Doomsday Politics by Evangelical President

Millions of Doomsday Christians are refusing to get vaccinated. I saw this coming.

Rosamond Press

Trump is the darling of the End Time Doomsday evangelical white tribe who pray for the end of the world so their version of the angry killer Jesus will come and save them – just them!

Trump has fanned the Rena Easton Prophecy by nominating John Ratcliffe to head National Intelligence. Trumps disrespect for the intelligence community bid me to author ‘The Royal Janitor’.  I have suggested I am seeing the end of the world. My Easton vision has been the one that worries me the most. We are looking at the end of many things – including our great economy!

Millions are losing – trillions! This is a fact that Trump fears the most because he may not get reelected by pointing to the good economy. This is his motive for launching his ‘Blame The Democrats For Economic Doomsday’ campaign that evangelical leaders are behind.

This led me to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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