People Die

I was invited to come back to the facebook group…’Gun Control Debate’. I am going to post on the death of Mirian Starfish Chrislting who takes a bullet aimed at her boss, and beloved.

Rosamond Press

Several months after I began ‘The Royal Janitor’…..I was shown the death of Miriam Starfish Christling. As an artist, poet, and writer I go by my visions. I was now dealing with writing a book knowing how it ends. I realized I was dealing with the death of my childhood friend. How do we die? We hope we can die with dignity, owning the very best values this world has to offer.

To read the concern about ticket sales for ‘No Time To Die’ while not but a few hundred miles away, old people were cut down by Death at the end of their lives gives real pause to wonder…..What is life all about!

I own a death experience. I went all the way. I was going to discuss this with my new therapist this morning, but, many things went wrong. Things line up in  bad way. Today did not…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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