Enlightened Transcendent Sex

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halos3Twenty five years ago I read an article on the net about an early Christian group that practiced transcendent sex. A couple was examined and selected to sleep with one another, naked, in a bed, in their little cell. They could not have sexual intercourse, and I do not recall if touching was allowed. They could hold each other in a loving embrace as long as their genetialia did not touch. In a little while they had transcended their base desires, and began to astral travel with their partner. They began to glow. Halos of gold light appear around their head.

When you look at the early paintings of the first church, everyone has a god halo. After Paul persecuted the first church, these halo disappear. I have long wondered why. Then, is occurred to me this is how Paul recognized the men and woman he rounded up, put in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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