Huey Newton Was Stalked 1

Yesterday I read Huey Newton had a problem with crack addiction. It is alleged Huey was in Alta Bates hospital being treated for Alcohol and Drug abuse in 1984 the year my daughter was born, but, I didn’t find out till 2000.  My radical friends and I were very aware I had rescued the young son of a Chicago Black Panther, and were very supportive of me becoming a surrogate father to David and Matt Hanson. Then, Patrice Hanson wanted to go back to her abusive husband, Randall Delpiano a.k.a. ‘Bogus Bobby’.  She did not tell me she was pregnant, and I would be the father of MY ONLY CHILD. Patrice had three children by three men. She told me Randall could not conceive. He died childless. When did he know for sure Heather Hanson was not his daughter? When did David and Matt know the truth?

Yesterday I discovered Huey wrote several books, one about the oppression of gay people. Huey spoke on campus about this, and, he published a book of his poetry. In my book this makes Newton a Bohemian Writer who achieved notoriety in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially Oakland where I was born. This morning I compared Huey to Jack London who wrote a book about his alcoholism. It is suspected he was addicted to morphine.

The demise of London and Newton began with the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Both men embraced Socialism and were dedicated in creating a new social order that would end oppression in America – and the world! This black revolutionary was not just bringing a message to black people. This is a great misconception. When I googled Huey’s books they were all sold out. Black people are arming themselves like never before. Black women make up the largest group of first time gun owners. I suspect many people are looking for permission to own, and use, a firearm. White Supremist and Second Amenders, have many groups on facebook where brothers and sisters give each other pep talks – AND TARGETS! The Black Panther message..


…was a hard pill to swallow for us Peace Loving Hippies – who had been beaten black and blue by the cops when we demonstrated, when we exercised our First Amendment Right. The Black Panther newspaper was fill with poetry. How many poets in history called for the murder of policemen? All this has come back – and these questions are – IN OUR FACE! I have thirty-three years of sobriety. I save my life with the help of my brother and sisters in AA. I have been stalked – I am being stalked! Eugene Anarchists and my evangelical neighbors are bent on my destruction for what I published in my newspaper.

But, that is the tip of the iceberg. Famous People get stalked, as do their kin. Huey Newton had reach celerity status. A rival gang had it out for Newton, and perhaps all the Panthers. The Black Guerilla family came out of San Quinton that is located in Marin. Are incardinated people eligible for a grant from the Buck Foundation? Randy Delpiano live in Marin, twice, after he was convicted of impersonating Bob Weir, and conning women he seduced out of their money. Patrice Hanson had to know what was going on. How about her sons?

Patrice was not happy to learn that my autobiography of my famous sister and I was going to be about us getting sober. She wanted it to be about my sixteen year old daughter – AND HER STAGE MOTHER – who never met Christine who died on her first sober birthday. At London’s ‘Wolf House’ Patrice and I got into a argument, which caused her to disappear our daughter and go over to the rival biographer. My families Sober Story – was not good enough for her. I highly suspect Huey Newton did not have a friend in the world when he was shot three times in the head. This was his High Noon, gunned down in the streets by a punk gunslinger out to make a name for himself.

Did Huey Newton ever attend a AA meeting? How do you think that would go? We honor the newcomer when they walk in the door, because we are certain they have come to save their life. This is what counts.

John Presco

Investigators said Tyrone Robinson, 25, who has an extensive criminal record that includes a robbery conviction in 1985, killed Newton early Tuesday in an effort to advance his position in the Black Guerrilla Family, a narcotics distribution gang. According to police, Newton had “crossed” the gang several times in the past.

Robinson, Police Sgt. Dan Mercado said, “wanted to be a high-mucky-muck.”

“He was a foot soldier, and he wanted to be a shot caller. He figured we already knew. We felt we had him and he knew it,” Mercado said.

Detectives said Robinson told them that he shot Newton in self-defense when the two met by chance on the street. Robinson told detectives that Newton demanded free cocaine, and when Robinson refused, Newton threatened him with a gun.

However, police questioned several aspects of the story, saying there was no evidence that Newton had a gun at the time of the encounter.

Robinson said he and Newton had met earlier in the evening at a “crack” house where cocaine was being dispensed.

Mercado told reporters that the gun believed used to shoot Newton–a 9-millimeter pistol–has been recovered at the rear of a house “associated with Robinson.” Ballistics tests are scheduled to see if, in fact, the gun was used in the killing.

Robinson and two other ex-convicts–Mark White and Rodney Jackson–were stopped in Oakland on suspicion of running a red light about 14 hours after the murder. The stop was made near where Newton died.

Police said that after the stop, the three men “got cute” with the officers, who then discovered two guns in the vehicle. The three were booked on suspicion of being ex-convicts in possession of firearms.

Oakland Police Sgt. Mike Sitterud said Friday that there is “no indication at all” that White and Jackson, who were arraigned Friday on the gun-possession charges, were involved in Newton’s death.

Police said Robinson, an Oakland resident, admitted the killing prior to his scheduled arraignment Friday on the weapons charge, and the arraignment was postponed until Tuesday. As a result of his statement that he killed Newton, Robinson was rebooked Friday night on suspicion of murder.

Newton, 47, a leading and controversial figure in the Black Power movement of the 1960s, was shot in the head and left to die on an Oakland street corner near where he and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party in 1966.

Alley Valkyrie; ” I will also say that going downtown would be a mistake, as EPD is quite aware of who and what you are, and they have nine uniformed officers downtown. But then again, you said you were going to City Council and you didn’t have the balls to do that, and…See More

Alley Valkyrie: And if you do go downtown, you will have to deal with me personally, by the way.”

The Black Guerilla Family (BGF, also known as the Black Family,[4] the Black Vanguard,[5] and Jamaa[4]) is an African-American prison and street gang founded in 1966 by George Jackson, George “Big Jake” Lewis, and W. L. Nolen while they were incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, California.

Philosophy and goals[edit]

Inspired by Marcus Garvey, the Black Guerilla Family (BGF) characterizes itself as an ideological African-American Marxist–Leninist[6] revolutionary organization composed of prisoners. It was founded with the stated goals of promoting black power, maintaining dignity in prison, and overthrowing the United States government. The BGF’s ideological and economic aims, collectively known “Jamaanomics”, are laid out in the group’s Black Book.[7][4]


The Black Guerrilla Family was founded by George Jackson in San Quentin State Prison during the Black Power movement. The group is one of the most recognizable organized crime forces in the United States.

Fay Stender attempted murder[edit]

In 1979, former BGF lawyer Fay Stender was shot five times by recently paroled Black Guerilla Family member Edward Glenn Brooks for Stender’s alleged betrayal of George Jackson. Brooks forced Stender to state: “I, Fay Stender, admit I betrayed George Jackson and the prison movement when they needed me most” just before he shot her.[8] Stender was left paralyzed below the waist by the assault and in constant pain. She committed suicide in Hong Kong shortly after she testified against Brooks.[9]

Huey P. Newton murder[edit]

On August 22, 1989, co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party for Self DefenseHuey P. Newton was fatally shot outside 1456 9th St. in West Oakland by 25-year-old Black Guerilla Family member Tyrone Robinson.[10] Relations between Newton and factions within the Black Guerilla Family had been strained for nearly two decades. Many former Black Panthers who became BGF members in jail were disenchanted with Newton for his perceived abandonment of imprisoned Black Panther Party members and allegations of Newton’s fratricide within the party. In his book, Shadow of the Panther, Hugh Pearson alleges that Newton was addicted to crack cocaine, and his extortion of local BGF drug dealers to obtain free drugs added to their animosity.[11]

Robinson was convicted of the murder in August 1991 and sentenced to 32 years for the crime.[12]

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