God’s Jewelry Channel

This might be the first meme made by a Russian cyber-bot I have seen this election season. Let me show how it works. This is targeting WHITE WOMEN.

The Second Coming has been the BIG THORN in the side of the Christian religion. It is like watching God’s Jewelry Channel, drooling over heavenly jewelry that has not been made available to the public, yet. If you just believe hard and long enough, Jesus will come, and open God’s Jewelry Shop.

This worked until very recently. The Secular Jewelry Shop was making pretty snazzy jewelry and getting a lot of attention. They were electing Secular Candidates – who actually made products that were on the market. They were the competition. Enter voting evangelicals for all Republicans. They bid their flock to be critical of the secular dealers.

“Would you wear rat-balls instead of diamonds’ earrings? Would you like your finances to put an engagement ring made of woven rat tails on your traditional wedding finger?”

“That will take their mind off the Glorious Second Coming!”

Women have long been Fashion Fanatics. They want to stand out, but not so much that their friends and neighbors will talk about you – behind your back.  What this meme does, is allow women to be vocal evangelicals, but, not that vocal…..AND it gives them permission to vote for Trump….AND you can spread the message in a innocent looking way! After you punch the LIKE button, it is easier to push the X button for Trump – and all Republicans.

John Presco

I have no hope

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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