Jack Ruby & “Impeach Earl Warren”



lee24Eva Grant is Jack Ruby’s sister. In being questioned about her brother killing Lee Harvey Oswald, she talks about these photos that Jack took of leaflets that say;


There is a P.O. Box on them that Jack looked into and saw that it was crammed with letters. I believe the billboard above is the image Eva describes. Jack was in a rage over this image. Later on he would claim the Jews of the world were under attack, and once again, are being wiped out. This questioning of Eva does not reveal that the John Birch Society is responsible for this billboard and the pamphlets.


Here is a recording of a conversation Johnson had with Senator Richard Russell where he informs him he has no choice but to serve on the Warren Commission, because there are ramifications that involve Khrushchev and Castro that might lead to the death of forty million people. Russell refuses to be on that committee because he loathes Chief Justice Warren. Russell is the foremost segregationist in the world! Surely he knew members of the John Birch Society, and, perhaps, General Walker. Why does Johnson want him – next to Warren?

When Johnson came to the hospital to see Kennedy, he was whisked away by the Secret Service somewhere inside Parkland. They feared for his life. He had to have been briefed by the FBI ad CIA. There is a image of Oswald holding up a clenched fist. Lee is a Cop Killer. In Texas Cop Killers don’t go to trial. How many cops wanted to kill Oswald for killing Tippet? To heck with Kennedy who loves the black man. He got what was coming to him. Enter, Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) a man who is known to be good with a gun. Does he tell one or more of the cops he knows, that they should let him shoot Oswald?
Does Ruby think Lee is a John Bircher – who hate Jews?

Why didn’t Oswald kill himself in the movie theatre? It looks to me he has a lot to say, and is willing to talk. Does Johnson want Oswald dead for fear he will be the cause of a nuclear war that will result in the death of forty million people – whether he shot Kennedy – or not! And, what about race relations?

The Dallas police do not want Lee to stand trial in their town, or in Texas, because then they come crawling out, the same traitorous neo-Confederate scumbags we see doing their shitty thing this very day…….in Texas!

The last thing the politicians in Dallas wanted was a showcase trial in their town. How about Lee, would he like to see all the poison bubbling below the surface come oozing out?

Johnson and Russell were good friends, and dined together often. This relationship would come out if the Warren Report looked for a motive from the extreme right. No one would want Johnson to be President, and would ask for him to resign. With Russell sitting on the committee no one dare bring up the idea that Kennedy was killed because he promoted Civil Rights, and his brother put Walker in a asylum because he was a danger to himself ad other people.

Jack appears to be a leftist and a Kennedy Lover. He knew all about the Big Racists in Texas. Did he hear what they wanted to do Jack when they drank at his clubs? Johnson heard all this talk from his fellow Texans.

“The best hiding place is the most obvious.”

Do you get my drift……pardner?

Above is a photo of Johnson getting in Russell’s face!

Jon Presco


Russell was a highly respected senatorial colleague and skilled legislator.[citation needed] Russell chaired the Senate investigation into the firing of General Douglas MacArthur. Conducted during a political firestorm over the firing, Russell’s chairmanship prevented national rancor and layered political motivations surrounding the firing from interfering in a dignified and insightful investigation into the incident. Military historians have printed transcripts of the hearings to instruct on the proper relationship between civilian and military officials in a democracy.

Lyndon Johnson paved the way for Johnson to become Senate Majority Leader. Russell often dined at Johnson’s house during their Senate days. However, their 20-year friendship came to an end during Johnson’s presidency, in a fight over the Chief Justice nomination of Johnson’s friend and Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas in 1968.[4]

While a prime mentor of Johnson, Russell and the then-president Johnson also disagreed over civil rights. Russell, a segregationist, had repeatedly blocked and defeated civil rights legislation via use of the filibuster and had co-authored the Southern Manifesto in opposition to civil rights. He had not supported the States Rights’ Democratic Party of Strom Thurmond in 1948, but he opposed civil rights laws as unconstitutional and unwise.

Russell was a founder and leader of the conservative coalition that dominated Congress from 1937 to 1963, and at his death was the most senior member of the Senate. He was for decades a leader of Southern opposition to the civil rights movement.


In their new book, “Dallas 1963,” Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis demonstrate in luxuriant detail just how clotted Dallas was with right-wing types in the period before Kennedy’s fatal visit. The John Birch Society, the paranoid, well-heeled, anti-Communist group, was the engine of the movement then, as the Tea Party is now—and though, to their great credit, the saner conservatives worked hard to keep it out of the official center, the society remained hyper-present. Powerful men, like Ted Dealey, the publisher of the Dallas Morning News, sympathized with the Birchers’ ideology, and engaged with General Edwin A. Walker, an extreme right-wing military man (and racist) who had left the Army in protest at Kennedy’s civil-rights and foreign policies—and who had the ear of Senators Strom Thurmond and John Tower. It was Walker who said of the President, “He is worse than a traitor. Kennedy has essentially exiled Americans to doom.” (It should be said that even William F. Buckley’s principled excommunication of the Birchers was unhappily specific: there was nothing wrong with claiming that the international Communist conspiracy had come to be more and more powerful under Eisenhower and Kennedy, he said; the mistake was in thinking that either man really wanted it that way, rather than that they were just feckless dupes of the encirclement.)

Medicare then, as Obamacare now, was the key evil. An editorial in the Morning News announced that “JFK’s support of Medicare sounds suspiciously similar to a pro-Medicare editorial that appeared in the Worker—the official publication of the U.S. Communist Party.” At the same time, Minutaglio and Davis write, “on the radio, H.L. Hunt (the Dallas millionaire) filled the airwaves with dozens of attacks on Medicare, claiming that it would create government death panels: The plan provides a near little package of sweeping dictatorial power over medicine and the healing arts—a package which would literally make the President of the United States a medical czar with potential life or death power over every man woman and child in the country.” Stanley Marcus, the owner of the department store Neiman Marcus, heard from angry customers who were cancelling their Neiman Marcus charge cards because of his public support for the United Nations.


As it happens, I’ve been doing some reading about John Kennedy, and what I find startling, and even surprising, is how absolutely consistent and unchanged the ideology of the extreme American right has been over the past fifty years, from father to son and now, presumably, on to son from father again. The real analogue to today’s unhinged right wing in America is yesterday’s unhinged right wing in America. This really is your grandfather’s right, if not, to be sure, your grandfather’s Republican Party. Half a century ago, the type was much more evenly distributed between the die-hard, neo-Confederate wing of the Democratic Party and the Goldwater wing of the Republicans, an equitable division of loonies that would begin to end after J.F.K.’s death

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