Starfish Beholds Adam’s Rib

I was working on a level – a God Level – to change our destiny.

Seer Jon

The Rose Atom

The Royal Janitor

Chapter Five

The Rose of the World

Victoria Bond and Miriam Starfish were conducting their morning briefing. It was Victoria’s idea to have breakfast together in order to stuff as much knowledge into their day as possible. She looked pleased with herself when her cook brought her ‘The Full English Breakfast’ that Miriam declined. She said she will bring her ‘Box Breakfast’ that she put on the table as Victoria gobbled down her first sausage, and, said a silent prayer. Looking a bit chagrined, Victoria spoke in a polite manner as baked beans tried to escape from out her devouring mouth.

Rosamond Press

“Why haven’t you read the Bible? How can you call yourself a master genealogist if you have not read Genesis? And all those Biblical symbols in cotes of arms? How do you ignore them? How do you know so much, and know so little?” Starfish leaned closer, to hear the good answer – that must be forthcoming.

“I am overwhelmed with all the information that is gathered in my brain that is like the Roach Motel. Everything checks in, and nothing checks out. I own a super memory. I am a living computer with arms and legs. And……I am not a believer, like you.”


It is my belief, Jesus kept God’s Promise about the coming of God’s Kingdom to Earth.  I believe there were men and women walking about with halos and angel wings. This is how Satan Paul of Tarsus indemnified God’s Angels when he hunted them…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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