His work somehow ended up in the care of her mother. When Valkyrie was seven, she found it in a old ceder chest, and, in four months, committed it to memory. One day, her mother walked in, and gasped. There was a halo around Valkyrie’s head.

“I want to go to India!”

“Wait till you get older, dear!” her mother said.

When Valkyrie was seventeen, she fell in love with a rodeo cowboy with an I.Q. of 98. When she turned eighteen, her mother asked;

“Do you sill want to go to India?”

“Why in the fuck would I want to go there? I’ll be singing the National Anthem at the rodeo. Bobby is going to ride the bull ‘Wax Pants’.


Valkyrie Brevoort is inspired by my muse, Rena Victoria Easton, who told me in her epic letter she has memorized over…

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