The Moravian Native Converts

I asked Stefan Eins to contact the Austrian Embassy about the return of The Last Audience of the Habsburgs. He said he tried to make contact, but failed. I became suspicious as this painting was key to my autobiography. The Habsburgs were protectors of the Catholic Faith. The Mayor of Oakland is under attack by Barr and Trump. All the games are over.

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The Misssions:

The Moravian missions to the American Indians began in 1740. In New York, Moravian missionaries, inspired by the success of the Presbyterian mission at Stockbridge, established missions among the Mohegan at the village of Shemomeko.

The Moravian mission was financially supported by the English Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. The Moravian focus on religion from the heart and their Love Feast were compatible with Native American spiritual traditions. Unlike other Protestant missionaries, the Moravians lived and dressed like the Indians and it was not uncommon for European visitors to mistake the Moravians for Indians.

“Among the very first settlers of Lynn township was John Heil, Sr., who was the owner of a tract of land on the south side of Kistler’s Valley. The tract is now owned by the heirs of David J. Kistler, deceased. John Heil, Sr., sold his land to…

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