Fremont’s Two Americas

“Did you pack the chicken wire? We might be living on eggs for quite awhile!”

“I’m scared, Pa! The O’Leary’s say there’s no work in California!”

In Sunshine Magazine, Jessie Benton-Fremont said the British were on the verge of invading California with boatloads of Irish Catholics. There was a promise of land in the San Juaquin Valley. This was in response to the Bear Flag Revolt that John Fremont may have instigated. What about his father-in-law, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who initiated the first Homestead Act in what historians have titled ‘Manifest Destiny’?

The Catholic problem in the British Isles – was huge! It took up much of Britain’s resent history, and embroiled the Puritans who took advantage of the religious schism to launch a Religious Invasion of the Northwest – with Fur Trading Company! Thomas Benton was John Astor’s attorney and helped put his fur company together. Thomas Hart was a partner of Daniel Boone in his Transylvania company.

THERE IT IS…..America’s History in a nutshell! Did I leave out the Native Americans who opposed Manifest Destiny – that began in England. My Rose kin left on a ship from the Isle of Wight.

Then, there is the slave trade that the Sephardic Jews did take part in. These Jews who are kin to Kind David and thus Jesus and his Virgin Mother, sailed out of Portugal and Spain. They made a living on sugar cane and rum! Some of these relatives of Jesus became notorious pirates. I suspect my patriot kin, Samuel Rosamond wanted in on the Pirate Action, that made Johnny Depp, rich! Then there is Sir Francis Drake – and John Dee! That I am kin to William Shakespeare, is the cherry atop the cake. Historic-Romance is born! Jessie Benton ran with this Media Tool, and – WON THE WEST!

Well, not quite, the discovery of gold was the greatest BRAND the world had known in the last 170 years. But for Bismark, the Kasiser, and Hitler, the world focus would be on the Greatest Land Grab in the history of Western Civilization! John Steinbeck takes a look at the Kaiser – from Cannery Row! Jessie sponsors Bret Harte and gets him a job at the California Mint, where he puts “In God We Trust” on the coins. Bret was a Fremason who shot the shit with Mark Twain and Starr King out at Black Point. There was talk about TWO AMERICAS! Did Jessie mention Thomas Jefferson and Madison, who told her father hey had no interest in acquiring land – west of the Mississippi – if that? You can’t leave out Custer and his wife!

With a New America, there will be a SECOND PRESIDENT! Why not America’s FIRST KING! Is this what God wants? Had the Democratic Experiment – run its course? The Republicans of today appear to be saying this. “The King of America is above the law!”

Fremont was the first Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party he co-founded. It is THIS FACT that no historian or politician can handle – TODAY! It is bizaar! Most nations of the world, can handle their history. England is full of old castles – that were history makers! White folks killing white folks – is European History!

This morning, I lie in bed thinking about what I read about Thomas Benton in regards to the Louisiana Purchase. Ed Ray, the President of Oregon State, went along with the demonizing of Benton. He promised to set up a display in what was called Benton Hall. I asked him in a e-mail if this was going to be a Shame Display? Will there be coup-sticks nearby so that Native Americans and Mexicans can put a hex on my kindred – and his offspring! Am I cursed? Why are white women voting for Trump? Let’s make a Shrine of Shame for them!

YES FREMONT KILLED NATIVE AMERICANS. Did he go West just to do this? YES! Would Fremont have killed the poor Irish farmers growing potatoes in John Steinbeck Country? YES! Would he have killed the white Russian Militia that the Tsar landed in Fort Ross? YES! This is………….A CONQUEST! This is BIG NEWS! Jessie does not write about the HOSTILE INDIANS her husband encountered because THE PLAN is to get WHITE PEOPLE to GO WEST. The new nation – NEEDS BODIES! That is the missing ingredient.

The British employed Native Americans to kill my WHITE Puritian ancestors. How racist! How blood-thirsty! How money grabbing! Study the Norman Invasion. It’s time we grow up – and face the facts! That the Republican Congress and Senate say it is their right not to face the facts, and, lies don’t hurt anyone, is THE END of the United States of America. Parnov admits to being a Cult Follower of our President – who is doing Jim Jones!

“Line up my children, and drink the Cool-aid! They want to destroy our good work with the Lord!”

Suddenly, my phone rang – for the third time! I pick up, and it’s my man in San Francisco, Spooky Noodles. He informs me there is an article in the Examiner about Fremont, and NPR is doing Fremont. I have been trying to SELL Joaquin Miller to two city governments. Miller made a cult around Fremont. The Bohemian Club built a funeral pyre in the Oakland Hills in order to burn Miller. The officials stopped this.  The big local news I saw was about THE HOMELESS, and the doubling of deaths due to Alcoholism. Portland had its Skid Row. I can’t sell my Sober Story!

Look! Over there! Here come the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! CNN is going to do a BIG series on the Windsor’s. Why not picket Harry for his kin taking part in the Black Hole of Calcutta? Why me? I got Alleybelle and the Kimites on my ass! This morning, I am reading why Meghan may lose her British Citizenship?  I declare the Duchess of Sussex – THE NEW JESSIE BENTON!

You go girl. Check out the remnants of te Fur Trade. Cash in on THE BRAND! Come to Oregon State and hold a ceremony that curses the inventor of Manifest Destiny! Keep a stiff upper lip. Don’t say – his name!

This morning, the Examiner carries an article about how Fremont was not INCLUSIVE of all races. Does he have to be? This article says Fremont denied people of color A CHANCE to strike it rich, not – their RIGHT to own gold!The Western States are not States yet. The Constitution does not apply, and the false claim “all men are created equal”. The founding father did not give women the right to vote – yet! Jessie wanted this right to be on the Republican platform. But, being against slavery was enough. THEY NEEDED VOTES! THEY NEEDED BODIES! They were involved in Nation Building. William the Conquer put his sons in power. California Women – of all colors – should get together and weave Jessie and John’s Bayeux Tapestry, because, they live on the land the Fremont’s conquered. They do not live on the land of the Pacifist, the Peaceful, the Rightful, the Conquered!

Once again, the Fremonts wanted white settlers to go West – from the Land of the White People – East of the Mississippi. There were rumors Chinese Men, Desperados, Male Ruffians – all with no wives or children – were pouring into California. There is such a thing as White Family Christian Values, that were brought to the New England by my kin Reverend John Wilson!  They did not want to walk down a new town in California and have their fourteen years old daughter be lusted after – BY YOUNG BUMS!

Young Chinese men were not allowed to bring their wives to America. They got OPIUM, the Tool of Seduction! There were Wild Natives, and Freed Black Slaves – with no women! Consider the Height Ashbury! Did Martin Luther King, or Caesar Chavez, send Food Trains to he help the Hippies who was hungry? NO! Whey, they’re young – white bums! They can get a job – if they want! Think……FAMILY VALUES….which entails not being poor!  You got to have chicken wire, or, you are going to die!

King and Chavez marched for THEIR people – insisting that whitie people change their ways. They did nothing when they saw the police beating us to the ground with clubs. Reagan brought the National Guard in. We hippies tried to change our white parents ways. Caesar and King did not sent us two loaves of bread, or, medical supplies. How about the Red Cross?

Many non-whites are full of glee as they wiped out the history of the white man – in America! Today, two writers looked up from the Shame Fest, and wondered why California has no History!

When you wipe out someone’s history, they are going to look for a Champion to make – YOUR PEOPLE GREAT AGAIN! The Colorful Shamers don’t leave us Whites – our chicken wire! They are the ones that put Trump in power!

John Presco

California’s first attempt to pass anti-immigrant laws dates back to the gold rush


By Steve Inskeep

Los Angeles Times

California was not always the progressive state we know today, where political leaders praise diversity and file lawsuits defending immigrants. Its history is filled with clashes over race and identity, including a little-known episode just after its birth.

On Sept. 14, 1850, five days after California gained statehood, John Charles Fremont introduced a bill in Congress. Fremont, one of California’s first two U.S. senators, wanted to regulate the gold rush. His proposal required the thousands of prospectors who had been swarming California for the previous two years to buy federal mining permits. But the permits would be available only to citizens.

The Duchess of Sussex started the process for citizenship shortly after her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018, applying as the spouse of a British citizen.

Under Home Office rules, applicants are required not to have spent more than 270 days out of the country in the three years before applying, The Telegraph reported. During their engagement, Prince Harry’s spokesperson promised the duchess would be in compliance with U.K. immigration laws “at all times.”

She may quickly run into trouble when calculating her permissible absences from the U.K.,” immigration website Free Movement reported.

Immigration lawyer Philip Trott told The Times of London, “There is no harm in being out, as long as you spend most of your time here…The advice we normally give to clients is that most of your time means six months and one day every year.”

If Prince Harry managed to obtain an official role while in Canada, their time in the country might qualify for the Crown servant exception to residency, which would still count legally as living in the U.K., according to Free Movement.

A shockingly frank Senate debate revealed the true purpose of this clause: denying people of certain races and nationalities their chance to strike it rich

Review: ‘Imperfect Union’ separates the myth from folk hero John C. Frémont

The name Frémont is all around us — a San Francisco thoroughfare, Seattle neighborhood, Portland bridge, East Bay city. But who knows its provenance? In “Imperfect Union,” NPR’s Steve Inskeep narrates the epic life and times of the odd couple behind it, John and Jessie Frémont — a tale that traverses white settlement of the West, the creation of a transcontinental nation, its fission over slavery and the struggle for women’s rights.

The immediate inspiration for its ubiquity is John, serial explorer, hero of America’s seizure of California from Mexico and 1856 Republican presidential candidate.

But this highlight reel conceals a murkier reality, a triumph of timing over skill. Brave and tenacious though he was, John’s 1840s expeditions weren’t trailblazers; rather, they caught a wave of public interest in the West. His time in California coincided with America’s push to claim it from Mexico. Moreover, the original diplomatic incident that precipitated his hostilities with Mexican authorities smacks of farce: He strayed into areas he’d agreed to avoid while house-hunting for his mom! Serendipity struck again with the discovery of gold on land he’d acquired. And his chief recommendation to GOP bosses was his folk hero status unsullied by uncompromising abolitionism or intemperate nativism: He was the least offensive candidate to the unwieldy coalition they sought to mobilize.

Meanwhile, John’s greatest accomplishment, the vivid accounts of his travels that captured popular imagination, were co-productions with his wife, Jessie. He didn’t edit out his everyman pratfalls — landing in the drink after attempting to emulate wilderness legend Kit Carson vaulting a stream, for instance. His dispatches were endearingly relatable. But Jessie, to whom he dictated them, was more than a stenographer. Despite strictures on women, she was his PR wrangler, adroitly molding his words for public consumption. A senator’s daughter, she also helped mastermind his presidential run. In an emblematic scene, Jessie huddles with John’s campaign team at the dining table of their New York home while the candidate practices his fencing moves in the hall.

Steve Inskeep, author of “Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War.” Photo: Mike Morgan

If Jessie steals the show, John comes across as blurred and low-resolution, a throwback to a more quixotic time: in his element in the wild, but ill-suited to an increasingly bureaucratic age — in a clash of San Francisco street names he was court-martialed after the conquest of California for defying military protocol in siding with the Navy’s Stockton in a beef with the Army’s Kearny.

It was telling that he was arraigned for this, of all things, remarks Inskeep. “He was not accused of riding an armed force into the territory of another nation. He was not accused of massacring Indians. He was not accused of provoking conflict against Mexico, or having noncombatants put to death, or imprisoning men without charge. All these acts had been wiped away by victory in California.”

This also hints at the bloodiness of John’s peregrinations. They could be brutal, besides tit-for-tat violence, pushing participants to extremes of cold, fatigue and starvation — and beyond: Several committed suicide, recounts Inskeep, who speculates John suffered from PTSD.

Certainly, he presents an awkward, and anticlimactic, subject for a biographer — a failure as a Civil War commander, after contesting Lincoln’s 1864 re-election, the balance of his life was a fortune-draining diminuendo of failed business ventures that left him and Jessie destitute. Rather than vilifying or lionizing John, Inskeep smartly situates him in his context. And here he yields his true significance: as a cipher for the forces at large in U.S. society — in the 1840s, the quest to embrace Manifest Destiny; in the 1850s, escalating tension over slavery. By carrying most of the North (naturally, he was wiped out in the South) in 1856, John plotted a path to power for Lincoln four years later. And his peremptory release, as chief of the Union’s western forces, of Missouri slaves, for which Lincoln — “unwilling to alienate slave states … still loyal to the Union” — fired him, “demonstrat(ed) that the ruthless logic of the war would lead to freedom.”

Inskeep emphasizes (and perhaps belabors) parallels between the mid-19th century and today — dissension over identity, nativist fulmination against immigrants, the Frémonts as progenitors of celebrity culture. But some of his most arresting and affecting passages capture the deep strangeness of the period from a contemporary standpoint.

If John’s expeditions demonstrated “nature, red in tooth and claw,” the world of human affairs he depicts seems little removed from a state of nature itself: lawmakers meting out frontier justice to one another, coming to blows over disagreements.

Inskeep also retrieves a now-overlooked impulse behind westward expansion. It is to Frémont that we owe the name “Golden Gate,” but he conceived of it not as a gilded entry point to the West but a “portal” to the East — a trade route to Asia.

In skillfully telling the story of John and Jessie’s messy, flawed lives, “Imperfect Union” enriches our understanding of the messy, flawed nation they helped create.

“Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War”
By Steve Inskeep
Penguin Random House
(480 pages, $32)

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