Miriam’s Tree House

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2019

One can conclude the best thing about being in love, is contemplating – if you have fallen in love! As Victoria lie in her bed, frozen in a strange wave of eroticism, she was forced to consider if her subordinate had come onto her, made a very obvious pass at her.  She could not get the sight of her Calvin Klein panties out of her mind. Victoria felt her heat transmitted though he oak desk. This was so – forbidden! But, then came her words;

“You got it!”

Victoria felt her stomach muscle constrict. She had a powerful desire to touch herself. Then she violently threw that thought aside. In it’s pace was the idea she had been seduced by a human being. This was a major move in Victoria’s chessboard. A whole new world had collided with her singular world. Instant trade agreements were now on the horizon. The idea of intimately sharing ones existence with another, had never happened to Victoria. This possibility superseded all sexual desire – and sent Victoria soaring into the cosmos! Her heart was pounding. When she realized Miriam had come to this place before her, and was waiting for her – to arrive – was beyond compare. This waiting, this, longing is a great teacher, that imparts the finest ideas, ideals we will ever know. But, this realization is cloaked in our sexual being, that we are compelled to come to terms with.

Victoria studied Miriam’s face. She had resigned herself to her fate.

Oh my God………she loves me! She has fallen in love with me. Being around Barbazanya was the preamble to the world that awaited her, that had already arrived. Is this a case of – love at first sight? Did they fall in love with each other in the first seconds of their meeting? There is my cellphone. Call her…….in the lonely boiler room!

Victoria turned on her stomach, grabbed her pillow hard, and buried her head and breasts in it. She then let out this strange sound, and raised her hips ever so slightly. Everything is possible! It is all permitted!

Victoria arrived early for work. Sitting behind her desk she could not contain herself. Soon she will be seeing Miriam’s beautiful flat abdomen, with that incredible belly button. Then she heard the sharp approach of heals coming down the hall. When she saw Miriam, she gasped, then, felt sick to her stomach.

Miriam was wearing a black skirt and white blouse buttoned to the top. She had on white socks that highlighted he clunky black nurses shoes with a thick heal. Her hair was put in a tight bun. From the side Miriam looked at Victoria. Her eyes were puffy. She had been crying. She had not slept well.

Victoria felt a powerful tingling. What have I done? She wanted to go an embrace Miriam, and reassure her, tell her…….I know. But Miriam’s superior intuition had already discovered Victoria’s secret that was just sixteen hours old. Here was the other have of the events…..when worlds collide…….that are extremely complex.

Suppressing a sob, Victoria got up to pour herself a cup of coffee. She had to pass Miriam sitting at he desk. Coming back to her desk, her hand was shaking. she was spilling coffe on the white carpet. Then……….she fainted!

The next day the gardener told Nattitude that he found a trail of clothing leading to one of the cork oaks Prince Alpert had planted. Looking up, he saw Miriam working on her tree house. She couldn’t go back to the boiler room. She had outgrown it. She had outgrown everything. Here in her tree, she could nurse, she could caress, her love for Victoria. Miriam was love sick.

Victoria was grateful she had fainted. She had dressed all wrong. Now she had a chance to run to her room, as Miriam ran to her room, crying. She had spilled coffee on her Bohemian Gypsy dress that exposed her perfectly flat abdomen. She was wearing a Spanish halter top. Did she own a pair of castanets? Ripping her work uniform off the hanger, she pulled her tight skirt up. Did she own a pair of Calvin Klien shorts for women? Digging into her drawers, she came up empty. She did find the top half of her Betty Page erotica outfit. She loved the pointed bra look that hooked many a man in the fifties and early sixties. Now she was at her mirror putting on bright red lipstick. Should she wear her pearls? No. Button her blouse to the top button matched Miriams meassage, saying their Days of Whine and Roses, was over. The truth was, they had just begun!

Coming back into the common work area, Victoria caught Miriam’s eye, and wouldn’t let go. She bent down to pick up the earring she just dropped.

“Oh, here it is. I thought I lostit!”

Nattitude watched Miriam take it all in. The days of Tight Buns and Pointed Tits had begun. Victoria had her hair in a tight bun, and, was giving her co-worker a good look at her profile. Het tits were way out to – here! Miriam had to get a bra like that. Victoria couldn’t wait for the clock to strike five s she could buy a couple pair of Calvin Kleins. She just missed Mirriam coming out of the Betty Page shop.

The sexual tension in the office that morning – was fierce! It was an erotic fencing contest between two women. Nattitude called her husband just before lunch.

“I love you darling!”

“Is anything wrong? I can tell by your voice something is going down. Are you in any danger? Shall I come over?”

“Ahhh………no!……….Are you two breaking for lunch? (click)”

Her co-workers did not hear. There ears were inflamed, engorged with blood. Both were panting like bloodhounds. Who’s going to jump on whom? It was like ‘The Battle of Britain’. The sound of the Buzz-bomb made everyone tense. As long as your heard the buzzing, everyone was safe. Their pussies, were buzzing. Have they no shame?

Then, it happened. Miriam moved down the hall to the fax room, like a great cat. Victoria took in every muscle of her glutamus maximus. Putting her hand on the doorknob, Miriam Wild Woman turned her head slowly, sand gave her boss…..The Look!

Victoria would like to think she got around her desk in a graceful manner, but, Nattitude describes it to her husband, like this;

“Have you seen videos of The Running of the Bulls? You see this dude come barreling around the corner because a bull is right on his ass. Then, when your think he’s going to get gored, the bull slips on the cobblestone! Victoria was like that bull. She knocked a bunch of shit off her desk, and tipped over the printer table. She didn’t every notice! Hardy! Har! Har!”

Natitude’s husband did not laugh, because he had heard too much office talked about Miriam, that was supposed to stay in the office. He had two nightmares about her.

What she had given Victoria was The Look of Complete Receptiveness that had repopulated the planet – many times over! One of the two have to give this look, or, we would not exist as a species. Victoria thought she would be the receptive one, due to Miriam fierce aggressiveness. The realization that she would tame the tiger, get her to raise her tail for her, was like scoring a knock-out with a upper cut. Ms. Bond had a raging boner for her beloved bodyguard.

When Victoria put her hand the knob, it was hot to the touch. Throwing the door open quickly, she shit it even more quickly. She had crossed the threshold. The fax room was filled with flames. From Miriam’s solar plexus shot these waves of blue flames that came to caress Victoria, and pull her close.  Then there were these green eyes that looked at Victoria like a panther in the forest.

Panting, not able to catch her breath, Victoria let go with the agreement she had been rehearsing for four days.

“I’ll show you my Calvin Klein’s, if you show me yours?”

“We are victims of a very successful Branding campaign.” said Victoria. “Now, turn around!”

When Nattitude came to work the next day, she opened the front door, tentavly. Things were in disarray, out of place.

They done slicked up my work space!” Nattitude said with a tisk. “They done played nasty in tere!”

Victoria did not say good morning to Nattitude, because she only had eyes for Miriam, who was in the little girl’s room. Victoria had ordered a huge bouquet of flowers. Next to the vase was an envelope containing the poem she whipped out for………her lover. Instead of the sexual tension, subsiding, it was now a British Air-raid Siren that you could feel for miles,

To be continued.

Miriam’s Glance

Miriam’s Glance


Jon Presco


More exciting then the sight
Of my dapple mare
running wild
in the spring grassy rain
near the crags of Londonderry
was the sight of my Miram
looking sideways at me

Like the warmth rising
from within my woolen coat
soaked through in a sudden
are my feelings rising
for this Irish Lass
Who through the veil
of other lifetimes
ignored the patient attention
of her handsome suitors

Lining up to behold her
they showed me their profiles
like greyhounds
sensing someone outside
the hunt;
had caught her fancy
Their young lust made more noble
In the presence of her perfection

Miriam’s animation
had cast a spell over our town
This shiny bright being
conducted this most ancient play
with eyes that danced and sparkled
Like beams of light
caught on a breaking wave
Or gems captured
in a brook that trickle
out of a dark shaded wood

There was a silver sheen
under her wide-set eyes
Her long lashes
were like banners
Sending errant knights
on foreign crusades
For there could only be
one champion of her heart

Sensing my eyes
were upon her,
More then weighing her beauty
but her young womanly soul
She bid her long tapered arms
to dance
As playful as swans
who mate for life
She teased us all
with her promise
that one day
one of us would have her

But until that vow
little girls admired
the fine curls in her
dark brown hair
that framed
her joyful smile
that flirted with everything
that beat blood through
an Irish heart.

She was our drummer
our flute
and the setting sun that
Chose to break thru
The heavy ceiling
of our darkest clouds
no gray pall
Nor sorrow
ever cast a shadow
on our Miram

Some claim she
gave them a wondrous wink
But when she
turned that day
to look fully at me
There was no smile on her lips
no movement of her arms
that had fallen to her side
to allow me to see
I was the one
And never again would
my Lovely Miriam
look sideways at me

Here is my star’s father. You can see Lara Roozemond when she was a child.

Two years ago I decided to make the heroines of my Bond book, gay curious. I did this because Putin was viciously attacking gay people in Russia, and the Democratic Party who is tolerant of all peoples who do not fit the Christian-conservative Brand. Many evangelical back Putin because of his hard line against homosexuality – even though he is pro-abortion. I have proven Liz Taylor is my kindred. Her and Aileen Getty are HIV advocates. Liz was the muse for Andy Warhol. My famous sister wanted me to be famous, an offered to teach me her style. She was being ruthlessly questioned about why she painted beautiful women. Gay women kept asking her if she was gay.

If you google Ian Fleming you will get two article on Naughty and Erotic Jamaica. Here famous authors, actors, and producers came to get away from the Puritanical Righteous Ones who love to judge others by their sexual preference and appetite. Liz did not know we descend from the famous Puritan, John Wilson – who would die of shock if her saw a woman like the one below.

Millions of Christians are gleefully empowered by a man who grabbed women’s privates against their will. Jesus did not damn anyone for their sexual being. He did condemn the hypocrites because they dirty everything. Life is hard. Life and be a Joy. The result of our sexual joy is life in the case of heterosexuals – who are allowed to serve their county. I wanted to see what that looks like from perspective of LGBT people. The persecution of these Americans – is the greatest threat to our Democracy!

Of course I have weighed the idea that I might not make any money, my not get published, nor see a movie based on my book. Richard Burton is in my family with the other actors Liz bonded with who helped change the world.

I am not trying to be a champion of he LGBT community or reveal anything remarkable about my sexual preferences and history. I admire the members of ‘Pussy Riot’ because they refuse to marginalized in nation who hunts those oppose them – wherever they may be – an kills unarmed people. A agent was recently brought home in fear the actions of POTUS would put his life in danger.

Does our President see himself as James Bond who had a knack for finding and bedding very sexually experienced women with no hang-ups, such is the image our First Lady – the ex-model – that is broadcast to the world?  Has she had a Lesbian affair? Heterosexual men are turned on by women making love to one another. Melania is one of my models for Miriam Starfish Christling. Why not find the First Lady living naked in a great oak outside the White House that is the Trump Never Never Land. Liz encouraged Michael Jackson to take up art. He grew up in a fantasy world and did not have a clue about his sexual being. In many respects he was like Tarzan.

History will ask why Trump did run for President, know very well the deviant baggage that he – and his wives carried! Donald fits the description that Burton applied to Fleming. Going around chasing people down ad shooting them, is, boring! We live in the Salome Age, where beautiful women dance for the heads of prophets – on a platter! She was the Mean Teen of Bible. She always got her way. Damn the consequences! How many naked dances did she do, for how many prophets? Was Salome bi-sexual? How about Melania?

John Presco

Richard Burton on Ian Fleming’s ‘You Only Live Twice’

“Once considered for the role of James Bond, he was a voracious reader and one wonders what he thought of Ian Fleming. The closest we might get is a short diary entry published in ‘Richard Burton: A Life’ (p. 292).

On March 28th 1969, Burton writes:

“I went to bed at 9 and read a book of Ian Fleming’s called You Only Live Twice. A clever schoolboy mind and atrociously vulgar.

“Yet you cannot help liking Fleming. He is so obviously enjoying the creation of his extroverted, Hemingway-esque, sadistic, sexually-maniacal boy-scout that in the end he becomes likable.”







There once was an island where movie stars and royalty came to play. It was a place where Elizabeth Taylor holidayed with Noël Coward. Where the Duke of Edinburgh swam in the same turquoise waters as Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe frolicked in the surf with Arthur Miller. Where Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier sunbathed in the nude and Ian Fleming wrote, and Lucian Freud and Sir Winston Churchill painted (but with very different results). And where everyone partied, especially Errol Flynn, with anyone he could find but particularly with the very pretty and the very young. It was Mustique before we had Mustique, St Barth’s before the oligarchs bustled in. It was Kenya’s Happy Valley, but with rum instead of gin. It was Jamaica.


My Kindred – Liz Taylor and Ian Fleming

I am almost positive Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my kin, and thus, I am in Ian Fleming’s family tree.

Yesterday I realized my newspaper Royal Rosamond Press, can become – BIG – if I promoted it. However, I love writing, and am too occupied. What I long needed, was credibility. Lara Roozemond (and her people) may be suspicious because there is no money-business thing. It appears I have no money – which I don’t! We are seeing how beautiful women get in trouble when they are lured into it by men with fame and money. My motive was to make Lara famous as the first Female Bond, and take this abuse, on.

The solution I came up with yesterday, was to form ‘Royal Rosamond Fashions’ and sell both my newspaper and magazine to  trustworthy publisher. I need – a team on my side! My sister offered to teach me her style, and I turned her down because she was SO commercial. Christine Rosamond Presco-Benton, loved to sew and made her own clothing. So did my mother, Rosemary Rosamond. My grandmother, Mary Magdalene ‘Rose of the World’, made hats to help support her four beautiful daughters. My grandfather was not making money at his craft. As part of the Fashion Image, I would like to do images of models and celebrities in the Rosamond style. I was going to make this offer to Lara Roozemont. She inspires me!

Also, I have been thinking about creating ‘Redneck Boho’. The Red States are becoming more liberal, and, the neo-Confederate look is out.

I want to promote Liz Taylor’s companies and legacies for the sake of our Rosy Tree. Fleming hand-picked Richard Burton to play Bond, but, was turned down. Burton is also in my Rosy Family Tree. If he had been the genius some claim he was (he is dead) then, he would have looked at Liz, and cried;

“There goes my Bond! She’s a woman!”

If I make my Bond a male again, then, why not make HIM the Hidden Child of Burton and Liz. I got ten Bond books – at least! Sitting outside the Emerald Art Association, I told my friend Sandy the old widows of the Wood Workers of the World threw me out of their art colony, when I suggested they enter the Wood Ant Queen in the Eugene Celebration. I told them Liz was my second cousin.

To discover Liz was born in Augustus John’s house, with twenty paintings on his wall, says it all. Her father was sent home to America to be John’s agent in America. Her uncle Howard was a purchaser of fine art for the American rich. He played poker with his good friend, General Eisenhower, Commander of all Allied forces. Though it appears Monica Delacroix is Bond’s mother, I see this as a code denoting Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and ‘The Rose Croix’ of the world, and, THEY made their move when Hitler put a price on the head of Empress Zita von Habsburg, whose son co-founded Pan-Europa!

What I am suggesting, is, when Liz and her entourage came under the Arch de Triumph in faux Hollywood Rome, the Jewish Directors threw Hitler a GIANT finger. He went insane, some more! From atop his penthouse in the Village, Hitler watched the career of a ambitious man, whose grandfather was born in Paris. Why Paris?


All my communication with Lara Roozemond, is copyrighted. I don’t trust that Dutch wench! She’s got Clever Blood in her veins!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press & Fashions

Copyright 2018

P.S. I just sent Bond Publication this e-mail. This is bigger than Planet X. Almost everyone wants to see Hitler brought to Justice, or, his grandson!

My name is Jon Presco a.k.a John Ambrose. Liz Taylor is my kin. Via her son’s marriage into the Getty family, we are related to Ian Fleming. Liz was born in the home owned by Augustus John. My Bond book is titled ‘The Royal Janitor’. I would like to know the rules for this, and, be on your good side,
Jon Pesco
President: Royal Rosamond Press
Start here, and begin your journey.

Richard BurtonThe good looking actor who was known for his Shakespearean roles as well as his tumultuous relationship/marriages to Elizabeth Taylor reportedly turned down the first 007 role. Author Ian Fleming specifically wanted Burton when a movie adaptation was suggested in the late ’50s, but the Welsh actor thought it was too big a risk and had demanded a fat paycheck as well.



My Kinship With Liz, The Gettys, Ian Fleming

I am now going to concentrate on promoting myself in a professional manner. I taught my famous sister how to paint. She married into the famous Benton family of artists. I am kin to Augustus John.

John Presco


Marriage: Abt. 1895

3.i.FRANCES LYNN13 TAYLOR, b. 28 Dec 1897, Springfield, Sangamon
County, Illinois; d. 20 Nov 1968, Los Angeles County, California.


An appreciation of art ran in Taylor’s family: her father, Francis, and great-uncle Howard Young were dealers. Born in London, Francis moved to Hollywood during the second world war and set set up his own gallery in the Beverley Hills Hotel, where it attracted film star clients including Hedda Hopper and Greta Garbo.

Francis Taylor exclusively represented the Welsh painter Augustus John in America, a relationship that had developed when the Taylor family moved into John’s former house in Hampstead, where Elizabeth was born in 1932. The Christie’s sale includes 21 works by John, including Portrait of Poppet in Black Hat, which Elizabeth inherited from her father and, says Bertazzoni, “cherished all her life”.

My Kindred – Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor


Christine 1976 Reading

Christine 1980 with Paintings

According to Jimmy Rosamond, the late actress, Elizabeth Rosemond Tyalor, is my kin. Dame Elizabeth is in the Peerage. Over ten years ago Elizabeth put a short biography, along with the top photo, on the Rosamond geneaology website. Then it was gone. She may now be kin to the Stewarts, and her children may want to take the DNA test so we may gather our roses, bring them into the Rose of the World Garden.

Everyone said Rosemary and Christine looked like and also had amazing eyes. If you believe the tabloids, Liz had a racy sex life like Rosemary did, whose portrait is seen above, she holding an empty wine glass – with exposed nipple! A Mafia Moll?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011






I am looking for descendants of Philip Rosemond and Moses Morton Rosemond
who lived in Guernsey County, OH in the mid-1800s. This family descended
from a James Rosemond who lived in County Leitrim, Ireland in the early
1700s. Other members of this same family settled in Lanark, Ontario, Canada.
The southern Rosamond family is also said to be descended from this same
family, as are the Rosamond families in Australia and New Zealand. I am
trying to tie all the branches of the family together. The information on
the family in Guernsey County, OH is shown below. I’d appreciate hearing
from anyone who has any information regarding this family.

The reference for the earlier generations of this family is the booklet “The
History of the Rosemond Family” by Leland Eugene Rosemond, 1939.



My newspaper is a Bohemian, Counter-culture archive that anticipated the coming of Trump, who just delivered ‘The Sermon Atop The Tower’. I do not have much time left on this planet. I need to finish and publish my conclusion that Jesus was a white man who ministered to Celtic slaves. This will set Christianity on it ear. There are several good ideas for movies, and books. I will write a weekly blog, if so desired.

I am asking $3,000,000 million dollars.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.


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Mary Morton Rosemond of Iowa

When I read the following this morning, the book, and movie ‘Gone With The Wind’ came to mind.

“The couple had nine children; eight girls and but one son — Martin — who served with Lucas County boys in Company C of the 13th Iowa Infantry and died in service in 1862. When James Roseman died in 1887, there was nobody by the name of Roseman left in the county.”

Thanks to my kin, Charles M. Wright, I was able to find the Western branch of the Rosemond-Rosemond-Rosemond family that descends from James Roseman, Phillip Rosemond, and Moses Morton Rosemond. Add to this branch my grandfather Frank W. Rosamond, and his four daughters, June, Bertha, Rosemary, and Lillian, and the Western Rosamond family, is complete.

I have chosen Mary Morton Rosemond t ground all the Rosy families, because she is a trained Librarian and State Archivist. If she were alive, she would be doing what I and Jimmy Rosamond have been doing for many years. The Rosemond family is mentioned in several history books, none more tragic then the Record of Iowa Soldiers. Why did they let Martin join The War of the Rebellions? He was surrounded by eight beautiful sisters who loved him dearly. He got wound, and was discharged. He came home and died shortly of his wound. What a heartbreak to say goodbye. He was handsome, and, perhaps too effeminate? Did he, and others believe he would come home……….a man. A Rose Man?

There are some profound parallels between the history of The Gone With The Wind, and the Roseman family who were pioneers. They Came from Ireland, and went West. Their name is gone, but their DNA is all over Iowa, including the bloodline to the Wieneke of Iowa. Frank Weseley Rosamond married Mary Magdalene Wieneke, and thus another Mary M. Rosamond. What is in a name? Did Mary Rosemond ever dream one of her kin would become one of the most famous Movie Stars of all time? Then there is my sister’s famous works of art, she know all over the world for her images of beautiful women. Christine Rosamond Benton used her middle name to sign her work, thus giving this name new life. I suspect Mary Morton gathered all her Roses around her, and this monument, with, just the name.

I am kin to Richard Burton who Ian Fleming wanted to play the first James Bond. Liz Taylor is kin to Fleming via Aeilene Getty. The Getty family have founded famous libraries, archives, and museums.

Jon Presco








At the residence of his mother, Mrs. M. J. Johnson, 512 East Capitol Avenue, Sunday morning, Jan. 22, 1900, at 8:45 o’clock, of lung trouble, Frank W. Rosemond, aged 25 years, 6 months, and 7 days. Mr. Rosemond had been in failing health for a year, and for the past three weeks had been confined to his bed. He was born in Ohio, had resided in Springfield for fifteen years, and formed the acquaintance of a large circle of friends by whom he was held in high esteem. He is survived by his mother and three sisters, Mrs. T. M. Taylor, of Centerville, Ia.; Mrs. L. A. Duckworth of St. Louis, and Miss Mabel Rosemond of Springfield. The funeral will take place from the residence Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. The services will be conducted by the Rev. J. E. Lynn, pastor of the Christian church, and the remains will be interred in Oak Ridge cemetery. Publ. in Illinois State Register, Springfield, IL, 1-29-1900

Charles M. Wright said…

I was curious when I read that Elizabeth Taylor was born in England but both of her parents were born in the United States so I Googled the actresses’ name. When I then read that her paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Mary Rosemond, my interest was piqued. My Great-Grandmother’s maiden name was Rosemond. (Many, but not all of the family changed the spelling to Roseman after they came to America from Ireland. Hereafter I will use the spelling Roseman for James and his family.)

It didn’t take long, using my genealogy, Ancestry.com and other sources to discover that my Great-Great-Grandfather James Roseman (1800-1887) who lies buried in the Bethel Cemetery in Cedar Township, was an older brother of Elizabeth Taylor’s Great-Great-Grandfather Philip Rosemond (1804-1850). Elizabeth Taylor was my 4th cousin!

James Roseman, his wife Anne and two young daughters left County Leitrim, Ireland in 1831 and sailed to America following others of the Rosemond clan who had earlier been “warned out” because of their Huguenot ancestry. They first settled among Rosemond kin in Guernsey County, Ohio where my Great-Grandmother Mary Ann Roseman Wright was born in 1832. The family moved to Iowa in 1850 and appear in the 1856 Iowa census of Muscatine County. James purchased land in Cedar Township, Lucas County in March, 1857 and settled his family near daughter Mary Ann Roseman Wright whose husband David S. Wright had come to the county and purchased 80 acres of land n Cedar and Pleasant Townships in 1856. Anne, the wife of James Roseman, died in 1859 and was among the earliest burials in the Bethel Cemetery. The couple had nine children; eight girls and but one son — Martin — who served with Lucas County boys in Company C of the 13th Iowa Infantry and died in service in 1862. When James Roseman died in 1887, there was nobody by the name of Roseman left in the county.

You can see photos of James Roseman, his son Martin Roseman, daughter Mary Ann Roseman Wright, and son-in-law Stephen Julian among the memorials posted in the Bethel Cemetery on Findagrave.com.


Portrait and Biographical History of Guernsey County, Ohio
Published:  Chicago: C. O. Owen & Co.,



THE ROSAMOND FAMILY, whose history forms so large a part of that of the vicinity of Fairview, is a German origin.  The first ancestor who can be identified came from Hamburg, Germany, and, having been a Drill-Sergeant in the army, was carried to the British Isles by King William the Third.  His wife accompanied him upon the passage, and it is related that at the conclusion of one of the battles of that time this woman was seen turning over upon the field the bodies of the slain, looking for her husband; but he, having escaped death, saw her and hailed her, whereupon at the sound of his voice she exclaimed, “If that be you, I will turn over no more;” and the result was that she was permitted to remain with him throughout the campaign.
The Rosamond family in Ireland centered about the villages of Drumshanbo and Ballinamore, in County Leitrim, and the men were farmers and linen-weavers.  At the conclusion of the battles waged by King William, his officer of this name was offered a township of land in this vicinity, to be held forever without rent, but he refused it; and the reply made to him, that his children would curse him for the refusal, has come down with the traditions of the family.
In 1796 Philip Rosamond emigrated to America, spending some time in Philadelphia, Pa., and first settling near St. Clairsville, but removing to a farm just west of Fairview, at what was, and sometimes still is, called Fletcher, where he kept the first state office and office on the Zane Trail, between Wheeling and Zanesville.  The town of Fairview was not then laid out.  A few years later he was joined by his brother Martin, and in 1841 their brother William (father of Edward Rosamond, of Cumberland) followed, but contracted on the voyage an illness, which soon ended fatally.  The wife of Philip was Mary Bennett.  To them were born ten children: Nancy, James, Mary, Martin, Fanny, Eliza, Jane, Edward, Margaret and William, none of whom are living.  James, born March 17, 1788, was a merchant, with stores at Fairview, New Birmingham (Milnersville) and New Comerstown.  At Birmingham he was associated with John Orme, now of Cambridge, and at New Comerstown with James Dent.  Of his children, Margaret married William C. Browne, then a merchant at Fairview, later of Cadiz, and now a banker at New Philadelphia; Sarah A., or “Tal,” married Harrison R. Pumphrey, of Croton, Licking County; Mary married Edward McMackin; and James Henry married Amanda M. Campbell; but all are now dead except Suc T., who lives unmarried, at Croton, Ohio.  Hattie, daughter of Margaret, married William H. Hunter, one of the proprietors of the Steubenville Gazette, and lives in that city.  Of Mary‘s children, William alone survives, at Cincinnati.  Fred L. Rosemond, only child of James Henry, is a practicing attorney at Cambridge.
Tracing the descendants of others of Philip‘s children, we find that the following children of Fanny, Mrs. Thompson, survive:  William and Florence, of the city of Columbus; of Jane, who married Rev. Thomas J. Taylor, a preacher of note, Frances, wife of John W. Umstot, of Senecaville, and Martha, Mrs. Talbot, of Albuquerque, N. M.  Fannie‘s grandchildren are: Ada, May and Frank R. Smith; Mrs. Thomas G. Kerr, of Cambridge; and William Smith, of Mt. Gilead, children of Ebenezer and Eliza Smith.  The children of Edward (Canada Ed) are Dr. W. B. Rosamond, of Milnersville; Mrs. Mary Craig, widow of John Craig, of Washington; Mrs. Fannie Shipley, widow of Samuel Shipley, of Fairview; James R. Rosamond, of Hendrysburgh; and Margaret, wife of Thomas Blaser, of Oxford Township.
Another brother of the first Philip who came to Guernsey County was Edward, who married Sarah Dowler.  Both died in Cambridge and are buried in the old cemetery there.  Of their six children, one was Nancy, who married Jesse Barkis and afterward Thomas Ruckle, and one of whose children by the former marriage is Mrs. Julia Davis, relict of James Davis, of Cambridge; another was James, father of Mrs. Melissa Romans, of Quaker City; and another was the Edward known as “Morristown Ed.”
While the spelling of the family name among these persons varies from Rosamond through Rosemond to Roseman, it is believed from the forms of the name found in the European languages that Rosemond most nearly conforms to the original.
SOURCE #2 – Portrait and Biographical History of Guernsey County, Ohio – Published:  Chicago: C. O. Owen & Co., 1895
– Page 314




When most people think of Gone With The Wind, they do not normally associate Elizabeth Taylor with the film. However, she was considered for the role of Bonnie Blue Butler – Rhett and Scarlett’s daughter . Friends, even a talent scout, tried to coax Sara (Elizabeth’s mother) into letting young Elizabeth audition for the role. However Sara refused, and the role went to Cammie King.

Elizabeth’s middle name, Rosemond, comes from her paternal grandmother Elizabeth Mary Rosemond.

Famed gossip columnist Hedda Hopper suggested 8-year-old Elizabeth for the role of Bonnie Blue Butler, daughter of Scarlett and Rhett, in Gone With the Wind (1939), but Elizabeth’s father discouraged it.

Elizabeth made her first film appearance at age 10 in Universal’s There’s One Born Every Minute (1942) in which she sings a duet with Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer from the Our Gang series.

For her second film, Lassie Come Home (1943), Elizabeth was paid $100 a week. The dog who played Lassie, however, was paid more than twice that: $250 a week.


O’Hara is the oldest living child of Gerald and Ellen O’Hara. She was born in 1844 or 1845 on her family’s plantation Tara in Georgia. She was named Katie Scarlett, after her father’s mother, but is always called Scarlett, except by her father, who refers to her as “Katie Scarlett.”[3] She is from a Catholic family of Irish and French ancestry, and a descendant of an aristocratic Savannah family on her mother’s side (the Robillards). O’Hara has black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She is famous for her fashionably small waist.[4] Scarlett has two younger sisters, Susan Elinor (“Suellen”) O’Hara and Caroline Irene (“Carreen”) O’Hara, and three little brothers who died in infancy. Her baby brothers are buried in the family burying ground at Tara, and each was named Gerald O’Hara, Jr.

The author tentatively titled the novel Tomorrow is Another Day, from its last line.[9] Other proposed titles included Bugles Sang True, Not in Our Stars, and Tote the Weary Load.[6] The title Mitchell finally chose is from the first line of the third stanza of the poem “Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae sub Regno Cynarae” by Ernest Dowson:

I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind,
Flung roses, roses riotously with the throng,
Dancing, to put thy pale, lost lilies out of mind…[10]

Scarlett O’Hara uses the title phrase when she wonders to herself if her home on a plantation called “Tara” is still standing, or if it had “gone with the wind which had swept through Georgia.”[11] In a general sense, the title is a metaphor for the demise of a way of life in the South prior to the Civil War. When taken in the context of Dowson’s poem about “Cynara,” the phrase “gone with the wind” alludes to erotic loss.[12] The poem expresses the regrets of someone who has lost his passionate feelings for his “old passion,” Cynara.[13] Dowson’s Cynara, a name that comes from the Greek word for artichoke, represents a lost love.[14]

They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.

Last night, ah, yesternight, betwixt her lips and mine
There fell thy shadow,
Cynara! thy breath was shed
Upon my soul between the kisses and the wine;

And I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, I was desolate and bowed my head:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion.

All night upon mine heart I felt her warm heart beat,
Night-long within mine arms in love and sleep she lay;

Surely the kisses of her bought red mouth were sweet;
But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
When I awoke and found the dawn was gray:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion

I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind,
Flung roses, roses riotously with the throng,
Dancing, to put thy pale, lost lilies out of mind;

But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, all the time, because the dance was long:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion

I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,
But when the feast is finished and the lamps expire,
Then falls thy shadow, Cynara! the night is thine;

And I am desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, hungry for the lips of my desire:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion




Mable Rosemond MP

Gender: Female
Birth: estimated between 1852 and 1906
Immediate Family: Daughter of Moses Morton Rosemond and Martha E Likes
Wife of Howard Young
Sister of Elizabeth Mary Taylor; Frank Rosemond; Jessie Rosemond and W F Rosemond
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Moses Morton Rosemond




Guernsey County, Ohio

Immediate Family:

Son of Philip Rosemond and Mary Morton
Husband of Martha E Likes
Father of Elizabeth Mary Taylor; Frank Rosemond; Jessie Rosemond; Mable Rosemond and W F Rosemond
Brother of Elizabeth Rosemond; William Edward Rosemond; John Rosemond and Mary Susan Rosemond

DNA Markers:


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Jimmy Dale Rosamond on March 21, 2009

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Jimmy Dale Rosamond


Philip Rosemond




circa 1804

Immediate Family:

Son of William Rosemond and Unknown Bennett
Husband of Mary Morton and Susan Giffee
Father of Elizabeth Rosemond; William Edward Rosemond; Moses Morton Rosemond; John Rosemond and Mary Susan Rosemond
Brother of Edward Rosemond; James Rosemond; Anne Rosemond; John Rosemond; Bennett Rosemond and 1 other

DNA Markers:


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Jimmy Dale Rosamond on March 21, 2009

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Jimmy Dale Rosamond


William Rosemond






August 08, 1841 (66)
Fairview, Guernsey County, Ohio

Immediate Family:

Son of James Rosemond and Nancy Cook
Husband of Unknown Bennett and Catherine Wallace
Father of Edward Rosemond; James Rosemond; Anne Rosemond; Philip Rosemond; John Rosemond and 2 others
Brother of Bennet Rosamond; James Rossman; Phillip Rosemond; Edward Rosemond; Thomas Rosemond and 9 others

DNA Markers:


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Jimmy Dale Rosamond on March 21, 2009

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James Rosemond




circa 1730


circa 1813 (75-91)

Immediate Family:

Son of Unknown Rosemond
Husband of Nancy Cook
Father of Bennet Rosamond; James Rossman; Phillip Rosemond; Edward Rosemond; William Rosemond and 10 others

DNA Markers:


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Jimmy Dale Rosamond on March 21, 2009

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Jimmy Dale Rosamond


Caroline Cornelia Bumgardner Rosemond




1930 (aged 84–85)


Oakwood Cemetery

Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa, USA

Memorial ID

80378066 · View Source

William E Rosemond


Jul 1840

Ohio, USA


15 Mar 1930 (aged 89)


Oakwood Cemetery

Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa, USA

Memorial ID

80378243 · View Source

Photo added by Mary

Charles Albert Rosemond


11 Sep 1869

Illinois, USA


18 Aug 1917 (aged 47)

Normal, McLean County, Illinois, USA


Oakwood Cemetery

Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa, USA

Memorial ID

80378106 · View Source


Mary Rosemond




1941 (aged 74–75)


Oakwood Cemetery

Independence, Buchanan County, Iowa, USA

Memorial ID

80378160 · View Source




Birth Name: Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor

Date of Birth: February 27, 1932

Place of Birth: Hendon, Middlesex, England, U.K.

Date of Death: March 23, 2011

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, with 1/8th Swiss-German, some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish and French, more distant Dutch, Welsh, and Danish
*convert to Judaism

Elizabeth Taylor was a British and American actress and humanitarian. She twice won the Academy Award for Best Actress, for BUtterfield 8 (1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966).

She was born in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, England, to American parents, Sara Sothern (born Sara Viola Warmbrodt), also an actress, and Francis Lenn Taylor, an art dealer.

Elizabeth had four children, two with her former husband, English actor Michael Wilding, one with her late husband, producer Mike Todd, and one with her former husband, Welsh actor Richard Burton, to whom she was married twice.

Much of Elizabeth’s ancestry was English, with colonial American roots dating back to the 1600s. One of her maternal great-grandfathers was a Swiss-German immigrant, and she also had Scots-Irish (Northern Irish) and French roots, with fairly distant Dutch, Welsh, and Danish, ancestry.

Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism in 1959, taking the Hebrew name Elisheba Rachel, and identified herself as a Jew for the rest of her life. She was buried with a Jewish service.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandfather was Francis Marion Taylor (the son of Peter/Pete Prevatt Taylor and Margaret Jane Perigo). Peter was the son of Lewis/Louis Taylor and Rachel Thompson Baker. Margaret was the daughter of Jonathan Perigo and Isabella McGill. The Perigo line is said to originate with a French immigrant of the late 1700s, Romey Perigo.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Mary Rosemond (the daughter of Moses Morton Rosemond and Martha Jane/E. Likes/Lokes). Moses was the son of Philip Rosemond, who was born in Ireland, and of Mary Morton.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandfather was Samuel Sylvester Warmbrodt (the son of Samuel Warmbrodt and Mollissa/Melissa Ann Flora). Elizabeth’s great-grandfather Samuel was born in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland, and was of Swiss-German descent, the son of Johannes/John or Hans Jacob Warmbrodt and Elisabeth/Elsbeth Graden.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother was Anna/Ann Elizabeth Wilson (the daughter of John A. Wilson and Sarah Glen/Glenn). Sarah was the daughter of Joseph Glen and Ann Moore.

The first Wieneke reunion was held at the home of Mary M. and Margaret Schmitz, Sunday, June 26, 1927, at Urbana. The former is a daughter of the late Margaret Wieneke Ernst, whose parents came to Iowa as pioneers and settled west of Cedar Rapids on the farm now owned by Henry Stark.

The crowd began to gather at 10:00 o’clock from all directions until there was over 200 present. A big basket dinner was served cafeteria style from a very long table in the yard at noon which was enjoyed by all. The afternoon was spent in a social time and a program consisting of letters read by Rev. John C. Wieneke of Cedar Falls from the following persons: Leon F. Lucas, Ontario, Cal., Mary M. Rosamond, Ventura, Cal., C. F. Wieneke, Ventura, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caldwell, Chino, Cal., and Mrs. Herman Wieneke and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wieneke from Adrian, Minn.; F. E. Augustine Jr., and Alfred Augustine, Chicago; Frances Rebasch(?) Vermillion, S. Dak.; Sister M. Perinet-Zwingle(?), Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schallau, Sutherland, Ia.; Mr. and Chas. Schallau, Grinnell. These letters were all very much enjoyed by the crowd and short talks were given by different ones. It was voted on and carried to have a reunion every year. Officers elected were John Stark, Sr., of Fairfax, P! res.; Mrs. Theo. Stark, Sec. And Treasurer. Committee appointed for the place were Henry Stark of Cedar Rapids, Ione(?) Wieneke, Marion, Fred Schrunk(?), Atkins. They met at once and decided ___ place for next year. Reunion to be held at Henry Stark, west of Cedar Rapids, the last Sunday in June. Before they began to leave for their homes ice cream, strawberriesand cake were served.

Those present were Joe Schmitz, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Schmitz and children Joseph and Irene; Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Miller and children, Alvena, Ida and Norma and Wasetta, from Vinton; Mr. and Mrs Matt Less, Mr and Mrs. Walter Less, and children Vernon, Bernice, Edward and Charles; Mrs Chas. Zabokotsky; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ernst and children, Leo and Mae; Eugene Miller and children, Evelyn, Lavon and Laverne, Walker, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown and children, Muriel, Chester, Mary Lois and Rebecca; Mr. and Mrs. John Stark, Sr., children Charles, Andrew and Katherine, Fairfax; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schminke, children Lillian and Irma, Mr. and Mrs. Will Schminke; Paul Hoerther, Atkins; Mr. and Mrs. Ewen Miller, Brandon; Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Schmitz; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kelly; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Canterell; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schallau, children Genevieve, Margaret, Daniel, Bernard and Conroy, Rozella Nolan, Chris and John Schallau, Van Horne; Mr. and Mrs. Matt Boddicker, children Kenneth, Davi! d, Deloras and Doris; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Light and children John and Cordelia; Mr. and Mrs. John Becker, and son Elmer; Mr. and Mrs Arlo Becker and baby Harold; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Becker, Watkins, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. George Michael and children Edmund, Leonard and Donald; Tillie Lammers, Walker; Katherine Hiess; Mrs. Nick McDonovan, Chicago, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wieneke, of Cascade; Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bitzel, Libertyville, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Augustine and children, Elmer, Bernard, Hazle, Esther, and Juanita; Ida Wieneke; Mildred Lammers; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lammers and children, William, Deloras, Arthur, Herbert, Germaine, James, and Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grobstick; Mr. Henry Toebber, Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Wieneke, children Charles and Helen, Dyersville, Ia.; Mrs. George Heming and Katherine Wieneke, Dubuque, Ia.; Rev. John C. Wieneke, Dubuque, Ia.; Mr. Flynn of Cedar Falls, Ia.; Mr . Herman Chudz??ki, Children Victor, Lillian and Arthur; Nellie Kraut; Mr. and ! Mrs. T(?)onie Wieneke, Marion, Ia.; John May; Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Werner and children Hilda May, Christopher and Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Herman May and children Marie Alice and John; Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Stark; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stark and sons, Calistus and Edward; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stark and children Marianna and Albert, John; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wieneke, and sons, Paul, Dick, and Bob; Henry Wieneke; Gladys Wieneke; Margaret Gaffney; Ed Stark; Ben Sormon; Callista Wieneke; Lola Schminkle; Mr. and Mrs. George Stark, and children Goldie May and Harold; Lizzie and Tillie Stark; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stark and children Herbert(?), Arnold, Ralph, Angelo, and Henry Adam; Mr. and Mrs. George Stark and daughter Leota; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Stark, and daughters, Hazel, Geraldine and Iola; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Loung and children, Blanche, Francis, George, Vernon and Dale; Henry and Ben Wieneke, Cedar Rapids; Miss Whalen, Norway; Charles and Mary Horwelder, Watkins, Ia.”

Another clipping:

“Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lammers and family; Mr. and Mrs. Slim Wieneke and family; Mr. and Mrs. S. Albang and family; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Augustine and family; Mr. and Mrs. Frk. Grobstick; Mrs H. Toebber.; Misses Mildred Lammers, Ida, and Callista Wieneke of this city; Mrs. M. McDonovan, of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wieneke of Cascade; Mr. and Mrs. Tohy Beitzel; Mrs. George Heming and Miss Kathryn Wieneke of Dubuque motored to Urbana, Iowa, last Saturday evening, where on Sunday they attended the first family reunion of the Wieneke families. They report having had a delightful time. Another reunion will be held again next year. An account of the event is being published elsewhere in this paper. Over 200 were in attendance.”




My grandfather was a Newspaperman – of sorts! He sold 400 copies of The Oklahoman, and 200 copies of the Oklahoma Times, at his newspaper stand in Oklahoma City. He tutored young people in poetry and had plans to build a Poet’s retreat on the Buffalo River.The Ozark Historian, Otto Rayburn, was supportive of this.

It is the objective of my newspaper to restore the dream of these two men who published their own magazine. Rayburn published ‘Arcadian Life’, and Royal’s Gem Publishing, published ‘Bright Stories’. Royal also published one novel under ‘R.R. Rosamond Publishing’ founded in 1931 in Ventura where it was printed.

Above you see letters sent to Royal, and two books he published. Rosamond’s poems are here, along with photos of his daughters, and his friends who were writers, camping on Santa Cruz Island.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

Branding Royal Rosamond Press


Descendants of Moses Morton Rosemond

Generation No. 1

was born Bet. 1843 – 1845 in Guernsey County, Ohio5,6. He married MARTHA E
LIKES7,8 26 Jul 1868 in Guernsey County, OH9. She was born Abt. 1847 in

Marriage: 26 Jul 1868, Guernsey County, OH9

2.i.ELIZABETH MARY12 ROSEMOND, b. Jun 1869, Guernsey County,
Ohio; d. 1937, Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas.

Never married.


Never married.


Generation No. 2

ROUGEMONT)9,10 was born Jun 1869 in Guernsey County, Ohio, and died 1937 in
Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas. She married FRANCIS MARION TAYLOR
Abt. 1895, son of PETER TAYLOR and MARGARET PERIGO. He was born Abt. 1860
in California, and died 1946.

Marriage: Abt. 1895

3.i.FRANCES LYNN13 TAYLOR, b. 28 Dec 1897, Springfield, Sangamon
County, Illinois; d. 20 Nov 1968, Los Angeles County, California.

Generation No. 3

FRED3, HANS2, ERHART1 DE ROUGEMONT) was born 28 Dec 1897 in Springfield,
Sangamon County, Illinois, and died 20 Nov 1968 in Los Angeles County,
California. He married SARA VIOLA WARMBRODT 23 Oct 1926, daughter of SAMUEL
WARMBRODT and ELIZABETH WILSON. She was born 21 Aug 1896 in Arkansas City,
Cowley, Kansas, and died 11 Sep 1994 in Palm Springs, Riverside County,

Marriage: 23 Oct 1926

4.i.ELIZABETH ROSEMOND14 TAYLOR, b. 27 Feb 1932, London, London
County, England.

Generation No. 4

ULRICH5, HANS4, FRED3, HANS2, ERHART1 DE ROUGEMONT) was born 27 Feb 1932 in
London, London County, England. She married (1) RICHARD BURTON. He was
born 10 Nov 1925 in Pontrhydyfen, Wales, UK. She married (2) JOHN WILLIAM
WARNER. She married (3) LAWRENCE LEE FORTENSKY. She married (4) CONRAD
NICHOLSON HILTON 06 May 1950. He was born 06 Jul 1926 in Dallas, Dallas
County, TX, and died 05 Feb 1969 in Los Angeles County, California. She
married (5) MICHAEL WILDING 21 Feb 1952. He was born 23 Jul 1912 in
Westcliffe on Sea, Essex County, England, and died 08 Jul 1979 in London,
London County, England. She married (6) MIKE TODD 02 Feb 1957. He was born
22 Jun 1907 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and died 23 Mar 1958 in Grants,
Cibola County, New Mexico. She married (7) EDDIE FISHER 12 May 1959. He
was born 10 Aug 1928 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

Divorce: 01 Feb 1951
Marriage: 06 May 1950

Divorce: 30 Jan 1957
Marriage: 21 Feb 1952

Marriage: 02 Feb 1957

Divorce: 06 Mar 1964
Marriage: 12 May 1959




Generation No. 5





1. Household of Philip Rosemond; 1850 US Federal Census; Guernsey County,
Ohio, Fairview; Roll: M432_684; Page: 240; Image: 235.
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Ohio, Oxford; Roll: M653_969; Page: 10; Image: 20.
3. Celebrity Trees, Family Tree of Elizabeth Taylor; Genealogy.com;


4. Household of Moses Rosemond; 1870 US Federal Census; Guernsey County,
Ohio, Oxford; Roll: M593_1206; Page: 545; Image: 370, Digital image.
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5. Household of Philip Rosemond; 1850 US Federal Census; Guernsey County,
Ohio, Fairview; Roll: M432_684; Page: 240; Image: 235.
6. Household of Philip Rosemond; 1860 US Federal Census; Guernsey County,
Ohio, Oxford; Roll: M653_969; Page: 10; Image: 20.
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8. Household of Moses Rosemond; 1870 US Federal Census; Guernsey County,
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10. Household of Moses Rosemond; 1870 US Federal Census; Guernsey County,
Ohio, Oxford; Roll: M593_1206; Page: 545; Image: 370

Aileen, Liz, Talitha





Aileent33The beautiful model Talitha, who could have played Helen of Troy, is in my family tree. These are Rose of the World Women. Who has gathered them together, and why?

I forgot to say Lawrence Chazen was my father’s private lender, and Christine’s partner in the Crossroads Gallery. All in the family – aye?

Now, if I can just prove we are kin to those Greek warriors who poured out of the Trojan horse!

In horse and norse…..there is a rose!

Time to apply for a grant.



Talitha became the second wife of John Paul Getty, Jr. on 10 December 1966. She was married in a white mini-skirt, trimmed with mink.[5] The Gettys became part of “Swinging” London’s fashionable scene, becoming friends with, among others, singers Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and his girl-friend Marianne Faithfull. Faithfull has recounted her apprehension, through “ingrained agoraphobia”, about an invitation to spend five weeks with the Gettys in Morocco (“but for Mick this is an essential part of his life”) and how, after splitting from Jagger, she took up with Talitha Getty’s lover, Count Jean de Breteuil, a young French aristocrat (1949–1971). Breteuil supplied drugs to rock stars such as Jim Morrison of the Doors, Keith Richards, and Marianne Faithfull, who wrote that Breteuil “saw himself as dealer to the stars”.[6][7][8] For his part, Richards recalled that John Paul and Talitha Getty “had the best and finest opium”.[9]

Print designer Celia Birtwell, who married designer Ossie Clark, recalled Talitha Getty as one of a number of “beautiful people” who crossed her threshold in the late 1960s, while couturier Yves Saint Laurent likened the Gettys to the title of a 1922 novel by F Scott Fitzgerald as “beautiful and damned”.[10]

John Paul Getty, who has been described as “a swinging playboy who drove fast cars, drank heavily, experimented with drugs and squired raunchy starlets”,[11] eschewed the family business, Getty Oil, during this period, much to the chagrin of his father. However, in later years, he became a philanthropist and (as a US citizen) received an honorary British knighthood in 1986. His luxury yacht, built in 1927 and renovated in 1994, was the MY Talitha G.

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