I Am Solomon Kane

I am ordained to carry on the cosmology of Solomon Kane!

At the first snowfall of winter, I put on my boots, my Bobby cape, my black hat, and took a walk up to Fort Hill that was in the center of the Mel Lyman commune. As I walked across the open square, enjoying the sound of the fresh snow cracking under my boots, I saw a man shadowing me as I made my way to the tower.

Solomon Kane

Snow Down On Fort Hill

The man who was stalking me, got to the tower as I did.“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“What are you doing here? I asked.
“I’m guarding this place? he answered.
“Are you packing a gun?
“Yes!” he answered.

We now had an ecorteric conversation on freedom of speech, and the idea of folks carrying guns to protect their point of view. There is no doubt what-so-ever that I was talking to Paul Williams, an armed guard for Mel Lyman and his wife, Jessie Benton, who are found in my family tree, after Christine married Garth Benton.

Paul would later flee for his life from the Lyman Family, he convinced they were a dangerous cult who would kill anyone who threatened them.

Defying the Boston Mafia







Playing Chess For People’s Lives


I posted the following on August 11 of last year. Rena was a Damsel in Distress. I save her. She can not take that away from me. Why would she want to?


I have gone into my posts at Christine Rosamond yahoogroup where I talk about playing chess for two peoples lives. Talk about Nerdish. How action-packed! Goes with the Road Trip by the Book.

In this post I am pining away for Rena back in 2010. I think I have an obsession. If I promise to go see a shrink, and stay away from a chessboard, will she come out of hiding – and have a cup of tea with me!

But, then there is how I came back to life and fully in my body after reading the books James Taylor put next to my bed. Those posts are a thriller!


Playing Chess for People’s Lives

Last night after composing today’s blog, I realized I knew the answer to a great
riddle. This led me to accept the truth I discovered the answer to an even
greater riddle thanks to my near-death experience that went all the way. Twice
in my life I have played chess with an armed man in order to save the person
these men wanted to kill. Where one would acquire the credibility in order to
have anyone believe a word I say, is an even greater mystery – that may be
answered when we all die. But, until then, we all are in varying degrees
interested in Death. Perhaps this is why these dangerous men put down their guns
in order to play chess with me, they percieving, somehow, I have been where they
are destined to go – once again?

The Dragon Knight of a Thousand Kisses
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The Dragon Knight of a Thousand Kisses

I must let you know who you are, to me.

I had a very rough night. My search for Rena Christiansen took me through many
barriers of time. My search for her would take me beyond the pale of death as I
send forth the Knight of Death carrying the White Rose of Rosamond. Only this
morning did I allow the truth to come home, that Rena was a Damsel in Distress,
and I was her Knight in Shining Armor.
Why am I so stupid? Most any woman would agree men can be so stupid at times.
The truth began to sonk in early this morning when I lay in my bed thinking
about my first girlfriend after Rena. She was sixteen. She came into my abode
wearing a long blue cape. She was trying to get away from her boyfriend who was
a member of ‘The Process’ in Boston. These were pseudo-Christians who wore long
black capes, and, folks wondered if they were into Witchcraft. I did.
Being a follower of Meher Baba, I tried to move this beautiful Damsel – whose
name escapes me – from her man who had taken her soul hostage. When we stayed at
her mother’s home in Marshfield on Christmas Day, her mother let me know she
wanted me to help free her daughter.
After we broke up, this Damsel’s girlfriend moved in, and pointed out a man
sitting in a car in front of our house in Roxbury. She told me he was a Mafia
Chief who offered her money to help him hunt down a childhood friend who took
something valuable for him. They had been lovers She was thinking of taking the
money, and running with it. I told her that would be a death sentence. I went
down and arranged a meeting in a black bar I frequented. I told this woman;
“He is going to pull out a gun, point it at your head, and ask you if you were
going to help him.
Do not be afraid. Look him straight in the eye, and say No. He is fishing. Do
not take the bait.”
This is exactly what happened. After eight seconds, that lasted an eternity, he
uncocked his 38, and put it back in his pocket.
Twice I played a game of chess for someone’s life. I forgot about this incident
where agin I was utterly unafraid. I looked to Rena as the source of my
fearlessness. Then I saw it – saw him – Rena’s Knight in Shining Armor! That
Knight, is I.

“I must let you know who you are, to me.”
Before I became this Knight, allowed myself be her Knight after forty years, I
looked at the truth that I am Rena’s Guardian Angel, for the reason I died at
the “most beautiful place in the world” and God restore my life to me.
For a week I struggled with the dragon of people’s jealousy, how people I loved
turned on me after Rena came into my life. Yesterday, I promised my story would
maketh a shiled and sword. This morning it alas dawned on me, that their
jealousy was a double edged sword, for then knew what they were beholding forty
years before I did. Many Men have dreamt of coming to a Damsel in Distress, and
many Women, have dreamt of being rescued by such a fearless Knight.
And, what is my reward I ask in return? A Kiss, just a Kiss given to a Just Man.
In 1973 I called Rena at her grandmother’s house. It was Summer, and I hoped she
would be there during the college break. This was the only number I had for her.
I was doing my painting of her in her Thalo robe with stars. It was a profile,
because she is looking to where the sun had set. I wanted her to send me a photo
of her profile.

Rena’s grandmother told me her beautiful child was just coming in the door, and
told her who was calling.
“Greg! I was just out in this empty field in the tall grass. The sun had set,
leaving a rainbow of color on the Western horizon. Suddenly, a huge flock of
birds rose up and flew all around me. If you were here right now, I would give
you a kiss!”
“Rena! You just discribed the painting I am doing of you, minus the birds!”
Rena sent me a photo of her profile, a profile that I have long claimed
“launched a thousand Rosamond prints” for the reason this painting inspired the
famous artist called ‘Rosamond’ to take up art and paint her beautiful women –
as a Damsel in Distress! Until Rena walked into my life, I was Christine’s
Guardian and Knight in Shining Armor. I was always there for her, always coming
to her rescue. Of course she was jealous, she was walking fifty feet in back of
me when God granted me the rare of honor of rescuing a Fair Maiden. God only
knows what evil would have befallen her if I was not there for her. Not once did
I ever suggest she owed me – big time! Quite the contrary, for the six weeks we
were together, I struggled not to take her hostage. If I did this, then my
gallant gesture would not have been in vaim, but I would be another villian.
When I went to Nebraska, it was not to say goodbye, but to release Rena with
diginity and grace. I just had to see she got home safely, and her life would
move foreward, with my blessing.
For a week now, I came through the barrier of time to own a very beautiful
vision, that a lovely couple with new born child show unto me. This is the last
scene of my tale. I was homeless because I gave up my apartment to this couple
with child, because my landlord asked me to, because this father was his best
freind, and they were homeless in Florida.
I did the right thing. I went with Brian to L.A. to visit my mother and sister,
and spoke a prayer, lay a beautiful wish upon the surface of the sea, and she
was there.
For the last forty years, when I grow full of dispair for the want of Rena to be
by my side, I summon her beautiful voice, that is the sound of a thousand bells,
and a thousand birds taking wing. And I have my reward, for letting her go her
way, in peace, the Damsel I rescued.
It was not easy giving up the home I loved, but if I had not, I would not have
met Rena, the Girld of my dreams. If I had not done the right thing, then there
would no home for Rena and I, in the Cathedral of the Soul.
Above is Rosamond Clifford’s cote of arms depicting dragons. King Henry took
Fair Rosamond hostage and kept her in a maze. Sleeping Beauty was named
Rosamond. I am free of the thorns, and own a laurel of Roses.
When the father of my grandson was not there when Tyler was born, and instead
turned his back on my daughter and grandson for nearly two years, I came forth.
Heather has met her Knight in Shining Armor, and is deeply in love.
My Quest is complete!

The Dragon Knight of Roses
“A knight in shining armour


A person, usually a man, who comes to the aid of another, usually a woman, in a
gallant and courteous manner.


The present-day use of this phrase is, of course, figurative and refers back to
the notion of gallant knights saving fair maidens in distress.


I must let you know who you are, to me

In 1946 the Earth passed through the orbit of comet Giacobini-Zinner just 15
days after the comet. The result was a remarkable meteor shower with hourly
rates exceeding 3000 in many locations.


Rosamond Clifford descends from Dru (Drogo) Walter FitzPontz, the son of William
the Conqueror, and thus, Rollo. The Normans adopted the Rouge Dragon as their
standard after the battle of Hastings, and thus the name Drago, who was
dragon-born. Is he the young dragon we see in the Clifford family coat of arms?

My astrologer confirmed what three psychics had told me that I had died, and
come back after a my fall on dramatic rocks by the sea. They also told me I have
a child, which was news to me. I concluded years ago that my death and rebirth
reset my astrological clock as to free my information.





Classic examples of the damsel in distress theme feature in the stories of the
ancient Greeks. Greek mythology, while featuring a large retinue of competent
goddesses, also contains helpless maidens who are sacrificed or threatened with
sacrifice. One famous example is Andromeda, whose mother offended Poseidon.
Poseidon sent a beast to ravage the land, and Andromeda’s parents fastened her
to a rock in the sea to appease him. The hero Perseus slew the beast, saving
Andromeda. Andromeda’s plight, chained naked to a rock, became a favorite theme
of later painters. This theme of the Princess and dragon is also pursued in the
myth of St George.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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