Am I Stackpole’s Historian?

I began another Detective Mystery in order to look into the death of my late sister. Michael Harkins went with me to Christine’s funeral. Smoky and Sparky are Private Investigators. With the arrival of the married couple Erskine and Margaret Caldwell a.k.a Margaret Bourke-White, art and literature – as well as dead authors – are on my side, and are convicting those who destroyed the Rosamond estate.

Rosamond Press

Before the death of my late friend, Michael Harkins, I asked him if anyone was taking care of the Stackpole family legacy. He said Peter’s daughter was on it. I am not sure if she is doing enough. I am going to include a chapter in my book.

If I find time I am going to do a painting of Ralph, Frieda, and Rivera from the photograph above. They are in a classic pose. Their raised legs create a religious theme often used by the masters. This pyramid pose is perfectly off-center which balances the differences in weight of the two men, and the leaning towards Rivera, that does not exclude Ralph. Someone knows their art. Who took this photo. This is pure San Francisco. This is a real revolution – with amazing results!

Wow! I just noticed Frieda was a friend of Ed Weston who photographed this famous woman…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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