Many Mansions Put Before Me

This morning I awoke from a very long dream. All these riches, jewels, deeds, companies were put on large table to be divvied up between my siblings and I. I saw how much my sisters got, and wondered why Vicki got more that me. She is the youngest. I saw genealogies, some written in German, or, a foreign language. There were fine estates and castles. I awoke and realized my sisters are dead. I did not see what Mark got. I concluded he is dead, and, found a way to leave several million to our kindred, everyone but me. The name Seinshiem popped in my head as I awoke. I know I am the Heir to the Seinsheim family fortune, a linage of Bohemians that allegedly died out in 1958.

After posting on my father and the Sea Wolf, this blog was attacked, nd was down for several hours. For six months the Rosamond Genealogy has been under attack by someone who says he owns the correct Wilson genealogy. He contacted my kidred and invited them to this site he set up, and told them all their connection to royalty – IS FALSE! He got one site manager to change her portion of the tree and has a grandmother marrying a grandmother. I suspect this sneaky fiend is related to the Swarsnberg Family, who stand to lose all their claims to fine estates and castles. On this day, February 12, 2020, I John Gregory Presco claim all property and titles owned by the Seinsheim family.

The dream I had last night was a Gift From God for my generosity to the poor and homeless. Give and thou shall receive…is the true Message of Jesus who descends from the Kings of Judah. Jesus refuses many estates, and goes homeless amongst the poor and disabled. He died – homeless.

I am a Nazarite after Samuel ‘The King Maker’. Samuel prophesied via his dreams. Did John the Nazarite have a dream about Jesus – before he knew he existed? How many times has a Nazarite Prophet dreamed, that he was…


I wear many crowns, this day! The point of my God-given Compass, has been placed on the grand map, and scheme of things. You can called me MAD, deluded, insane…..but that’s par for the course. Your slander are bread crumbs that led me out of the Dark Forest!

John ‘The Nazarite’

I found the people of the genealogy I could just make out the names of. I know I am destined for the church. All I want is a humble estate of the Schonborn family so I can continue my work and research with a circle of select scholars.önborn

John Ambrose <>
Feb 12 at 10:36 AM

Dear Karel: Last night I had a long and powerful dream where all the deeds, titles, and genealogies of the House of Seinsheim-Schwarzenberg who put before me. I had DNA test that revealed we are related.

John Presco

Baroque architecture[edit]

Balthasar Neumann (1687–1753), architect to 4 Schönborn bishops

The House of Schönborn, especially its ruling prelates of the Roman Catholic Church, were among the most important builders of Southern German baroque architecture. While the private estates, at a large part still today owned by the family, were of more modest size, sometimes of elder origin, churches, monasteries, ecclesiastical residences and hospitals built by the Schönborn bishops were of immense grandness and splendor. Financing these was only possible with flourishing economies, which the Schönborn bishops did their best to uphold and enhance. Their famous court architect Balthasar Neumann was responsible for many of these buildings, others were Johann Dientzenhofer, Maximilian von Welsch and Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt. The family gave the name Schönbornzeit (Age of the Schönborns) to an era (1642–1756), sometimes nostalgically remembered in the popular conscience as an era of prosperity. Today, the term Schönbornzeit denotes a particular style of Rhenish and Franconian baroque.[2]

The ecclesiastical residences were owned by the church, and continued to be inhabited by successive bishops, while the private estates remained inheritance of the family. They were mostly acquired by the ruling prelates’ brothers. Of the grand bishops’ palaces, only Weissenstein Palace at Pommersfelden continues to be privately owned by the family, as it was built, from 1711, with an initial amount of 100.000 guilders which were personally granted to elector Lothar Franz by Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, in reward of his services and his continuous political support. It contains the largest private baroque art collection in Germany.

Schönborn Palace (Prague)

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Schönborn Palace in 2012

The Schönborn Palace (Czech: Schönbornský palác) in the Malá Strana district of Prague is the current home of the United States Embassy to the Czech Republic. The first United States Minister to Czechoslovakia was Richard Crane, the grandson of a Chicago plumbing millionaire. Crane, who had acquired the palace at the end of the First World War, sold the building in 1925 to the United States Government for $117,000.[1]


John Ambrose <>
Jun 7, 2019 at 10:47 PM
Here is my cousin Karel. The Lee-Leigh family are in his tree. Tyrants like Hitler and Stalin took away his kingdom and changed many names.
John Ambrose <>
To:Jimmy Rosamond
Jul 14, 2018 at 10:34 PM
I a going to set up a site that might draw the young one in. If I knew WE were kin to Ben Toney, I would have introduced you. He spent 50 years on his family tree.
John Presco

Jimmy Rosamond <>

To:John Ambrose

Jul 15, 2018 at 5:30 AM

Thanks for the info. It’s going to take me a few days to digest all this. The old brain isn’t a agile as it once was.


Just FYI, I’m forwarding my first cousin Ken Stedman your emails. Ken is the son of my father’s sister, Jewel Christine Rosamond. Hope this is OK with you. Ken and I are both 3rd cousins once removed to you.

Seinsheim is a municipality in the district of Kitzingen in Bavaria in Germany. It is best known for its connection with the comital Seinsheim family, which died out in 1958 with the exception of the princely House of Schwarzenberg branch of the family.

Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim

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Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim

Adam Friedrich Graf von Seinsheim (1708–1779) was the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg from 1755 to 1779 and Prince-Bishop of Bamberg from 1757 to 1779.

Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim was born in Regensburg on 16 February 1708, the son of Maximilian Franz Graf von Seinsheim (1681-1739) and his wife Anna Philippina Gräfin von Schönborn (1685-1721).[1] His mother was the sister of Franz Georg von Schönborn, Archbishop-Elector of Trier; Friedrich Karl von Schönborn, Prince-Bishop of Bamberg and Würzburg; and Damian Hugo Philipp von Schönborn, Prince-Bishop of Speyer.[1]

He became a canon of Bamberg Cathedral and Würzburg Cathedral in 1718.[1] He studied Christian theology at the University of Salzburg (master’s degree 1724) and at the Collegium Germanicum 1725-27; and law at the University of Würzburg and Leiden University.[1] In 1747, he became provost of the Church of St. Gangolf in Bamberg.[1] He was ordained as a priest on 29 September 1753.[2]

The cathedral chapter of Würzburg Cathedral unanimously elected him Prince-Bishop of Würzburg on 7 January 1755, with Pope Benedict XIV confirming his appointment on 17 March 1755.[2] He was consecrated as a bishop by Cardinal Franz Christoph von Hutten zu Stolzenfels, Prince-Bishop of Speyer, on 15 June 1755.[2] At the insistence of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, he was elected Prince-Bishop of Bamberg on 21 April 1757, thus creating a personal union between the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg and the Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg.[1] The pope confirmed this appointment on 23 May 1757.[2]

Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim supported the imperial side during the Seven Years’ War.[1] Troops from the Kingdom of Prussia invaded both bishoprics during the course of this war.[1]

He died of pneumonia in Würzburg on 18 February 1779 and is buried there.[1]

My Library. My Castles. My Church. My Kingdom

Yesterday, I exchanged messages with a YOUNG man who is the grandson of Mikel Peters, the father I gave up my appartment for. The truth is, I was asked to move by Mikel’s good friend, Harry Basset. I did not have to move. Then Harry told me he just had a child, and the mother and child were homeless, too. They had moved from Florida all of a sudden. This YOUNG man gave me the names of the Mother and Son. I did consider the plight of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. I did not have many belongings.

Sleeping Beauty Rosamond

Tonight, is Halloween. Grimm named the Sleeping Beauty Princess ‘Rosamond’. What are the odds that I find a women named ‘Rosamond Clifford Dew’ after Fair Rosamond?

I have been attacked by real witches for five years – and longer! The curse has been lifted. A Royal Child, a ‘Rose of the World’ will be born. I am the Wizened Grandfather who saw into the future!

Here is my Rose Line to Rosamond Clifford:

Here is my Rose Line to Bohemian Royalty that are trying to get their castles back. A DNA test inked me this the Schwarzenbergs.

Dare I invoke the other name of Linda Comstock, who eagerly awaits the birth of Rosamond Clifford Dew?


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Many a long year afterwards there came a King’s son into that country, and heard an old man tell how there should be a castle standing behind the hedge of thorns, and that there a beautiful enchanted Princess named Rosamond had slept for a hundred years, and with her the King and Queen, and the whole court. The old man had been told by his grandfather that many Kings’ sons had sought to pass the thorn-hedge, but had been caught and pierced by the thorns, and had died a miserable death. Then said the young man, “Nevertheless, I do not fear to try; I shall win through and see the lovely Rosamond.” The good old man tried to dissuade him, but he would not listen to his words.’

DNA Links To Peter Rosenberg

Sir Lewis Clifford, Kt. is William Thomas Rosamond’s 13th great uncle’s great grandfather.

William Thomas Rosamond

Samuel Rosamond
his father

show 16 relatives

Benjamin Rosamond
his father

James Rosamond
his father

Sarah Wilson Rosamond
his mother

Thomas Wilson
her father

Jane Lee
his mother

Sir Thomas Lee, 1st Baronet
her father

Elizabeth Ingoldsby
his mother

Mary Bennett
her mother

Sir Thomas Bennet, Lord Mayor of London
her father

Ann Bennet
his mother

Ann Molyns
her mother

Sir Alexander Culpeper, Kt.
her father

Sir John Culpepper, Kt., of Bayhall, Hardreshull & Bedgebury
his father

Margaret Culpeper
his sister

Alexander De Clifford, Esq
her husband

Lewis Clifford
his father

William de Clifford
his father

Sir Lewis Clifford, Kt.
his father

Here is what they are hiding! I informed Jimmy Rosamond of my discovery and he asked me if he could share it with his cousin. I gave him permission. I should have kept this to myself.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Royal Stewart Family Tree » Count Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Erasmus

Personal data Count Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Erasmus Male

Source 1

  • He was born about 1410 in England.
  • He died in Midlothian, Scotland.

Household of Count Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Erasmus

He had a relationship with Princess Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Barbara Von Abensberg


He had a relationship with Mrs. Erasmus


Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus

Personal data Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus Female

Source 1

  • She was born in the year 1425 in England.
  • She died in the year 1460 in England, she was 35 years old.

Ancestors (and descendant) of Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus

Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus


Sir John Robert Wilson

William Wilson

Household of Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus

She is married to Sir John Robert Wilson in the year 1449 at Midlothian, Scotland, she was 24 years old.


  1. William Wilson  1435-1500 Tree 7


Antoinette Erasmus

Also Known As: “Ada”
Birthplace: Scotland
Death: 1460 (35)
Immediate Family: Wife of John Wilson
Managed by: Mary S Newton
Last Updated:

John Wilson

Also Known As: “Robert”
Birthplace: Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Death: 1475 (50)
Cupar, Fife, Scotland (also known as Robert)
Immediate Family: Son of Thomas Wilson and Elizabeth Robinson
Husband of Antoinette Erasmus and Antoinette Erasmus
Father of Sir John Wilson, Kt., Burgess of Fife
Managed by: Dalest Wendy Bruce
Last Updated:

view all

Immediate Family

Husband: Sir John Robert Wilson

Born: 1425             at: Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Married:                  at:
Died: 1475             at: Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Father:Sir Thomas Wilson
Mother:Elizabeth Robinson
Other Spouses:

Wife: Antoinette “Ada” Erasmus

Born: C. 1426          at: Scotland
Died: 1460             at:
Father:  Erkinger, I of Seinsheim
Mother:  Barbara, of Abensberg
Other Spouses:


Name: Sir John Wilson, Kt., Burgess of Fife
Born: 1450             at: Cupar, Scotland
Married: 19 MAY 1489      at: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Died: 13 FEB 1492      at: Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Spouses: Margaret Baxter Harvie

Husband:   Michael, I of Seinsheim

Born: C. 1333          at: Stephansberg,Untrfr,Bvr
Married:                  at:
Died: 30 JUL 1399      at:
Father:  Hildebrand, IV of Seinsheim
Mother:  Dorothea, of Wenckheim
Other Spouses:

Wife: Marketa Z Rozmberka

Born: C. 1337          at: Ceský Krumlov, South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Died: 1399             at:
Father:  Peter, I of Rosenberg
Mother:Katerina Vartemberka
Other Spouses:


Name:   Erkinger, I of Seinsheim
Born: C. 1362          at: Stephansberg,Unterfranken,Bavaria
Married:                  at:
Died: 11 DEC 1437      at:
Spouses:   Anna, of Bibra    Barbara, of Abensberg

Alexander de Clifford, Esq


November 30, 1429


Bobbing Court, Bobbing, Kent, England


circa 1494 (60-68)
Bobbing, Kent, England

Place of Burial:

Bobbing, Kent, England

Immediate Family:

Son of Lewis Clifford and Anne Clifford
Husband of Margaret Culpeper
Father of Lewis de Clifford

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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