Marina Oswald – Double Agent?




lee3Today, Oswald is being compared to crazy Lone Gunman who acted on their own. But, Marina Oswald is right there by his side, she privy to almost everything her husband was doing for several months. She sees notebooks and photographs. She says Lee buried his rifle near General Walker’s house, and later went back and dug it up. This makes no sense. This would be a very risky thing to do. Did Oswald own two rifles?

Marina said George de Mohrenschildt came to their house and said “Lee, how is it possible that you missed?” Why didn’t the Warren Commission look at George and his statement, and wonder how Lee missed, too?

Marina said her husband was mentally ill. But, here is another guy that appears to be in on the attempt. Lee has done much to attract attention to himself. George is a White Russian. Why would George say this I front of Marina? How stupid – unless – she knew what was planned. This statement looks like an alibi, aimed at hiding the motives of the White Russians, because as I have shown, the object was to miss, because Walker did not want to die! Why? Because he was in on the plot.

How did Lee find out where Walker lived? Lee leaves an incredible paper-trail – on purpose! He leaves instructions with Marina – in Russian! Marina see photographs of Walker’s home – and she is not arrested for a variety of good reasons?
Does she fear her husband nay go back and finish the job, and thus is compelled to contact the police? How about the FBI who Lee tells Marina is harassing THEM? Why is this is this not expected? Surely this meant the Oswald’s believed the FBI was watching their every move – and thus LEE WAS NEVER ALONE when he went outside his home, or, even in his home. Was he bugged? Why not?

Marina is a Woman without a Country. Did her husband tell her there was a new target? Lee expected to be arrested for the attempt on Walker. When he wasn’t, he must have become suspicious. Why would he keep his rifle in his house? Did he tell Marina he kept it hidden where he worked, at the Texas School Depository? Marina would not want it in the house. Did Marina tell anyone Lee kept his gun there? Did the FBI know?
J. Edgar Hoover hated the Kennedys and was anti-Castro and a Commy Fighter.

Marina said Lee burned a lot of evidence in their bathtub after the Walker attempt, but, HE MISSED, several photos of Walker’s house? What if Lee did not take these pictures, and never knew where Walker lived, thus, he never fired that shot?
Was Marina a double agent?

If one agency is involved, the likelihood that others are too, is very high! Would the Kennedys want Walker dead?

“How could you have missed?”

The idea that Lee shot Kennedy to make a name for himself is not true. Kennedy was the SECONDARY TARGET. Why didn’t Lee go after Kennedy from the get?

A. Because Kennedy was on his way to Texas. That’s when he, and others, lost interest in Target No.1

In June of 63, Kennedy gave a speech about nuclear disarmament and treating the Russians like human beings, and with fairness – even though they are communists. Would this include treating Castro, the Communist, fairly? How many anti-Cubans would see it this way, they, like the White Russians, without a country, like the Oswalds. JFK was the target of many crazed groups, just like Obama. Why didn’t the FBI keep a close watch on Lee when they learned JFK was coming to town. They knew there was a crazed gunman on the prowl in Texas. Surely they looked at some suspects. Was Lee at the top of the list? Did they study him to see if he had a motive?
Did they realize he would make a GREAT PATSY?

Why didn’t Lee mistrust his wife – if he was a sick paranoid? Did Lee ever wonder if she was a KGB agent and was using him. If so, for what reason? How about infiltrating the White Russians the sworn enemies of the Communists – who employed sharpshooters to kill upper echelon leaders – who may have wanted Kennedy dead until he gave his Peace Speech.

Jon Presco

April 12, 1963: Oswald’s Midnight Visitor
The bungled attempt to murder an enemy of President Kennedy – Gen. Edwin Walker – wasn’t the only failure Lee Harvey Oswald had to deal with. He had been fired from his job the week before and needed money. On April 12, he filed for Texas unemployment benefits.
That night, as the Oswalds slept, there was a loud pounding at the door. It was, wife Marina recalled, around midnight. She feared the police had fingered Oswald in the Walker shooting, but the midnight caller was only a friend of Oswald’s, George de Mohrenschildt:  “Lee, how is it possible that you missed?” (de Mohrenschildt knew of Oswald’s hatred for Walker, and his wife saw Oswald’s rifle the week before). Oswald, de Mohrenschildt later recalled, “Kind of shriveled…became tense and didn’t say anything, smiled, and made a peculiar face.” It was the last time de Mohrenschildt would ever see the Oswalds. 
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Oswald also told Marina he planned to keep the notebook of his assassination plans “as a keepsake.” Marina said “I told him that if something like that should be repeated again, I would go to the police.”
Marina also told Lee that he should leave Dallas, and return to New Orleans where he had relatives. “I wanted to get him further removed from Dallas and Walker,” she said. “I wanted to have him further away, because a rifle for him was not a very good toy – a toy that was too enticing.”
April 10, 1963: Oswald shoots at JFK’s enemy
Lee Harvey Oswald finally admits to wife Marina that he had been fired from his job the week before. Marina recalled that he had tears in his eyes. But Oswald blamed the FBI for his termination, saying its inquiries about were the reason for his termination. “When will they leave me alone?” he asked. 
Oswald and Marina shared an early supper. “He was tense…I could tell by his face,” Marina recalled. Oswald left afterwards. By 9:00, he still hadn’t returned, and Marina became worried.
Oswald, meantime (according to evidence discovered later) carried out his assassination attempt against General Edwin Walker – an enemy of President Kennedy’s – by firing a single shot at him in his home. It barely missed the General, who was sitting at a table working on his income taxes.
While Oswald was away, trying to kill the General, Marina, acting on a hunch, entered his closed study. On his desk, she found a piece of paper o the desk, with a key. As Gerald Posner writes in Case Closed, her first thought was that Oswald had left her. Then she read this note, written in Russian. (the translation from Russian cleans up Oswald’s original grammatical and spelling errors):
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Oswald told Marina that he had planned the Walker assassination for two months. He showed her his notebook filled with maps, photos and notes.Marina was shocked. She thought her husband was “sick” and “not a stable-minded person.”
Oswald’s motivation to kill Walker is explained in the Warren Commission report:
“[Marina Oswald] testified that Oswald said that General Walker ‘was a very bad man, that he was a fascist, that he was the leader of a fascist organization, and when I said that even though all of that might be true, just the same he had no right to take his life, he said if someone had killed Hitler in time it would have saved many lives.'”
Historian Priscilla Johnson McMillan notes: 
“The failure to hit Walker, very close failure though it was, is the Rosetta Stone of the Kennedy assassination. It showed that Lee really wanted to kill someone.”
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According to
Marina Oswald’s testimony, on the night of the Walker shooting,
her husband left their apartment on Neely Street shortly after
dinner. She thought he was attending a class or was on his own
business.” When he failed to return by 10 or 10:30 p.m., Marina
Oswald went to his room and discovered the note. She testified:
“When he came back I asked him what had happened. He was very
pale. I don’t remember the exact time, but it was very late.
And he told me not to ask him any questions. He only told me he
had shot at General Walker.” Oswald told his wife that he did
not know whether he had hit Walker; according to Marina Oswald
when he learned on the radio and in the newspapers the next day
that he had missed, he said that he “was very sorry that he had
not hit him.” Marina Oswald’s testimony was fully supported by
the note itself which appeared to be the work of a man expecting
to be killed, or imprisoned, or to disappear. The last paragraph
directed her to the jail and the other paragraphs instructed her
on the disposal of Oswald’s personal effects and the management
of her affairs if he should not return.
Photographs.—In her testimony before the Commission in
February 1964, Marina Oswald stated that when Oswald returned
home on the night of the Walker shooting, he told her that he had
been planning the attempt for 2 months. He showed her a notebook
3 days later containing photographs of General Walker’s home and
a map of the area where the house was located. Although Oswald
destroyed the notebook, three photographs found among Oswald’s
possessions after the assassination were identified by Marina
Oswald as photographs of General Walker’s house. Two of these
photographs were taken from the rear of Walker’s house. The
Commission confirmed, by comparison with other photographs, that
these were, indeed, photographs of the rear of Walker’s house.
An examination of the window at the rear of the house, the wall
through which the bullet passed, and the fence behind the house
indicated that the bullet was fired from a position near the
point where one of the photographs was taken.

The third photograph identified by Marina Oswald depicts the
entrance to General Walker’s driveway from a back alley. Also
seen in the picture is the fence on which Walker’s assailant
apparently rested the rifle. An examination of certain
construction work appearing in the background of this photograph
revealed that the picture was taken between March 8 and 12, 1963,
and most probably on either March 9 or March 10. Oswald
purchased the money order for the rifle on March 12, the rifle
was shipped on March 20, and the shooting occurred on April 10.
A photography expert with the FBI was able to determine that
this picture was taken with the Imperial Reflex camera owned by
Lee Harvey Oswald. (See app. X, p. 596.)

A fourth photograph, showing a stretch of railroad tracks,
was also identified by Marina Oswald as having been taken by her
husband, presumably in connection with the Walker shooting.
Investigation determined that this photograph was taken
approximately seven-tenths of a mile from Walker’s house.
Another photograph of railroad tracks found among Oswald’s
possessions was not identified by his wife, but investigation
revealed that it was taken from a point slightly less than half a
mile from General Walker’s house. Marina Oswald stated that when
she asked her husband what be had done with the rifle, he replied
that he had buried it in the ground or hidden it in some bushes
and that he also mentioned a railroad track in this connection.
She testified that several days later Oswald recovered his rifle
and brought it back to their apartment.

Firearms identification.—In the room beyond the one in which
General Walker was sitting on the night of the shooting the
Dallas police recovered a badly mutilated bullet which had come
to rest on a stack of paper. The Dallas City County
Investigation Laboratory tried to determine the type of weapon
which fired the bullet. The oral report was negative because of
the battered condition of the bullet. On November 30, 1963, the
FBI requested the bullet for ballistics examination; the Dallas
Police Department forwarded it on December 2, 1963.

Robert A. Frazier, an FBI ballistics identification expert,
testified that he was “unable to reach a conclusion” as to
whether or not the bullet recovered from Walker’s house had been
fired from the rifle found on the sixth floor of the Texas School
Book Depository Building.

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