Clark Had Owners

I am under attack again by one of my neighbors. Cheryl Walton refuses to respect my space and endangers my physical and mental health. When I moved here thirteen years ago I played poker with three men and a woman. All three men died while here. Alberta moved. She operated a Christian farm for convicts. My good friend, Sandra, died of Leukemia. I talked to the coroner as they took her skeletal remains out of her apprtment in a bag. She killed herself with the morphine they gave her. She could not take the pain. She gave away one her cats and begged me to administer a lethal dose to her other cat that was afraid of people and could not be adopted out. Then I found Hollis dead. He was a friend of our ex-manager, Teresa, who works at the main office. I am still friends with Genies, who published several Christian books. She was a part of a group of friends I dare not give the names of lest they be harassed by the 500 pound demon who used Cheryl to exact vengeance on me and the animals that visited me and the family upstairs. Jon and Bill died. I took Jon to many doctor appointments in my yellow Toyota. I helped move Bill’s stuff out of one of the garages here.

Rosamond Press

When Clark showed up after being gone for almost a year, I took a walk around the block to see if I could spot him/her again. There she was on the porch of his owners who moved three months ago. I’m sure they went looking for their cat. When she saw me, she came running across the street, and, we walked to my home. When Lisa told me she knew where Clark was for all this time, and, she took Kim Haffner’s side as I accused her of kicking Clark, I wondered why? Lisa suggested I was abusing, or, neglecting Clark, and, had verbally abused Bryan by saying to him he had killed Clark and Colt. As The Mob left my door I shouted;

“Who are you guys – THE GOD SQUAD?”

That stopped them in their tracks. I hit a nerve.

When the Kristites and Kimites attacked me…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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