The Wilson-Leigh Line To Bohemia

Robert E. Lee is related to the Schwarzenberg Family who are trying to get their castle back that you see above. I am kin to these rulers of Bohemia. No way am I going to throw Robert away, or, to the dogs. Let the Nobodies begin their family trees and do things worthwhile and noteworthy. It’s a free country! Have at it!

John Presco

Sir John Robert Wilson
Marriage: 1445
Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland
Children (3)
Christopher Wilson
Sir Thomas Wilson
Sir Thomas Wilson

Christopher Wilson
Marriage: about 1475
Bradfield, Yorkshire, England

Lady Ellen Leigh
Children (4)

Ralph Wilson

John Wilson

Reginald Wilson

Richard Wilson

Peter Legh, Esq.

Birthplace: Booths Hall,Norbury,Cheshire,England
Death: August 10, 1399 (75-83)
Lyme Hall,Disley,Cheshire,England (beheaded)
Place of Burial: Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
Immediate Family: Son of Robert Legh, of Adlington and Matilda (Maud) de Norley
Husband of Cicely Legh and Margaret Legh, of Clifton
Father of Jenkin Legh; Sir Piers Legh II, of Lyme Hall; John Leigh, of Ridge and Matilda Legh
Brother of Margaret Susannah Assheton; Lady Susannah Radcliffe, of Adlington; Thomas Legh, of Adlington; William Legh, of Knottsford; John Legh, of Lyme and 4 others
Half brother of Robert de Legh, of Adlington and Margaret Ashton

The Leghs of Lyme were a gentry family seated at Lyme Park in Cheshire, England, from 1398 until 1946, when the stately home and its surrounding parkland were donated by the 3rd Lord Newton to The National Trust.

Since the Middle Ages various spellings of this ancient surname have been used : Legh, a Lee, Leghe, Leigh and Leyghe; there were also variations on Peter, eg. Piers and Peers, the family’s most oft-used given name.[1] The first Sir Piers Legh, of Lyme, was knighted in 1397 and assumed as a coat of arms those of his mother, Matilda de Norley, in lieu of his ancient patrilineal Leigh arms.[2]

For ease of distinguishing between the earlier generations, it became customary to append a Roman numeral to the various Leghs‘ names; in this case the numbering system is as used in The National Trust Handbook for Lyme Park.

List of the Leghs of Lyme[edit]

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    This is a Fairytale come true. A linage that was thought extant, cme to America via the Wilson family. Tyler may end up with a castle.

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