Ginger and The Beard

I was talking to Casey Farrell about how hard it is to talk about my PTSD. My dear facebook friend, Ginger Kuth, has the same problem. She was had several near-death experiences, and was in a coma for six months. She makes memes to – cope! I titled her humor ‘Trench Humor’. She should receive a Presidential Citation for Valor in the War on COVID-19. That she can no longer attend a concert, and get lost in the crowd while high on LSD, is one of Ginger’s main topics. Her trench-fellows are there for her. Our quips are smashing. She wakes feeling lewd and naughty, then get’s to work sharpening our wit. She has a following. Some set their alarms and crawl out of their existentialist despair to their computers to get a ray of hope, another ass-crack that makes you chuckle.

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Casey and I have been talking about doing a radio show. I see a reunion of Monty Wooly and Alexander Woolcott at the Algonquin! Monty was called ‘The Beard’. I have his beard. MacClure did a play ‘The Beard’ that was busted for lewdness. Ginger was put in facebook jail for showing a hot male with his hand inside a handy lap-pyramid that he whips out and erects in public when he feels the urge to masturbate. Alas men have sanctioned privacy for their reproduction needs. Why should their great contribution be regulated to the bedroom, and forgotten about till next time. This is a pun on women who joyfully breastfeed in public, a topic Sheridan Whiteside would detest, and handle with his rapier wit. My reaction….

“Wait a minute! Don’t they teach kids in sex education class that erections and breast feeding children…go hand in hand?”

I consider some of Ginger’s memes Ready-made Art. I will reveal more about this amazing married woman – who may be the reincarnation of Bill Arnold. There is not a malicious bone in Ginger’s body. She is not one of those Pranksters who hang about the Kesey Gumball machine – and brag about how many colorful LSD gumballs she dropped in her day – because she is still dropping. She’s inside the machine – and has taken Further for a joyride!

Google ‘The Man Who Came To Supper’ and click on every name. Our grandparents were allowed to be as clever as can be. The ‘Vicious Circle’ included Harpo Marx who was sent to Russia on a goodwill tour. There was something about his name.

John Presco

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