Zardoz of Empoli – A Review

This is my craziest post.

Rosamond Press

Only a handful of people know about the Vortex of Empoli. It was there when Caesar came to delve into its mysteries. It is said, Julius crossed over. In the painting above, it looks like Jesus is being lifted out of a well. This can not be a coffin. There are accounts of Jesus going down into Hades to save certain people. This is an entrance to the vortex.

Two days ago, it occurred to me, if I don’t do a proper review of Boorman’s movie ‘Zardoz’ no one will, and, the secret of this amazing movie will be lost – forever!

Before I begin, I must warn my reader that I am going to induce a acid flashback with those who have taken this hallucinogen, and take those who have not – on their first trip. For this reason, you much remove all Emploli glassware – from your house!…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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