Astroid To Destroy Springfield

Two days ago, Pat Robertson predicted Trump will win, and then five years later a astroid will destroy humankind.

Rosamond Press

I read today a six foot wide astroid has a good chance of striking earth around November 2. I know where it is going to hit….Springfield Oregon in the parking lot in front of Hobby Lobby. God has had it with Springfield. He hates the Kesey mural, and the petty bickering – in his name.  We’re  doomed! However, there is a chance that I – The End Time Prophet – will be taken up to heaven by a ball of fire – and will escape the fate so many richly deserve!

John ‘The End Time Elijah’

The Hammer and The Hand


We just missed being hit by an astroid that I saw coming, and began a prophetic novel. I posted this two…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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