Judy Gall’s Accidental Masterpiece

In 2002, Mark Gall sent me photographs of the Rosamond Gallery taken by his sister, Judy Gall, when she was down in the Monterey area. I saw the hidden beauty in this montage, this many layered vision into the Rose of the World gallery that shows Rosamond as Sleeping Beauty, the silenced Story Teller surrounded by her court.

The first chapter of my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’ will begin, thus;

“Once upon a time a beautiful young woman who had just turned sixteen, came to Carmel to behold the artwork of her late aunt she never knew. She and her mother had been invited to the reopening of the Rosamond Gallery after they responded to a call for those who knew Rosamond, to contribute to the biography in the works. Even though this beautiful young woman never met Christine Rosamond, her brother was her father, whom she never met as well. But, that would not deter her date with destiny, and as she came to the large picture window of the gallery, she beheld large canvases depicting groups of beautiful women, they engrossed in the story of a woman who has her back to the viewer. Her heart began to race when she realized this story teller was her aunt. She had to catch her breath when as she beheld the vision she owned for most other life, being, one day she would be famous, rich, and the center of attention.

All of a sudden, this beauty gasped as she beheld her beautiful face reflected on the glass, she now a part of the never ending conversation, alas! Heather Hanson understood it was her destiny to take up the thread of conversation, and dictate its course. Not once did she consider she could now find her father, behold the man that gave her life for the very first time! Heather smiled at the beautiful girl captured in the window, and she smiled back!”

The Rose of the World did three paintings titled Story Teller 1, 2, and 3. The painting that resembles Max Field Parish’s ‘sleeping Beauty’ is titled ‘What do you see when you close your eyes’ is a self portrait that was put on the Tom Snyder’s terrible biography that did not sell. Here is the misogynist rant by Mark Presco on Women’s rights. My brother’s ilk are poised to topple the Liberal agenda and make laws telling women what to do with their bodies. Mark got to proof read Snyder’s book. My dark, racist brothers was the puppet master lurking and smirking in the wings. He dare suggest I include his hateful words in my book.

“Get behind me Satan!”

Mark Presco is the greatest parasite the World of Art has ever known. This accidental masterpiece by Judy Gall is the World of Art fighting back. Here is the silenced voice of the Rose of the World giving those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear, THE MESSAGE from the ROSE MESSENGER!

“Do not forsake me!”

Jon Rosamond Presco

Copyright 2012

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The Problem With The Women’s Movement

The Woman’s Movement is based on two entirely false premises. The first is that “Women have been oppressed and sexually exploited by Men”. This is just the opposite of what is really true. Women enjoy a privileged position in this society and have been making a living sexually exploiting Men for the last five million years. The second is that “Women want sexual equality”. This is the last thing Women want. It should be clear to even the most casual observer that Women have no intention of giving up a single privilege or prerogative or being Female, nor have they. All traditional Female privileges and prerogatives are intact and Women have no intention of giving them up no matter how much they screech about sexual equality out of the other side of Their face. The Women’s Movement has degenerated into a group of spoiled rotten Females demanding to be even more spoiled rotten than they already are.”

(A break for our sponcor)

NEW HAMPSHIRE (The Borowitz Report)—With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, there is a deep divide among Republican leaders over whether to emphasize misogyny or racism as the campaign’s closing theme.

In one camp is the Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who says that his view that God is sometimes O.K. with rape is “gaining real traction with a key demographic: men who don’t like women very much.”

“I can’t tell you how many misogynists have come up to me at my rallies and said, ‘Thank you for saying what you said,’ ” he told reporters today. “I think they’re like, finally, someone’s taking a more nuanced position on rape.”

But in the other camp is the former New Hampshire governor John Sununu, who worries that the Republican Party’s emphasis on misogyny is threatening to drown out its “winning message of racism.”

“I understand the appeal of Mourdock’s anti-woman theme, but I worry that it’s going to overshadow our core value of racism, which is still our best shot at winning this thing,” he said. “In politics, you’ve got to dance with the one who brung you.”

Hoping to heal a possible rift with so little time left until Election Day, the R.N.C. chairman Reince Priebus said today that there is room for both views in today’s Republican Party: “Our ‘big tent’ message to voters should be this: come for the misogyny, stay for the racism.”

(back to the Mark of Cain)

“What do Women want? This can be defined by be phrase coined by the Women’s Movement, “Having it all”, and can be taken literally. Women want all the privileges and prerogatives of both sexes; and the duties, responsibilities and disadvantages of neither. The first thing the Women’s Movement did was disavow all traditional Female responsibilities. Women no longer are required to cook, sew, clean house or be responsible for any of the duties traditionally assigned to Women. Currently there are no obligations that Women feel bound to perform, especially the ones traditionally undertaken by Men. Men, on the other hand, have not shirked any of Their traditional responsibilities; including protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children.

It is an obscenity that Women are not signing up for the Draft. The draft is clearly sexual discrimination, but Women have no intention of redressing the inequity. If Women thought the draft was a privilege of being Male, an exclusive fraternity where Men garner power and prestige, they would be chaining themselves to the doors of the Selective Service System and in the courts demanding to be included. But Women see the draft as a disadvantage of being Male and want no part of it no matter how much they screech about sexual equality out of the other side of Their face. Women use the word “Equality” not to achieve true equality but to convince Men that Women’s roles need to be changed in ways more attractive to todays Female.

“Equality” is a loaded word to males. Our culture is based on Freedom and Equality and is the mainstay of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Our history is replete with heroes, almost exclusively Men, who sacrificed Their lives so that all of us can enjoy the fruits of this philosophy. In recent times the cream of our young Men have given Their lives in World Wars I and II, Korea, Viet Nam and elsewhere so that everyone in world can benefit from it. Men have long accepted the responsibility of defending the group. When danger threatens the group, it is the duty of Men to get between the group and whatever threatens it and sacrifice Their lives, if necessary, in defence of the group. In this respect Men are true altruists, each Man willing to sacrifice His individual life so that the whole will benefit. And as far as Men are concerned this is still a requirement for first class citizenship. Men who fail to fulfil this requirement lose Their status as first class citizens. Draft dodgers, for example, are convicted of a felony and lose the right to vote. In time of war these Men are shot. . . In typical Female fashion, Women want all of privileges and prerogative of first class citizenship without the duties and responsibilities of first class citizenship. This was acceptable under a sexual dichotomy but is entirely unacceptable given the increasing vocal crescendo of “Equality” on the part of Females.

The contribution of Women in the Gulf War was a welcome sight but Females are still not required to take part in the actual fighting. Women are doing little to change this, preferring instead to focus on the fact that they are not promoted as much as Men. This tendency to concentrate on the advantages rather than the duties and responsibilities is typical of Women and, as we shall see, is the problem with Women in the work place. The most telling roles of Females came at the beginning of the war when Saddam Hussein took western hostages in Iraq and Kuwait. Once again it was cries of “save the Women and Children”. Once again Women bestowing upon Themselves the advantages of Children, running away and hiding with the Children and leaving the Men behind to tough it out. These very same Women are all to willing evoke “Equality” in the few cases where they can’t take advantage of the privileges afforded to Women and Children. The rare women who elected to stay with their men during the hostage crisis are the only ones who can command respect.

Much can be said about the lunacy of war. Women justify Their attitude by saying that if they were in charge there would be no wars. They suggest that the aggressiveness and bluster of Males is responsible for war and they should not be required to take part. This is not only simplistic and naive, but one of the reasons that Women are not in charge is that they have not been willing to sacrifice Their lives for Their beliefs or for any other reason for that matter. If they had been willing to take an active part in defense the entire scope of conflict may have changed long ago. It is well know that Women have a dramatic effect on Men in the battlefield and is one of the reasons that generals don’t want Them there. Why the Human Race came to behave this way will be discussed later in this article.

The reason that the draft is focussed on here is to highlight the dishonesty and duplicity of the Women’s Movement. This duplicity is prevalent in all aspects of the Movement as will be demonstrated in this article. The one sided way that “Equality” is applied by Women to benefit themselves is unacceptable. For example, Women suggest that equality means that Men become more like Women by “getting in touch with Their emotions”. This is absurd. Equality might just as well mean that Women become more like Men by getting control of Their emotions. This is more realistic since it is Women who want change Their roles. And since They want equal access to traditional Male roles it is They who must change to adapt to these roles, not the other way around.

Further, Women think that they alone are to be the ones that will define the future roles and relationships of Men and Women. It is time Men stopped silently taking the criticism and verbal abuse of Females and begin telling Women what is to be expected of them if they are to achieve equal status in the traditional Male milieu. The work place has been invented by Men to be implemented by Men in order to meet Their age old obligation of protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children. Most Male aggression is channelled here and much of the definition of being a Male is defined here. It has never been a place of fairness and equality and it has been a long hard road to civilize the work place to this extent and We still have a long way to go. It will not change just because Women, or most Men for that matter, want it to. The civilization of the work place has long and bloody history and We still have far to go.

The Traditional Female

The assertion by the Women’s Movement that Women have been enslaved in the kitchen is, again, the exact opposite of the truth. Women defined the traditional Harriot Nelson housewife role just as aggressively as they are redefining Their roles today. Indeed, about half of todays Women still prefer this lifestyle. This has made the Women’s Movement not only duplicitous but downright schizophrenic. Women seem to think they can have it both ways. If it’s to Their advantage, They retain the right to pursue the traditional role of letting a Man be responsible for providing for Them. If They must support Themselves or choose to work, then They want full equality in the work place.

There were two basic reasons why Women established the traditional housewife role. The first was the change from an agrarian to an urban culture. Before the industrial revolution most People lived on family farms and all members of the family worked from dawn to dusk in order to make a living. Life in the cities could be even worse as sweat shop conditions prevailed. Men, Women and Children worked in these sweat shops up to sixteen hours a day and six days a week. It took legislative action to get Children out of the sweat shops, using as precedent a law designed to prevent cruelty to animals. Women got out of the sweat shops by making it a requirement that Men provide them with a home with a well stocked kitchen before they would agree to a sexual relationship. At the time being dependant on a Man for income was preferable to working for a living. Better to let the Man work in the sweat shop while the Woman stayed home with the Children.

This leads to the second reason why the role of housewife was established. At that time sex meant Children and the average Women gave birth to thirteen of Them. Motherhood was a time and a half job and it was not unreasonable to judge a Man by His ability to provide for Them. The particular Human sexual dichotomy that had been established over the last five million years was continued with Women and Men enjoying separate but equal roles. Each sex accepting and performing Their particular duties and responsibilities and being equally dependant on each other. The strongest drive in life, procreation, was being exercised. Men wanted sex and Women wanted Children and the two drives should be equated: Women want Children as much as Men want sex and vice versa. These drives vary in individuals of course, but at times it seems like most Women don’t like sex at all and only submit occasionally in order to have a Child or to make a living sexually exploiting Men. The issue of who sexually exploits who will be discussed later.

This arrangement, though not perfect, was preferred by both sexes at the time. Motherhood became the most revered institution in our culture and special considerations were bestowed on Women because They bore the burden of Child bearing. But it goes much deeper than that. Fathers were now away from home putting long hours in the work place, and when They were home they were often too tired to contribute to Child rearing. Other pressures and considerations further exacerbated this condition. This meant that the major influence on Children were Their Mothers and it was Women who shaped the thoughts and attitudes of Their Children for generations to come. This was true especially for Their Sons. If you don’t believe this, watch a college football game on a Saturday afternoon and notice the response when the camera is turned on the cream of American young Men. It is almost always “Hi Mom!”.

Mother’s influence on Their Sons reinforced not only the institution of Motherhood, but the attitude that being a Man meant protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children. Thus the seeds for opposition to Women in the work place were sewn by Women Themselves. But that’s just the beginning of a long list of rules that Mothers taught Their Sons about how to behave toward Women. Like most Men of this generation, Mothers taught Their Sons to open doors for Women, hold Their coats for them, carry Their burdens for them, stand up when They came to the table, stand up when They left the table, and a hundred other things that Women would never do for a Man. Men were being conditioned on how to behave in the presence of royalty.

Indeed, that is how Women began to think of themselves: as Princesses whose problems will be solved when Their Knight in shining armor comes along to whisk them off Their feet with romantic ardor and carry Them off to Their castle where They would live happily ever after in luxury. All a Woman has to do is be beautiful. Literature and Hollywood made a fortune pandering to this unrealistic Female fantasy, but Men have been burdened by trying to live up to these expectations. The entire Dating Game is based this one sided attitude. A Man is expected to pick a Women up at Her door, take Her out, wine Her and dine Her and otherwise entertain Her; win Her heart and earn Her love. The Man does all the giving, the Women all the taking. This is still the way Women expect to be treated and have shown no intention of changing it no matter how much They screech about Sexual Equality out of the other side of Their face. The last thing you can expect from a Female is to make an equal effort to establish or maintain a relationship.

The attitude of Women that They must be won is the basis one of problems between Men and Women: Sexual harassment. This can be demonstrated by the kind of romance novels and movies that Women are so fond of; and the Doris Day movies epitomize the situation. They almost always follow the same scenario: Boy sees Girl and falls in love. Boy approaches Girl will cleaver opening line, but is rebuffed. Boy is open, friendly, witty and charming. Girl is a Bitch. Boy launches a campaign to win Her heart, and after many rejections finally succeeds, earns Her love and They live happily ever after. This is not only a ridiculous way for two grown people to behave but it has given Men the idea that when She says no She really means yes. All He has to do make enough effort and He will eventually win Her. Women love it when they are pursued by someone They want to be pursued by. Everything goes Her way and She will make it just difficult enough so that He will not lose interest. But if She is pursued by someone She doesn’t want to be pursued by She will probably engage in hysterical screaming about sexual harassment.

This leads to another typical behavior of the traditional Female, blatant emotionalism. Women not only think they have a right to be emotional but an obligation to be emotional at all the right times. Many conflicts between Men and Women begin because Females take umbrage when they feel Men are not appropriately emotional. The position of the Women’s Movement that sexual equality means that Men become more like Women by getting more in touch with Their emotions is, again, the exact opposite of reality. Since it is Females who want to change Their roles and since they want equal access to traditional Male roles it is Women who must change to adapt to these new roles. Women must get control of Their emotions. You can, however, make a pretty good argument that in order control your emotions you must understand them by getting in touch with them, but that doesn’t abrogate the responsibility to let reason and logic prevail.

The court system is currently stacked in favor of Women and, again, They have no intention of changing it no matter how much They screech about sexual equality. In exchange for sex, a Women is entitled to half of everything a Man owns just for starters. If Children are involved the price goes up. The marriage licence is, in fact, a licence for Women to steal. The one gain Men have made in the quest for equality is the reduction of alimony payments to Women. Women have compensated for this by using Children as a financial lever. The statement “Women and Their Children” was intentionally used to show that Children belong to Her. The way that it is coming out of the court system today is that She gets the Kids, the house and the car; He gets the bills and visitation rights. In better than eighty percent of court cases She gets sole custody of the Children, He gets sole custody of the bills. Women view Children as Theirs and They want to have it both ways; parental privileges to Females, financial responsibility to Males.

Parental responsibility is one of the most important issues of our time. Children are suffering in larger numbers today due directly to parental irresponsibility. More and more Men are not being responsible for Child support, but why should They if the Children are not Theirs. If Women want sole custody of the Children that should include the financial responsibility as well, especially under the harsh light of sexual equality. If Women want Men to share the financial responsibility, then They must share custody. The fact that Women are trying to have it both ways is the biggest obstacle to resolving this issue. In addition to this Women are all to willing to use Children as a weapon against Their former Spouses. Mothers encourage Children to take sides in Their disputes. Constant brainwashing of “your Father this and you Father that” further exacerbates this problem.

This is just one of the ways in which the traditional Female uses Children to Her own advantage. Women have a history of purposely becoming pregnant by a Man who can be sued for big bucks in court. Hugh Hefner, for example was a constant victim of paternity suits by sexually exploitive Females. It can be said for certain that Playmates make a living exploiting their sexuality.

This most insidious use of Children by Women is occurring in the welfare system. All to often a Girl born in poverty and raised on welfare will drop out of school thereby guaranteeing herself no future. What does She do for an income? Drop a Kid. If She wants a raise She’ll drop another one. Welfare was designed to aid Children, but Women are lumping themselves in with the Children, giving Themselves the advantages of Children and abusing the system. This means that the non-achievers are breeding themselves at a higher rate than the achievers and demanding that the achievers subsidize Their irresponsible reproduction. It is these Children that are terrorizing poor neighborhoods and lowering the test scores in schools. Even worse, more and more the welfare money is not being spent on the Children, but is being spent on drug abuse by the mother and the Kids are being born drug addicted. The failure of the Women’s Movement to focus on the Females responsibility in Parenting further detracts from Their credibility.

The Liberated Women

The one thing that Women do want to change is Women’s status in the work place, and seems to be the only thing that most Women can agree on. But even here the application of “Equality” focuses on only those aspects of the work place that are attractive to Females. Since Women also want to retain the right of assuming the traditional Female role, They are trying to have it both ways. Notice that Women as a class have no responsibilities and this is the true meaning of the liberated Woman. They are not required to support themselves, nor required do housework even if they don’t work. They are not required to be full time mothers to Their Children. They are not required to take part in national defence or any of the other dirty, nasty jobs that Men do that to make this country the most desirable place to live in since the birth of the Human Race. What They want is equal, or preferential, access to all of the best things in life. This smorgasbord of privileges and prerogatives for Women is possible because Men still retain the traditional responsibilities of protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children as well as for Themselves.

Two major changes in our society have precipitated this change in attitude. The first is the fact that Women now have total control over Their reproduction. The average number of Children has dropped to a little over two per Female and even less for the affluent. Add to that all the labor saving devices that are available and Housewives have found themselves with a lot of unused time and energy on Their hands.

Second, now that the work place has become a lot more civilized and all those nice cushy air conditioned office jobs have become available, Women have decided to expend that energy in the work place. As Their number increased, so did the complaints that They are not equally represented in management. You never hear Them complain that They are not equally represented in the coal mines, or the steel mills, or in heavy construction, or in any of the other dirty, nasty jobs that Men do that make Women’s life so comfortable. The more Women have demanded equality, the longer and redder Their fingernails have become. These hands convey they message that they no longer do Women’s work, but they don’t do Men’s work either. In fact, they don’t do anything whereby “I might break a naaaail !!!”. They want to be Boss though.

People in positions of responsibility and authority are not allowed the luxury of collapsing in an emotion heap in a crisis. People in positions of responsibility and authority are required to use their brains and make calm rational decisions when they are under pressure. People who can’t do this have no business being in positions of responsibility and authority. Men are taught to control Their emotions because they are being groomed to attain these positions. Few Men have this ability and the competition to rise to the top is designed to weed out the ones who can’t, among other things. Women, as a class, have failed to make a commitment to control Their emotions and engage in logical, rational thinking. The attitude by Females That they can continue to be the emotional basket cases They’ve always been and still be given equal access to positions of responsibility and authority further demonstrate the dishonesty and duplicity of Women.
It is also unrealistic to think that it is the world that has to adapt to suit Women. A graphic case in point occurred in Russia not long ago. The Gorbechevs found themselves the victims of a coup attempt and thought it probable that they would be killed. After it was all over Raisa collapsed in an emotional heap and ended up in a hospital for several weeks. What would the world have thought if Machael couldn’t show himself for weeks afterward? He would have been politically dead immediately. Raisa demonstrated how uncommitted and unsuited she was to hold the position as the Female partner of the Soviet leadership.

Women have also demonstrated that, as a class, they are less committed to the work place than Men. Children will result in lower productivity as Women attempt to “Have it all”, or they will leave to take the mommy track. They may also leave the work place if they find a sucker that will sign up to support Them in a style They can become accustomed, thereby wasting the investment made by the employer in training Them. Indeed, too many Women view the work place as the best social environment, the perfect place to find such a Man. In office jobs, Women can sit around in Their fancy in-style cloths and Their in-style hair-dos and Their long painted finger nails, like so much sexual bait on a hook, and troll for that Knight in Shining Armor that will offer them early retirement. Housewives also view the work place as a social environment because most of them are bored at home and work offers them social contact, income of Their own and work that gives them a feeling of accomplishment. This is not a bad thing, but they are not committed and have a history of leaving the job when discontented. To Men, however, work is not just the place were he provides for Himself, his Wife and his Children, it is the yardstick by which he is measured. A Man is his work and although He may also leave a company, He is usually totally dedicated to His work.

The biggest complaint that Women have about the work place is, of course, that they do not receive equal pay for equal work. Some of the reasons for this are stated above, but the main reason is that Men still have the responsibility to support parasitic Females. Women fail to mention that around half Their number still retain the privilege of being supported by Men. The main reason for this is so they can stay home with the Children and so the financial responsibility is even greater as Men must support a Woman and Her Children. While many single Mothers also have Children to support they are seldom supporting parasitic Males at the same time, and not required to do so by social custom. People are not paid because of Their needs, but because of Their contributions and there is no way to make it perfectly fair. Most Men do have Wives and if you total all the money earned by Men and Women, most of the money is spent by or on Women and Their Children. How else can Women spend so much time in Their favorite pastime: shopping. Never has there been a race of people so good at spending money, especially someone else’s money. They should not expect to earn equal pay until they make an equal commitment to the work place and stop sexually exploiting Men for a living.

Recently many wives have begun to complain that They have no choice and must work to make ends meet. These women have suddenly found themselves with more “Equality” than they bargained for, and they don’t like it. Like Men, They are required to work for a living. Women have only Themselves to blame for this because the rise in the two income family was the engine which drove inflation in the 70′s and 80′s. Two income families drove up the price of housing and other commodities. One income families are now at a disadvantage for competition for scarce resources. This is often a double whammy since one income families are generally making a commitment to parenting and have more mouths to feed. As usual, Women have admitted no responsibility for this predicament. The decline of the traditional family must be placed on the rise of Women in work place.

The Primitive Female

The problem is that Women are trying to change, in a single generation, feminine roles and attitudes that have evolved over the last five million years. This number has been referenced throughout the article because it is the time scientists have determined that Humans diverged from Their ancestral line. It is during this time that Humans have developed Their unique characteristics and Females have had a major role in shaping this evolution. Women now want to undo what they have worked so hard to establish. Therefore, it is Their own attitudes and behaviors that must change and it is time They took responsibility for this and stop blaming only Men for the predicament they find Themselves in.

Pre-Human culture was very similar to modern Chimpanzee culture. It must be remembered that Humans did not evolve from Monkeys or, more correctly, Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees have evolved along Their own lines for the last five million years. We share common ancestors, but Chimpanzee culture has not changed dramatically from the ancestral one. Jane Goodall studied Chimpanzee culture in order to gain insight into the forces that shaped Human evolution.

Chimpanzee culture is similar to most mammalian social cultures: a male dominated sexual dichotomy. Males and females are in fact equal in strength. Male strength is directed outwardly toward defense while female strength is directed inwardly toward reproduction. Males are locked in eternal conflict among themselves for dominance and breeding rights. Nature has determined that the best formula for reproduction is that all females reproduce but only the most fit males are allowed to reproduce. This will maximize the birthrate and will ensure that the next generation of males can successfully defend the group from predators. This and the conflict between predator and prey is one of the natural selection processes that drive evolution, making the next generation bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. There are, however, two aspects of Human evolution that have baffled anthropologists.

The first is how Human Beings came to walk on two legs. All other mammals are quadrupedal including Chimpanzees. Why was it advantageous for Humans to become bipedal? One theory proposes that as we came down out of the trees to live on the savanna we had to stand on Our hind legs to see over the tall grass. However, baboons are savanna dwellers and are the most quadrupedal of all large primates. For this and other reasons this theory, although widely accepted, is unsatisfactory. Another theory suggests that bipedalism made us better hunters and gave us more endurance. The best hunters, however, are quadrupedal with much more endurance than Humans. The real reason for Human bipedalism will be found elsewhere.

The second aspect of Human evolution that has baffled anthropologists is why Human Females have lost estrus. All other mammalian females go through estrus, or heat as it is called in our pets, and is the period of maximum female sexual receptivity. Once a female is impregnated she stops having estrus cycles and is not sexually available again until she is ready to conceive. A Women’s period is a vestige of this estrus cycle. Every month, in concert with ovulation, a Woman will have a period until She becomes pregnant, and will stop having periods until She is ready to become pregnant again. However, unlike other mammalian females, the Human Female is sexually available all of the time. Why????

C. Owen Lovejoy linked these two developments into an evolutionary package in which Women used sex as an inducement to encourage Men to provision Them. The only way Men had to carry food back to the Female was to carry it in Their hands. Men learned to walk on Their hind legs in order to free Their hands for this purpose. Males who did this were rewarded with sex and this could only occur if Females were sexually available all of the time. This is the key evolutionary step that separated Humans from Their relatives and led to all of the hallmark achievements in Human evolution. However, it is clear that it is Women who have been making a living sexually exploiting Men for the last five million years. The effort of the Women’s Movement to depict Themselves as the poor little dears who are being sexually exploited is typical of Their dishonesty and duplicity.

None of this happened for the benefit of Males or Females. It occurred because it benefited the Human species as a whole. Male Chimpanzees, as with most other mammalian males, do not provision females. Females are expected to provision themselves. If they are pregnant or are nursing young then they must forage for two, and will not enter estrus and be sexually available until they are ready to support another pregnancy. This may be as much as four years, most likely after the child is weaned. It may vary according to the food supply and the Females body fat content. There have been cases of Human Females who have lowered their body fat content to the point to which They stopped having periods. It seems to be the bodies way of saying that you cannot support a pregnancy. With Males provisioning Females the Human population skyrocketed. Females can now become pregnant every year and can support three Children, one in the womb and two at the breast. Our reproductive rate exceeded Our relative’s by as much as a factor of four and thus began the process of Humans overpopulating the earth.

The process of Women sexually exploiting Men for a living was refined over the millennia to the point where the first law of Womenhood is never, ever, give it away, always demand compensation for sex. In Our culture especially, Men always pay Women for sex. The mainstay of the dating game is taking a Women to dinner. The more elegantly, extravagantly and expensively a Man demonstrates to a Woman His ability to provision Her, the more sexually aroused She becomes. Women still judge a Man by what kind of provider He is. The current price for casual sex is at least three dinners and a movie, but this is only for starters. Women sell their sexuality like drug dealers sell drugs. It is relatively cheap at first, but as the user becomes addicted, the price goes up. Eventually She demands “total commitment”, which means His signature on a marriage contract which entitles Her to half of everything He owns just for starters. What She wants as payment for sex is lifetime financial security.

A classic example of this was depicted in the movie “Pretty Woman”. It has to be assumed that it’s extreme popularity was due to the fact that it appealed to today’s Women. It was a story of a whore who sold her body to anyone who met her price, but was reformed by love. At least that is the way Women saw it. What really happened is that She sensed that He was falling in love with her and she simply upped her price. She demanded the whole “fairy tale”. She wanted to be courted and wooed, but mostly, she wanted to see his signature on a marriage contract. If he didn’t meet her price she was going to go away and have nothing to do with him. The last thing she was going to do is make her own living, on her own two feet instead of on her back, and make love to this man openly, honestly and without compensation, simply because she loved him. This is the last thing you can expect from any Woman despite all Their screeching about sexual equality. The reason that the so called proper Female can’t abide prostitutes is that they don’t charge enough. Why should a Man sign up for a lifetime financial commitment if He can get sex on a pay as you go basis? The heroin’s reformation came because she began to charge the excepted price for sex.

It is understandable why things became so extreme. In the beginning, the food requirement for pre-human males and females were the same. Although females had to provide for two, males needed just as much or even more food because they were larger and spent a lot of energy fighting among themselves for breeding status. Since eating was simply a matter of foraging for it, females were not at a disadvantage. Indeed, in some animal cultures, the dominant males spend so much time and energy maintaining their status that they have little time to feed and can not build up enough reserves to survive the winter or other harsh times; they live on, though, in their offspring and this provides the incentive. As the new Human condition became established, and as Human populations exploded, Women who didn’t have help in providing for Their Children became more at a disadvantage. Since nature responded to the provisioning of Females by increasing Their reproduction rate, Women became increasingly dependant on Men. Child bearing became more of a burden to the point that a growing number of Women began to fear and loath sex. This fear and loathing of sex exists, to some extent, in most Women and has led to a very bad attitude about sex and has further widened the schism between Men and Women. If not for the fact that nature has endowed Women with a Maternal drive that is equal in strength to Men’s sex drive the future of the Human race would be in jeopardy.

This was beautifully depicted in the book “The World According to Garp”. Jenny Fields hated sex but wanted a child. She had to be respected, though, because she took responsibility for herself and her son. Most Women who don’t like sex take the approach of the mother of the little girl who taught young Garp about sex. She explained to Garp that he was supposed to tear her cloths off even though she always “had a headache”. In other words, most of these Women still want to sexually exploit some man into providing for herself and her children, but do all they can to avoid sex. That is one reason why many women want to be virgins before they get married. It is better not to let Men know that They are not going to get what They are paying for.

Speaking of not getting what your paying for brings up the subject of breast implantations. The sole reason for cosmetic breast implantations is to be sexually attractive to Men. This enhances a Women’s ability to sexually exploit Men for a living. A Woman who intends to support herself without relying on sex has no reason for having large breasts. Women’s attempt to blame Men for the medical problems They are currently facing is another example of the dishonesty and duplicity of Women. Women are exploiting a weakness in Men and reaping the financial gains. While much can be said about the ethics of the medical profession for not making it a safer procedure, nothing is being said the ethics of Women.

The key event that triggered the Women’s Movement is the development of birth control. This has given Women total control over Their reproduction and has liberated Women from the ancient dependance upon Men to provision Them. While Women have been quick to take advantage of the freedom and new opportunities this event precipitated, They have been extremely slow in giving up the traditional privileges and prerogatives that were afforded Them because of it. Women still retain a very bad attitude about sex. It is time Women developed an attitude about sex more equal to that of Men.

It is clear that it is Women have been making a living sexually exploiting Men. Men always pay Women for sex, and Women have shown little intention of changing this. While this was acceptable in a sexual dichotomy, the light of sexual equality casts Women as a race of whores and parasites. Men are obliged to pay to just look at a nude Female, and it is the height of Female hypocrisy to charge that magazines and clubs who provide this service are sexually exploiting Women. These Women make a living doing this and get away with it because of the extremely bad attitude most “decent” Women have about sex. If Women had a healthy attitude about sex this business would die and there would be much more loving in the world.

The marriage licence has evolved into a licence for Women to steal, especially in community property states. The amount of money which passes from Men to Women because of it is obscene in the light of sexual equality. It is the price Wives demand for sex as can be demonstrated by the fact the contract is not validated until it is consummated by sex. Take Ivana Trump for example. What was her price? She fancied herself a one billion dollar whore but had to settle for ten million. Poor baby. The justification for this is often Children, who should be raised in proportion to Their Father’s income, but the Children are not allowed to take this money when they leave home. It is the Wives money as Her price for sex and She has it both ways. She gets the Children and the Man’s money. This is another way in which Women exploit Children for financial gain. It is why They seek out rich Men to marry, and have no intention of changing the system no matter how much they screech about sexual equality out of the other side of Their face. If left to Women this will change only when the money begins to flow from Women to Men.

The Women’ Movement has lost credibility because They have failed to address these issues. Men and an increasing number of Women are aware of the dishonesty and duplicity of the Movement. The focus of the Movement upon Men and how Men only must change in order to achieve sexual equality is causing the backlash. Before Women will be accepted as equals by Men, all Women must accept equal responsibility and must give up Their ancient lifestyle of being whores and parasites.


All Male behavior can be ultimately linked to the drive to procreate and to continue the species. While this is true for every living thing on the planet, Males focus on sex, which is the heart of the institution called love. Men view sex as the ultimate achievement of Human interaction and don’t understand Women’s extremely poor attitude about it, and have little sympathy with that attitude. In order to achieve this interchange Men in this culture have spoiled Women rotten. To a large extent the Women’s Movement is a group of pampered bitches who want to be even more spoiled rotten than they already are. The problem with the Movement is that half of the Women in this culture know that they’re pampered and that sexual equality will mean giving that up.

Male aggression is due to the fact that We have evolved in a very violent world. Most of the animals born on this planet end up in the bellies of other animals. Males have had the responsibility to defend the group from predators while Females hide with the Children. Females don’t understand Male aggression because They have been insulated from most of this hardship. The predator-prey relationship is, in fact, beneficial to both species and is responsible for keeping populations in balance with their environment and speeding the advance of evolution. Predators weed out the unhealthy and unfit and the competition for survival improves each subsequent generation. Human Beings would not exist today if not for this struggle. In fact, it is becoming evident that no system can last without negative feedback loops which work to keep it stable. It is only now becoming evident that life on this planet is responsible for keeping the temperature of the globe within optimum limits for life itself by regulating the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The point is that everything that exists today exists for very real reasons and it is vitally important we understand them.

Males are on the front lines of this struggle and have had to bear the brunt of it. Pre-human populations that were better able to defend themselves prospered better than populations that couldn’t. This included the willingness to sacrifice one’s own life for the benefit of the group. Some populations evolved methods to improve this defensive capability by ensuring that only the most fit males were allowed to reproduce. That is why most mammalian cultures are male dominated with males locked in a struggle for breeding status. Only the toughest males were allowed to reproduce thereby ensuring the fitness of the next generation. Evolution progressed as each population developed better methods of adapting to their environment. It is the offspring of these populations that survive today.

Humans have evolved from being a prey species to being the top predator species. We are so powerful that there are no other animals that can threaten Us. Our population has exploded to the point that We are posing a serious threat to the world in which We live. It is because of this that nature has made Us our own predators. Because no predator has been able to keep Our population in check, overpopulation pressures have caused us to war among ourselves and reduce our populations that way. Human population has steadily increased not because We are more civilized but because our technology has increased food production and the carrying capacity of the land. If food runs short, rest assured war will break out, and we will prey upon each other once again.
Women’s attitude that Men are responsible for all the violence in the world is naive to the point of absurdity. They can maintain this attitude because Men have done Their best to protect from Women from it. Males have born the brunt of a violent world and do so willingly and without complaint. While Women have also been brutalized by Men, it is far less than that received by Men. If Men didn’t exist it can be said for certain that Women would fill these roles. If They didn’t They wouldn’t survive long. There are plenty of Female killers in jail and They would inherit the earth unless all Women take responsibility for defending individual rights. Sexual equality means that Women have to do Their share. They must learn to take a punch as well as give one and sacrifice Their lives if necessary for the benefit of the whole.

Men have led the struggle to liberate Us from the brutality of our heritage. Democracy and the rule of law were established by Men as an alternative to fighting for leadership. Women were not included in the voting because They did not participate in the battle. As Human cultures progressed, survival depended on good leadership and this meant brain became more important than brawn. White Males, more than any other race or sex on this planet, have a strong sense of individuality. Their fight for individual rights and freedom laid the ground work for independence for all, especially white Women. It took white Men killing white Men (and sacrificing Their own lives) to end slavery in this country. It also took white Men killing blacks and Arabs, mostly Moslem, to stamp it out in Africa where it was an institution for thousands of years. Our culture is replete with heroes who sacrificed Their lives for Their beliefs or for the benefit of others, especially Women. The history of the American fighting Man is one of sacrificing His life for People all over the world. The last time the American soldier defended His own country was during the war of 1812. All of the wars since then were fought to liberate others from oppression. The closest we have come since then was during World War II when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. However, most of the soldiers died liberating others from Japanese or German domination. Women are notably absent from this struggle, but are more than willing to partake of the fruits of this labor.

The tremendous advances in science and technology that have made this era in history so luxurious are due almost entirely to the efforts of Men. Medicine have reduced suffering all over the globe and has triggered a meteoric population growth. Men are creative, constructive and productive in ways that Women don’t seem to understand or appreciate. The underlying driving force for this is the need Men have to understand and thereby control Their environment.

Men do all of the heavy lifting and the dirty nasty jobs that make the economy as rich and prosperous as it is. From the coal mines to the steel mills to heavy construction, Men have built this country from the ground up. Men build and repair the houses that keep Their Women protected and comfortable. Women have done little to liberate Men from this burden despite all the screeching about sexual equality, declaring instead that Women are no longer responsible for keeping the house clean. Men must take more responsibility for even that.

For all of Their strength and intelligence and achievements, Men are incredible fools when it comes to Women. Men have let Women convince Them that They are exploiting Women when, in fact, it is They who are being exploited by Women. Men have steadfastly carried out Their age old responsibilities of protecting, defending and providing for Women and Their Children without much complaint. Woman, on the other hand, have been angling for every advantage by moaning, bitching, throwing temper tantrums, but mostly using sex to convince Men to do for Them. The reason that Women are getting away with this is that Men seem to fall under two basic categories.

The first is “Momma’s Boys”. These Men revere Their Mothers and put all Women on a pedestal. They work hard to be the kind of Man that Their Mother can be proud of, which is usually being subservient dofers for Women. Momma’s Boys are responsive to constant demands of “do this for Me; do that for Me; take Me here; take Me there; wine Me and dine Me and otherwise entertain Me; win My heart and earn My love”. While Women love Momma’s Boys, They are usually frustrated by competition from His Mother for domination of this Boy. These Boys can usually be identified by Their large breast fetish.

Most Men, however, are “Dickheads” because They have a hard time thinking with anything but Their dicks. They will do anything to get a Woman in bed. They will say anything a Woman wants to hear, make any effort and pay any price to achieve this goal, and Women see that they do. When a Women says that She’s not a cheap date that’s exactly what She means. Women have a love-hate relationship with Dickheads. They love all the attention and all the money Dickheads lavish on them, but eventually Dickhead figure it’s time They got what They’re paying for, and they have been paying for it, and then it’s “Men! They’re all alike. They only want one thing.” This is the underlying cause of date rape. Women can go a long way in avoiding it if they insist on paying Their own way if They aren’t interested in sex.

Men have spoiled Women rotten because there is a Dickhead and Momma’s Boy in most Men to one degree or another. If relations between the sexes is to progress to a state agreeable to both sexes, Men must change these attitudes as much as Women have to change Their propensity to sexually exploit Men for a living. Whatever the meaning of life is, it is not being a slave to the emotions of Females, not even for sex. Men should no longer consider having a beautiful Woman on Their arm a status symbol since it has become obvious that They are either paying for it or totally subservient to Her emotions. Real Men are beginning to turn Their backs on Women and refusing to play the game the way Women want to play it.

This dilemma is one of the underlying causes for Men’s hostility and violence towards Women. Males try to control Their own emotions and Their environment in order to live ordered rational lives. Men find that Their sexual dependence on Women subject them to an irrational, emotional roller coaster ride that They have absolutely no control over, and it drives Them crazy. This frustration is released as physical violence directed at Women. This is the reason emotions must be controlled. No one succeeds all of the time, but Men at least, have made a commitment to keeping a lid on this kind of inappropriate expression of emotions. Women have not only failed to make such a commitment, They insist on being the same emotional basket cases They’ve always been. Control of one’s emotions doesn’t mean being emotionless. It means using your intellect so that these emotions are expressed in appropriate, healthy and socially productive ways.

This dilemma runs much deeper though. Men don’t want to admit to Themselves that They are dependant on Women for Their emotional well being. Men will engage in dominance games and other self deluding behavior in order to hide the truth from Themselves. The most important one is Men’s willingness to believe the Female hype that it is Women who are being sexually exploited by Men. Women are masters at deception and seem to want to portray Themselves as victims, while encouraging the macho illusion of Men never being victimized. The last thing the Women’s Movement is about is sexual equality, the real purpose is liberation from Women’s financial dependance on Men. The forces that have kept relations between the sexes in equilibrium is mutual dependance. Men depending on Women for Their physical needs and Women depending on Men for Their financial needs. The mutual dependance that has been refined for five million years and is being undone in Our time. The break-up of the nuclear family is due primarily to this growing imbalance.

Men have no choice but to wean Themselves from Their sexual dependence on Women. Until They do Women will try to have it both ways and continue to behave like spoiled rotten bitches, and Men will find Themselves totally controlled by the emotions of Females. If you can abstain until the moment is right you ave achieved the perfect solution. If you must find sexual release is preferable to use your hand than to find some woman to masturbate on. Do not pay for it, not even a dinner. Do not cater to Female emotions and fantasies. Insist that Women live up to Their screeching about sexual equality and make an equal effort to establish and maintain a relationship. When sex becomes an honest physical expression of the feelings of friends and lovers, Women will become more receptive to it and relations between the sexes will warm.

The Future of Men And Women

This article is not a definitive description of Women and the Women’s Movement. It is just as one sided and self serving as the rhetoric of the Women’s Movement has been, and is intended to demonstrate the irritating nature of this behavior. Women may have come a long way, but They have a hell of a long way to go before They will be treated by Men on an equal footing. Men and Women are not equal, will never be equal, and don’t want to be treated equally. The roles of both sexes need to be redefined to enable Men and Women to work together to achieve Their individual and common goals. The failure of Women and the Women’s Movement define the responsibilities of Women in this new regime is the single most impediment to further progress.

Women must sign up for the draft. If Women want to achieve first class status and the respect of Men, They must fulfill Their first class responsibilities. Most Women are not suited to front line duties and will not be put there. Only ten percent of soldiers are on the front line, so there is plenty of other things Women can do. However, there are many Women more capable than some of the Men who have been required to be on the front lines and They should be given every opportunity to be there. If Women refuse to fulfill this responsibility They should lose Their first class status and lose the right to vote, and be treated like the second class citizens They are.

Women must make an equal effort to establish and maintain a relationship. The Women who feel that Their life is full of Dickheads should examine Their own behavior. The only effort most Women make to establish a relationship is array Themselves as sexual bait and wait to see who offers what to get Them into bed. The dating game is played so that They essentially auction Themselves off to the highest bidder. Only Dickheads are fool enough to play this game and these Women deserve them. If Women want to meet different types of Men, They should take more responsibility to open lines of communication. Women don’t want to initiate contact because They don’t want to subject Themselves to the kind of viscous rejection that They have subjected Men to. The sensitive, caring Men that Women say They want to meet don’t like rejection any more than Women do. If Women want to meet these Men They must be willing to make an equal effort to establish the relationship.

Women must pay Their own way through life. Until they do they will never be considered equal to Men and should consider Themselves the whores and parasites They’ve always been. If a Woman expects a Man to pay for a date, even for the “pleasure of Her company” she is asking material compensation for Her time and is a prostitute and deserves the sexual pressure She may be subjected to. The best way to avoid the date rape dilemma is for Her to pay Her own way.

The community property laws must be abolished. A Women has no right to expect half of what a Man owns in return for a sexual relationship. Each partner should take from the relationship in proportion to which He or She contributed to it. Since single income families are becoming the exception, this particular arrangement should be negotiated. If a Women or a Man wishes to remain home and devote more time to parenting or housekeeping, the compensation of that partner should be agreed on at the beginning of the relationship.

Women must share custody of the Children if they expect financial assistance when a relationship breaks up. Females can no longer have it both ways. One of the most important issues of our time is responsible parenting. Those found guilty of not meeting their parental responsibilities should be dealt with harshly. If Men are to be held financially responsible for Their Children then the court must declare that They have at least half custody, and Women should be expected to contribute half of the financial support. How custody is shared should be negotiated. One arrangement might be that Mothers spend more time with the Children when They are young, and Fathers gradually increasing time as They grow older. This is true especially for Boys, but Fathers and Daughters also have a special relationship. This arrangement needs to be very flexible according to the needs of all concerned, but the rigid bi-weekly visitation rights by Men must be abolished. The opportunity that is open to Children to enter into an extended family relationship should be nurtured. As family size decreases and divorce rates increase Children must be encouraged to think of themselves as members of both families. The propensity for Women to encourage Their Children to take sides should be curtailed.

Women must make a commitment to control Their emotions and use Their intellect if They expect to attain positions of responsibility and authority. No such commitment has yet been demonstrated by Women in general and until They do equal access to those positions should be restricted. Men make a commitment to control Their emotions not only to attain those positions but because emotional outbursts by Men can be violent and even lethal. Women don’t really want Men to get in touch these emotions because Females are too often at the receiving end of the eruption. To a lesser degree all emotional outbursts are inappropriate in most social contexts and should be controlled. This doesn’t mean that emotions must be suppressed but that they expressed in appropriate ways and at appropriate times. One of the reasons football and other violent sports have become so popular is that they have become a release for these pent up emotions.

The Women’s Movement must stop Their duplicitous self serving rhetoric. The one sided and unequal way that Women are using the word “equality” to achieve Their goals has become a major impediment to further gains. Women enjoy every advantage in this culture except when it comes to the work place. Women have only Themselves to blame for it since They fled into the home every chance They got. Now that the work place has become attractive to Women this situation will not change overnight just because They want it to. Women’s age old behavior of bitching a Men until Men give it to Them will not solve the problem. In addition, the attitude that Women must be equally represented in traditional Male roles that are attractive to Them, such as management, but not necessarily equally represented in roles that are unattractive to Them has resulted in increasing contempt on the part of Men toward Women. The argument that Women are not as suited to heavy construction as Men can be equally applied to management positions since all were invented by Men to be practiced by Men as They carry out Their traditional Male roles. Women are locked out of these positions because They are dependant on Men to give Them these jobs, and the attitude that They must be given these job by unequally invoking “equality” has resulted in a negative backlash. The best way for Women to have access to Their “fair share” of the jobs is to create Their “fair share” of the jobs, but They have shown little ability to do this.

The real point of the Women’s Movement is a continuation of the battle that the Men in this culture have sacrifice Their lives for: Freedom of choice for everyone. It is because Men have died for this cause that Women can carry the battle forward in relative luxury. However, Women don’t seem to understand what equality means. It doesn’t just mean “equal pay for equal work” or “equal representation in management”, it means equality under the law. It also means equal responsibility. Men, especially white Men, have a strong need for independence and individuality. Our form of democracy is intended to give each Individual the freedom to follow His or Her own path through life without being forced into molds because of race, religion or someone else’s idea of morality or behavior. This is also true for sex, and the Woman’s movement should be intended to open doors for Women rather to decide what equality means for all Women and for Men.

The biggest impediment to the Women’s Movement is Women Themselves. First, because most of the Women in this culture want to retain the traditional Female roles and privileges. Second is the duplicitous nature of the Movement itself. Until the movement takes the position that They are fighting for individuality and equal opportunity for all, instead of engaging in a battle of the sexes, a negative backlash will continue to hamper progress. This is amply demonstrated by the hypocritical manner in which Women are addressing sex discrimination issues. The rule, according to Women, is that all sex discrimination that benefits Males over Females is prohibited, but sex discrimination that benefits Females over Males is allowed. The draft is the prime example of this but there are many other cases. Two more examples of this duplicity and hypocrisy should be illuminated.

The first is in sports. Women are allowed to form Their own sports associations in which sex discrimination is used to exclude Men. They do this because They know They cannot compete with Men on an equal footing and will never make money if sexual equality were applied fairly. But Women further demonstrate Their hypocrisy and duplicity by asserting that They are the victims of sex discrimination because They don’t earn the same as Men. If equal pay for equal play were applied They shouldn’t. But to underline the irrationality of Their position, it should be stated that professional sports is entertainment, and the income for players is proportional to the gate they draw, not their ability to play. If Women’s sports were to become so popular that They were making more than Men, you can bet the farm that Women will not redress the issue by applying sexual equality. The final insult came when a law was passed which allowed high school Girls to compete in Boy’s sports. However, in the typical duplicitous and hypocritical fashion of Women, Boys are not allowed to compete in Girl’s sports.

While Women are demanding access to all traditional Male institutions They think that traditional Female institutions can remain segregated. This was demonstrated by the dears in Mills College who threw what has to be described as a typical Female hysterical temper tantrum when they thought Males would be enrolled. Even though their education is steeped in sexual discrimination, you can bet that they will screech the loudest if they feel they are the victims of sex discrimination. They have not demonstrated that they can work with Men or compete with Men on an equal basis. They have shown that they are, in fact, Man haters, but they will demand equal access to all traditional Male roles and milieus. This is the height of Female duplicity, dishonesty and hypocrisy and has to be changed if Men and Women are to work together in the present and in the future.
All talk of equal or proportional representation by sex (or by race or any other criteria for that matter) must be curtailed. The only requirement for a job is that the applicant is the best one qualified for the job at the time of employment. It should come as no surprise that white Males have an advantage because the best jobs in our culture were invented by white Males to be employed by white Males. However, the traditional white Male good old boy system is fast becoming a thing of the past, not because of the sexual and civil rights movements, but because of economic necessity.

The decline of the American economy is due to the fact that the bloated, effete, good old boy management system has not been able to compete will leaner foreign competition. This system has resulted in a plethora of over paid, incompetent managers who got where they are by knowing how to play the game rather than producing results. This fact was painfully demonstrated by the gaggle of automotive and other CEOs who accompanied George Bush to Japan. American companies can no longer afford this inefficient management system and this is at the heart of the pessimism that most Americans are feeling during the ’90s recession. Big changes are coming and no one knows what will happen. The companies that will survive are the ones that employ the best people for the job regardless of race or sex.

Another problem of the traditional management system is that is all too often a power game. The reward, for many, of climbing to top is to lord it over the people below. It has long been observed that boot polishers seem to be promoted more than their contribution to the company should allow. This can result in sexual harassment of Women as some Men exercise this power. It should be noted that Men are also subjected to pressure and harassment, although in a different way, but it is just as humiliating and degrading. Women, however, have engaged in undue whining and crying about this kind of pressure, They want to play with the big boys on an “equal” footing, but They want all of the traditional protection afforded to Women. They can’t have it both ways. If They want in, they have to learn to take it like a Man. Men are also subjected to sexual harassment by Female superiors, but you hear a lot less about it. This is not to say that this kind of behavior must be tolerated, but that Women are still engaging in emotional tantrums with regard to pressures in the work place.

It will be a long time before this aspect of Human nature is ejected from the work place. Indeed, Women have had to admit, to Their chagrin, that working for Female superiors is often worse than working for Men. One reason is that traditional Female wiles don’t work on Female managers. The battle to civilize the work place still has a long way to go and Women will not help Their cause if They continue to address this issue with traditional Female hysterics.

The basic reason for Women’s complaints of sexual harassment is the work place is Their extremely poor attitude about sex. Men are, more often than not, flattered by sexual innuendo, while Women behave like fell bitches. Women must develop a sexual outlook more equal to that of Men if relations between the Sexes is to improve. Women now have total control over Their reproduction so the basic reason for this attitude has been eliminated. While They have been quick to take advantage of the freedoms this technology has precipitated, They have made little progress in improving Their attitude.

The battle of the Sexes is a unilateral War. All Men want to do is make love. It’s Women who want to make a fight out of it, or charge a fortune for it.

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