Oregonians Concerned About Coronavirus


“In addition, more than 50 residents and staff at the facility have shown symptoms of a respiratory illness, according to Jeff Duchin, health officer for public health in Seattle and King County. Tests of the residents are ongoing.”



Yesterday, I sprang into action by posting my concern offices that cut Government checks may be affected by the coronavirus. This would devastate seniors and people with disabilities. They would be facing homelessness because they have no money to pay their rent. What about their meds, and using public transportation to get to the doctor? Will Ride Source and Meals on Wheels expose their people to danger? What about going to the grocery store? You can call in a order and come pick it up – without going into the store – which should be the rule. Many seniors do not have cars. We need drivers to deliver food and meds, then ring doorbell. Amazon and other companies deliver food to your door. The President’s team should talk to Amazon – in secret! Will food still be hauled to our stores? I suggested we form a Think Tank. Today I read this article


I suggest Oregonians form a A True Patriots Plan that would be presented to every City Hall in Oregon. We want to make sure The Plan of We The People is made available instead of relying on the powers above to do the right and sane thing. If you read history, the first thing leaders tend to do IS DENY and MINIMIZE the problem. They will reinforce their ignorant conclusions by doing NOTHING. They will FEED THE PROBLEM! I suggest at least twenty citizens present our plan to all the Mayors. Wear a uniform and blow a bugle if you have to. This may be our last chance to get it right!

I suggested Our Oregon Plan (OOP) can be a model for all the States of the Union. I publish some of our historic posts. I suggest we choose a sister city in Britain in order to exchange ideas and encourage one another. We are not alone. No more dividing and conquering!

Let us not forget that the Tea Party was Christian-based, and was founded because a black man was elected President, and he was taking liberties to install a Health Plan For All. We need a plan! There is no going too far! I suggest employees write up their own plan and present it to their boss, just to make sure – a plan exists!  A plan – is better than – no plan!  Be prepared! This is our motto!

“We soar with our own wings!”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


The CDC has said the current risk in the U.S. from the virus is low, but it encourages employers to develop plans in case the virus becomes more widespread, potentially resulting in containment efforts that might include closing schools, limiting public transportation or canceling large gatherings.

Still, while emergency plans and workplace policies are important, employers are warned not to go too far.


Chances are, if you work for a large company, you received an email like one sent to Volkswagen employees Monday: Coronavirus concerns mean some limits on business travel, everyone should remember to “wash your hands frequently” and stay home if sick.

As the viral disease, dubbed COVID-19, continues to spread, some employers are canceling conferences and limiting travel, checking supplies and dusting off their emergency preparedness plans, just as they have for previous outbreaks or for natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

All workplaces, say corporate benefit and health experts, should have plans that focus on preparation, not fear. Currently, cases of COVID-19 are still rare in the U.S. — far less than seasonal influenza.

“Scaring the crap out of employees isn’t helpful,” said labor and employment attorney Mark Neuberger in Miami. “Employee communication is critical,” he said. “Stay in touch and up-to-date” with the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information and “don’t panic” employees.

Coronavirus hits tech companies:Google employee tests positive

Photos:Deadly coronavirus spreading across China reaches US

He and other experts recommend employers outline policies about teleworking, travel and sick leave; monitor recommendations from the CDC and local health officials; and stock up on needed office supplies and other products that might be affected by a global manufacturing slowdown.

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    The Tea Party was founded by evangelicals who are not getting vaccinated. Are they glad to take the stimulus checks. Bill Cornwell and his Tea Party father tried to take my grandson from me – and succeeded! My daughter – allowed it – she too calling me a parasite. She is running a bogus healing group. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/divine-intervention-pastors-tapped-help-get-skeptical-churchgoers-vaccinated-n1264646

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