Terrell and Sarah

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Terrell and Sarah are getting married in three days. His old friends at McKenzie Meadows wish the Turners the very best! Thanks for being part of our family.


After visiting the University of Oregon, the decision had become clear. Turner would become an Oregon Duck.

I don’t understand how anyone could turn down Oregon,” Turner told me. “It’s such a family atmosphere. Oregon is a great place to get away from a big town.”


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — On Saturday morning, John Presco could hear the fear in his neighbor’s voice as she left a message on his answering machine.

“Hello John,” said Sandy Maricle. “This is Sandy. Are you home?”

Maricle needed someone to drive her to the hospital.

“I’m in really severe pain in my leg and back,” said Maricle.

With her sciatic nerve throbbing, Maricle barely made it to the car.

“She scooted down on her butt, all the time her face is in agony,” Presco said.

A few hours later, she was released from the hospital — but had no way to get from the car to her second-story apartment.

That all changed when her neighbor, University of Oregon defensive end Terrell Turner showed up, picked Maricle up and carried her up the stairs.

“It was a God-send,” Presco said.

“I was relieved,” Maricle said. “It was like an angel.”

“He was so kind and gentle and just the perfect good Samaritan,” Maricle said.

It’s not the first time this Duck has done a good deed. A few weeks ago, another neighbor needed help carrying a TV up three flights of stairs.

“We got it all the way up so thank God,” Turner said.

Turner said the acts of kindness are inspired by his passion for his family in California.

“I’m just making sure I can help out as if my mom was around to help,” Turner said.

Now, he’s helping his extended family here in Oregon.

“I think a lot of him,” Maricle said.

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    Here are my ex-neighbor s and friend, Terrell Turner, and his wife Sarah. Every time Terrell went on a away game, he knocked on my door and asked me to take care of Sarah. Terrell help me get Sandy up to her appartment when she lived next door. He lived in the appartment of the witch who was very unfreindly and joined the Hate John Orginization.

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