Marina Oswald – Double Agent?

The Royal Janitor foresaw Putin’s warship threatening the Cain.  Remmer was opening a big casino, Cal-Nevada that Frank Sinatra was going to head. The Mob never got over the loss of Cuba to Castro. They hate liberal-leftists and socialists. The Cuban vote in Florida is always interesting. I believe Kamala Harris is going to be another Bobby Kennedy.

Oswald Shoots Himself | Rosamond Press

In the 1940s, Remmer expanded his operations into Northern California, running the 21 Club in El Cerrito, the Oaks Club in Emeryville, the 110 Eddy and the Menlo clubs in San Francisco. He had numerous fronts for his gambling operations. You couldn’t get a cigar at Remmer’s B&R Smokeshop at 50 Mason St., but you could always make a bet on the horses.

An oversized man with a personality to match, Bones became a well-known San Francisco character. Legendary gamblers like Nick the Greek and Ty Thompson — the inspiration for Damon Runyon’s Sky Masterson — played for high stakes at the Menlo Club. Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin, also worked at the club in the 1940s along with his sisters Eva and Ruby, who were card dealers.


Elmer ‘Bones’ Remmer: San Francisco’s gambling czar – The San Francisco Examiner (

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lee3Today, Oswald is being compared to crazy Lone Gunman who acted on their own. But, Marina Oswald is right there by his side, she privy to almost everything her husband was doing for several months. She sees notebooks and photographs. She says Lee buried his rifle near General Walker’s house, and later went back and dug it up. This makes no sense. This would be a very risky thing to do. Did Oswald own two rifles?

Marina said George de Mohrenschildt came to their house and said “Lee, how is it possible that you missed?” Why didn’t the Warren Commission look at George and his statement, and wonder how Lee missed, too?

Marina said her husband was mentally ill. But, here is another guy that appears to be in on the attempt. Lee has done much to attract attention to himself. George is a White Russian. Why would George say…

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