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Christine Wandel and Stefan Eins betrayed our friendship – for an old house! All they wanted from me was money to fix their house. They wanted money from a biography – while I am in a real battle with the Christian-right that is backed by Barr and his Storm Troopers. My Wieneke kin had to flee Germany due to cultural warfare. This puts me at the very top of the Anti-Barr movement that I will pursue – even if Trump is voted out!

I demand all members of the radical Opus Dai and evangelical traitors – GET OUT of my families Republican Party – NOW!

Norms of evenhandedness, professionalism and especially political disinterest, which traditionally check U.S. attorneys general, do not moderate his conduct. He championed every partisan act his DOJ has taken on the president’s behalf, blandly claiming they reflected the faithful application of the rule of law.

For example, when he defended the highly unusual deployment of federal agents in Portland, Ore., Barr described a “Batman”-like dystopia in which a few U.S. marshals were beset night after night by a marauding horde of uncontrollable professional anarchists. If that were accurate, it would be hard to quibble with sending in the feds.

But the justification dries up immediately if the protests were, as a lot of the reporting on the ground indicates, largely peaceful, and if local law enforcement were capable of defending the Portland federal courthouse and separating lawbreakers from peaceful protestors. (The announcement Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security’s mystery troops were withdrawing suggests the argument for the invasion was tenuous all along.)

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Karel Schwarzenberg’s family struggled against the Nazi and them the Communists. I now believe my brother, Mark Presco, worked behind the scenes to take over the creative legacy of our sister, Christine Rosamond Benton. I believe Mark conspired with Vicki Presco, and Stacey Pierrot to keep Vic Presco from getting his share of prints that he left to his wife, Consuela Redon. Vicki, as our father’s Trustee, did not deliver prints as instructed. Where are these prints. I will contact Interpol. Mark is a neo-Nazi and may be alive. He is in hiding – if he is not dead!

John Presco



I have contacted INTERPOL and UNESCO about the Habsburg Pianting at the Schnitzer. I will be sending this blog to Jill Hartz, the Executive Director. I sent an e-mail to Cheyrl Hartup, and got no response…

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