The Examination of John Presco

I was close with the Gall family until Mark Gall wanted me to help him cheat on his wife, Joy Gall. My friend, Jonny Gall, was on the verge of becoming a vegetable. When he died, I and the Fadely’s were not invited to his funeral. I suspect it was because we were not Christians. Joy had become a Christian Scientists – who kept Jon alive longer than he wanted. He pull the plug out of his stomach twice when I visited him, and made desperate sounds. He could not talk.

Then the evangelicals went after me and the two cats I bonded with because I complained to the management one of them was holding meetings with the children in the complex and getting them to pump their fists and shout;

“We are the God Squad!”

Springfield Witch Hunt | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Someone who has my best interests at heart, wants me to give references about my friends here at McKenzie Meadows in particular. What kind of person am I? I made an inventory of four residents I interacted with, that have died here. I have a couple of pics of us playing poker in the rec room that I will have to find.

Then Brembe-Colt came to mind and the video of us taking our walk that was almost a daily happening. Many tenants marveled at how a cat would follow a human. I tried to rescue Colt from his abusive owners. He was becoming my Service Animal. I was struggling using a decapheter until Colt insisted on being a part of the procedure. He was doing a healing. I spent $200 dollars getting him repaired. My vet said he would always bee a outdoor cat. Then began the attack of…

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