Doomsday Politics by Evangelical President

Trump is the darling of the End Time Doomsday evangelical white tribe who pray for the end of the world so their version of the angry killer Jesus will come and save them – just them!

Trump has fanned the Rena Easton Prophecy by nominating John Ratcliffe to head National Intelligence. Trumps disrespect for the intelligence community bid me to author ‘The Royal Janitor’.  I have suggested I am seeing the end of the world. My Easton vision has been the one that worries me the most. We are looking at the end of many things – including our great economy!

Millions are losing – trillions! This is a fact that Trump fears the most because he may not get reelected by pointing to the good economy. This is his motive for launching his ‘Blame The Democrats For Economic Doomsday’ campaign that evangelical leaders are behind.

This led me to respond to Jerry Rust’s concern about the homeless being likely victims of the coronavirus. I posted on FB many scenarios. Jerry backed my idea about forming a FB group. An hour later I see Governor Brown on T.V. announcing a women in Oregon may be C-sick. This is the term I will use to describe our real crisis.

I will monitor the reaction of Christians to see if they are gleeful. CC-sick denotes sick in the mind. The President of the United States of America is….CC-sick. I do see another prophecy coming true in regards to Turkey.

John Presco

The woman had been hospitalized for a respiratory illness and her infectious disease doctor on Wednesday requested a coronavirus test. The case is not related to two others in the county, officials said.

“The virus is here present at some level, but we still don’t know to what degree,” Cody told reporters.

Another case in Oregon reported Friday is thought to be from community transmission but health officials there said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needs to confirm the state’s positive test result.

The person is from Washington County and is being treated at a Kaiser Permanente hospital.

The Oregon patient is thought to be the third case of community spread in the United States.

WASHINGTON — President Trump and members of his administration mobilized on Friday to confront the threat of the coronavirus — not just the outbreak, but the news media and the Democrats they accused of exaggerating its danger.

While stock markets tumbled, companies searched for new supply chains and health officials scrambled to prevent a spread of the virus, Mr. Trump and his aides, congressional allies and backers in the conservative media sought to blame the messenger and the political opposition in the latest polarizing moment in the nation’s capital.

Mr. Trump said that news outlets like CNN were “doing everything they can to instill fear in people,” while some Democrats were “trying to gain political favor by saying a lot of untruths.” His acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, went even further, telling conservative activists that journalists were hyping the coronavirus because “they think this will bring down the president; that’s what this is all about.”

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At a campaign rally on Friday evening in South Carolina, the president denounced Democrats, describing the concerns they have expressed about the virus as “their new hoax” after the Russia investigation and then impeachment. “Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” he said. “We did one of the great jobs. You say, ‘How’s President Trump doing?’ They go, ‘Oh, not good, not good.’ They have no clue. They don’t have any clue. They cannot even count the votes in Iowa.”

The accusations came as other elements of the federal government moved to head off a broader wave of infections like those in China. The State Department urged Americans to reconsider traveling to Italy , where the virus has spread, and health officials reported three more cases of unknown origin, in California , Oregon and Washington State, raising fears of local transmission. The World Health Organization reported cases in 56 countries and warned of a “very high” global risk, while stock markets closed their worst week since the 2008 financial crisis.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says 18,000 migrants have crossed Turkish borders into Europe after the country “opened the doors” for them to travel.

The number is expected to hit 25,000 to 30,000 in the coming days, he said.

Turkey could no longer deal with the amount of people fleeing Syria’s civil war, he added.

Greece says it has blocked thousands of migrants from entering “illegally” from Turkey.

Greek authorities fired tear gas to attempt to disperse the crowds.

Turkey’s decision followed a deadly attack on Turkish troops by Syrian government forces in northern Syria this week.

At least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in a bombardment in Idlib, the last Syrian province where Syrian rebel groups hold significant territory.

Syrian government forces, supported by Russia, have been trying to retake Idlib from jihadist groups and Turkish-backed rebel factions.

Turkey is hosting 3.7 million Syrian refugees, as well as migrants from other countries such as Afghanistan – but had previously stopped them from leaving for Europe under an aid-linked deal with the EU.

But Mr Erdogan accused the EU of breaking promises.

“We said months ago that if it goes on like this, we will have to open the doors. They did not believe us, but we opened the doors yesterday,” President Erdogan said in Istanbul on Saturday.

He said that some 18,000 refugees had “pressed on the gates and crossed” into Europe by Saturday morning. He did not provide evidence of these numbers.

“We will not close these doors in the coming period and this will continue. Why? The European Union needs to keep its promises. We don’t have to take care of this many refugees, to feed them,” he said.

Brussels had not given full financial aid agreed in the 2018 Turkey-EU refugee deal, he said.

Greece said it had averted more than 4,000 attempts to cross into the country. There were further clashes between migrants and Greek police on Saturday.

“The government will do whatever it takes to protect its borders,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas told reporters.

The Turkish president also said that he had asked Russian President Vladimir Putin – a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – to stand aside and let Turkey “do what is necessary” with the Syrian government by itself.

Russia and Turkey are backing opposing sides in the civil war. Turkey is opposed to the government of Bashar al-Assad and supports some rebel groups.

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