Helen of California

The Big Idea Guy

I talked with Seth Zachary’s secretary who is connected to Meg Whitman’s desire to develop Dogpatch. I told her I think Seth should win an academy award for his business presentation.


They believed I was spoofing them, or, I am crazy. Then they dare put that moronic ad in the Super Bowl Money Ball. Seth should have been the Star of that ad. I’ve got to get in the door of Quibi. Seth should have his own reality show. I told him in a e-mail he is a Art Piece.

If you can’t give ‘Distinguished Advice” don’t give any advice at all. Go down to the trainyard, and hop a freight with some Hobos! Do anything, but pretend you got good advice!

There’s the Quibi ad – that should have been!

SCENE: Seth is walking down the traintrack with two Hobo in his New York Suit. He has a stick with kerchief over his shoulder. He turns to the camera.

“Hello! My name is Seth Zachary, Chairman of the Board of Paul Hastings. Meg Whitman hired me to come up with some good ideas for Quibi. I gave her my best, but my best wasn’t good enough. She sent me packing. I am on a sabbatical, trying to clear my head, so I can get a fresh start!”

Seth goes back to explaining to his two travel companions the labyrinth of global investments. Que…..’Hit The Road Jack’.

“Quibi……Coming to your I-phone April 6th.”

John Presco

Copyright 2020








Rosamond Press

Alas, I arrive, at the great travesty. What became of the sculptures that once graced the outside of the Richfield Oil Company? They were done by Haig Patigian who served two terms as president of the Bohemian Club. He did a bust titled ‘Helen of California’. Consider Rena Easton. It was his spirit that has been calling me for thirty years. I have seen Helen at the Oakland Museum. How ironic, that David Hamsher is a partner of Paul Hastings, who works in the building that replaced the Richfield building, that was a work of art, a masterpiece!


How odd that David Hamsher is tied to the name ‘California Barrel Company’ that was owned by Frederick Koster, a member of the Bohemian Club. How amazing that I – half in jest – suggest there has been a transference of power – over to me – by some ritual the…

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