Nazarite Knights of Saint Steven

Around High Noon today, I solved the most puzzling riddle about the Nazarites who I have been studying for thirty-two years. There is a very good chance Jesus was a Nazarite, and was Saint Steven, whom Paul of Tarsus condoned the death of.

I bid all those who connect with the Knights Templar to take the Vow of the Nazarite and become seperated and consecrated to God in His Sheepcote where you will serve God directly. This is not a religion or a cult.

This morning I opened my computer and found out my old nemesis, Erik Prince, has employed former M-16 British spies to spy on Liberals. His father invented Right-wing Christianity. Yesterday, I placed my M-16 Agent, James Bond in  the new train station in Lincoln Nebraska. The five year High Noon Prophecy, as revealed in this blog ‘Royal Rosamond Press’, has come true. Erik and his gang, is Frank Miller and his thugs. James is William Kane. I knew ths just now. I typed this name into my search, and got…..

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Erik Prince, a security contractor with close ties to the Trump administration, recruited former spies to infiltrate various Democratic organizations — including a congressional campaign — multiple documents and interviews revealed.

One of the operatives recruited by Prince, a former M16 agent, ran a 2017 sting in which he copied files and recorded conversations from a Michigan office of the American Federation of Teachers, one of the country’s largest teachers unions, The New York Times reported.

Head of Project Veritas James O’Keefe declined to give detailed answers about Prince and the operations but called Project Veritas a “proud independent news organization” and said that it was currently conducting multiple investigations. He also told the Times that sources were “providing confidential documents, insights into internal processes and wearing hidden cameras to expose corruption and misconduct.”

“No one tells Project Veritas who or what to investigate,” he added.

Prince declined the Times’s request for comment. Prince is reportedly under investigation by the Justice Department over allegations that he lied to a congressional committee that was looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election and for allegedly violating American export laws.

Last month, Project Veritas released secretly recorded video of longtime ABC News correspondent David Wright being critical of the network’s political coverage. The video resulted in Wright’s suspension.

The Hill has reached out to Project Veritas for comment.

Bond of Nebraska


James of Nebraka

A Novel


John Presco

Relative of Ian Fleming Creator of James Bond

Copyright 2020

James went downstairs from the observation car, grabbed his bag from the storage compartment, and tapped his decorative cane rapidly as if this would cause the door to open so he could get off what a fellow passenger called;

“The Red Death Ride. That’s what we call it. We know this may be our last Cornhusker game. If we die in the new stadium they can’t fill, like in the good old days, that is a true blessing. We don’t want to die isolated in our beds, or, taken prisoner if a doomed nursing home!”

Mr. Bond let out a long breath as if he held it all the way from Chicago where he landed. He wanted to come back to America. He came to Lincoln in in 1970 to get his late wife’s nephew out of jail. William was a British subject and Bond would be working with the British Embassy to see that the charges are dropped.

“What about my girlfriend. She didn’t know I was holding. She doesn’t do drugs or alcohol. She’s a follower of Meher Baba?”

“Who?” Bond asked, trying not to get perturbed, because he had a nervous breakdown after being splattered with his new wife’s blood.

“I’ll see what I can do. Who are her people?”

“She claims she is the granddaughter of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. She was brought up by her grandmother in Grand Island. Her three sisters were fashion models. One was the mistress of Robert Vesco. There was a ring of beautiful models working the politicians and military attaches. She would not tell me who her mother is.”

When Bond and the British attorney entered the small interview room, he stumbled backwards, and grabbed the arm of the attorney!

“Rose!” James whispered as he blinked his eyes several times as if to get a clearer view of the serious young woman whose gaze was boring a hole into his brain. James collapsed in the oak chair.

Fifty years later, his leg gave out again. A vein had been taken out in order to replace the vein next to his heart that had stopped beating due to his struggle with the coronavirus, that apparently he was immune from.

To be continued….

President Trump said that Russian interference in the 2016 election a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats to destroy his presidency. He claimed his impeachment was a Democratic hoax too and last week he said the coronavirus — or at least media coverage of the coronavirus — was one as well.

None of those were hoaxes. But that doesn’t mean hoaxes don’t exist. In fact, when it comes to the coronavirus crisis, disinformation, propaganda and hoaxes abound. Ironically, one of the sources is, you guessed it, Russia.

In High Noon, Will Kane is a town marshal of the fictional Hadleyville, New Mexico Territory. It is both his wedding day and his last day as a marshal. He is about to leave town with his bride, Amy, to start a new life as a store clerk when the clerk of the telegraph office brings bad news: a man he sent to prison some years earlier, Frank Miller, has been released from prison and is arriving on the noon train. Kane, and the townsfolk who remember Miller, know Miller’s visit is for one reason: revenge. Upon his conviction years earlier, Miller swore he would kill Will Kane. Kane’s friends tell him to leave town, which he does briefly, but he feels that running away is not a solution, so he returns to face Miller and the gang. Will tries to find support from his friends and others, but none wants to help – they all tell him to leave town or offer reasons why they can’t (or won’t) help. Will chooses to stand up against this gang alone, even though it could result in his own death. After a brief gun fight in town, Kane kills the four men. Amy also saves his life by giving up her pacifist religion to kill one of the men. As townspeople come out to offer congratulations, Kane takes off his tin star and throws it in the dirt. The movie ends with Kane and his bride driving out of town to destinations unknown.

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