Black Dog – Remove Leah and Fix Scientology

Portland has outlawed Trump’s Federal Good Squad who were oppressing Alley Valkyries kind of people – who oppressed me after I told them I get to practice Freedom of the Press! The Uglyites joined in on the harassment of me and elected officials. My families artistic and literary legacy was destroyed by a sixteen year old daughter who owned special permission to be a BIG STAR given to her by her Mommy. Thus, she could be nasty and mean to her father, who might want to stop her from being a BIG SUCCESS. Two bios of Rosamond say that I and my Mommy, did not want my sister to be FAMOUS. Sydney Morris went along with the bullshit and helped destroy Christine’s estate. Then there is Rena. Women conspired to destroy my life. This is a fact. Trump helped these women as did my racist brother. Now add the coronavirus. I am considering shutting my newspaper down, because, there is nothing redeeming about our species.

My prophetic story ‘Black Dog’ is foretelling the coming of The Black Death, and the end of human culture.


Rosamond Press

Black Dog


John Presco

Copyright 2019

“Hello! My name is Black Dog. I have been de-balled and captured by a Black Witch. I made the mistake of responding to the news I was the father of a sixteen year old girl. I went and saw her in Sonoma. She went and got her guitar, and auditioned for me. I wanted to leave – get out – because I realized her mother was a Stage Mother. But, I wanted to see what would happen next.

Episode Two

The Leah Intervention

After I sent Leah home on the train I got to be alone with my daughter for two days. I didn’t know her family was holding a emergency meeting. When I escorted Heather home on the train, her half-brother approached me and asked  me to help seperate Leah and Heather – for good!

“I don’t know about this. You see…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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