No chicken wire for you!

I can read the mind of the woman looking down on her hungry brat. Can you?

“I am a good looking woman, thanks to my Danish ancestors. I could have got any man in America, if I wasn’t born, poor! I saved up five dollars to go to New York where I could have gotten a job, until I met me a city man – with money! I should have had his child. Instead, I’m stuck in bum-fuck nowhere, with no food, or milk in my breast for my baby!”

Big Joe Orosco, is the BIG MAN on campus! He got my kin’s name removed from Benton Hall. I just discovered he has been STALKING Senator Thomas Hart Benton – since November, 6, 2014! I blogged on his article published on this day. Big Joe, is a Gun Man. This is how he chose to make a living. He goes gunning for White Guys – who own history and power! As Supreme Judge of all White Supremist, Joe clears Benton of being pro-slavery. As to killing Indians, his son-in-law did that. As for pushing around Mexican People, Joe says Benton considered them on par with white folk. Gee! It looks like Tom and Joe are working the same side of the street!

What Joe is looking to do, is, label as many white people as he can White Supremacists, and then destroy their history. What Joe is completely silent about, is White Female Supremist, who did not want their daughter having children by non-whites. They wanted THE MAN who gave them babies – TO DO VERY WELL! Where does Joe think white people come from – a contraption at the Nazi Laboratory for the making of Super People? Then, the are unleashed on the world with nothing better to do, then make someone like Joe, feel inferior? Obviously – THIS IS HIS PROBLEM!

How many women are there in the photo below? Would they have gotten in Joe’s parade if he was ragging on women – especially women who voted for Donald Trump – the admitted White Racist – who are going to breed more of their kind!

GET EM JOE! Before they multiply!

I got into a Race War with my muse, Rena Easton, who told me she is even surprised she became a REDNECK WOMAN! She tells me she strung her white allotment of chicken wire around her husband and his cattle ranch – on the hill in bum-fuck nowhere! She tells me she is afraid of wolves, rather than rapists. How many rapist of color are there compared to white rapists?

If Christine had not seen the painting I did of Rena, she would not have taken up art – and married the artist, Garth Benton. I would not be kin to Bad Man Benton, and thus, I would not feel shame! I want Good Ol’ Joe to build a Shame Shrine to White Women who think their race – is the best!

Attila the Hun did not conquer White Land, then let white people live on that land. He killed them all! The Caliph of the Ottoman’s invaded Europe in order to destroy the White Inferior People! If the Japanese won the War in the Pacific, they would have treated EVERYONE the same. One’s Race, color of skin, and children of mixed race, would be treated – like dogs! The Native Americans took white prisoners all the time. This was the fate of my great grandmother. She ad he son came out of the Wilderness when he is sixteen. He returned to his father…..and his ways!

Joe Orosco put Trump in the BIG WHITE HOUSE! I am looking for a good attorney who will question the five-score of non-whites about how they are “still” being affected, being, these folks were no allowed to live in Oregon. Huh? I know most of the black people in Eugene. Should MOST of the History of the West Coast be ignored, and wiped out to make 72 people – happy?

I can read the mind of the Oakie brat!

“Why did you rub dirt on my face – you fuck?”

“Shut-up, kid! I did it for your own good. I’m a photographer for the Socialist Times!”

John Presco

“Thomas Hart Benton stood against slavery and it ended his political career; but that does not mean that he did not leave in his wake forced dislocation, murder, and a sense of racial superiority that still affects the lives of scores of people in the state of Oregon.

Is Joseph Orosco The Ringleader?

I believe this dude is the ringleader. Let us look at the photo again. The majority of these people are Hispanic. Is this why they did not want to give their names, because they will be identified as Latinos. Orosco worships Chez Guevara. I grew up in Oakland where I had Hispanic friends who hated gringos and wanted to take back California that my kindred, John Fremont, rested away from the owners of huge land grants. Fremont’s father-in-law is Senator Thomas Har Benton. Joe lies about all this renaming being “open”. Joseph Orosco is a propagandist, who believes telling lies to white people for the sake of his people, is permitted.


a person who promotes or publicizes a particular organization or cause.
“a highly persuasive political propagandist”
synonyms: advocate, champion, supporter, promoter, proponent, exponent, campaigner, crusader, publicist, evangelist, apostle, proselytizer, indoctrinator;

Look at the superior look on this dudes face. He is of a proud race, ex-owners of a proud land that was invaded by White Supremist, who took it all away from Joe and his people. Joe………will never forget, or, forgive! If his ancestors had the weapons, they would have defeated the White Foreign Devils and make them slaves…………ect. ect. The future – is his! His people will outnumber the Gringo – soon! Joe’s thinking, put Trump in office!

Thanks – Joe!

Below is a photograph of me with my daughter and grandson, taken by the wife of a son of Black Panther. My father married a Mexican woman. His best friend was a Mexican. I say this because Joe and his Conquistadors, are trying to defeat White Americans with Racist Guilt Trips. I’ve heard all this bullshit before while playing poker with some Bad Hombres! Here are some plans for the German Invasion of Boston and New York! This is what HUMANS DO – of all colors!

Look, Orosco, you lying subversive anarchist, here I am on land that used to belong To General Vallejo! Ha! Ha! Your people were too weak to defend it, and now you are crying snowflakes. There were huge wars against the Incan and Aztec people hundreds of years before Cortez landed. There were winners and losers. Can you trace you tribe back, and, if so, do you want justice?

So what you removed my kin’s name from a building, and planted your sneaky invisible flag – that is not invisible anymore! I have capture it! I wave it atop Benton Hall.

“Look my fellow voters! I captured the flag of the sneaky Anarchist Latino Liar!”

This is what gave you a way……… “Organized to Revolution,” This is a English translation! Is this your class, Joseph? You conducted a field study, and Ed Ray – FREAKED! Ha! Ha!

No one is honoring Benton, you dumb fuck! No one on campus knew who he was! You only found out when you googled John Fremont, your mortal enemy. You went after his wife’s dead father, you sniveling low-life coward – and ghoul!  Do your wear a bat cape? What hold do you have over the four historians? Stacey L. Smith has destroyed her reputation – with your help! Benton and Fremont secured the would west coast for the Voters of the United States of America. You two reduced him to being a racist redneck hayseed. Outrageous!

Never in the annals of human history has such a important and historic  person been reduced to a character out of Lil Abner! Hitler would hire you – if he was alive! This was John Astor’s attorney. Of course he promotes trade with the Asians and the Japanese. Commodore Perry read everything Benton wrote on Manifest Destiny. I suspect Benton was a member of a secret cabal that Monroe founded to purchase the Lousiana Territory. The Freemasons built Benton Hall with their money.

Manifest Destiny

In American schools, the term “American imperialism” is not so commonly used in textbooks, but it was under President James Polk that America attempted to create the American Empire. In its wake, Texas and California were annexed from Mexico.

Benton ran for office five times – and won! He won because he offered white people free land. He won because he offered white people Indian land. He did not win by offering to give back Texas back to Mexico. White folks did not “honor” Benton as if he was a deity. We whites love free land, just like all the other races! Japan invaded China to get more land, and, bombed Pearl Harbor. The Japanese are very racist.  They worship the Emperor of a Sun Goddess. This is REAL HISTORY that you subverted and dismissed for your own Superior Reasons! I will bust your ass till the day I die! You fucked with my people! The exact same way Trump had McCain’s name covered over on a war ship.

I have a vision of Ed Ray and you doing lunch, and you convincing him to hand over all Benton’s history and building to do with it what you will – because white folks owe you! Never considering Benton had next of kin, what a perfect bone to throw you. And, just so the white folks of Benton County don’t get wise, you have you Propaganda Class withhold their names! Outragious!

I demand that you, Ed Ray, the four historian and the board of regents RESTORE eveythig the way it was, before you came slithering through the glass. If this does not happen then start crating iit all up. I want everything connected to my kindred – sent to me! I am the Benton Historian and Caretaker! Do you know these Sneaks that went after Thomas Hart Benton’s art? Do you work for Putin? This is exactly the stunt he will pull to divided us.

The reason you don’t run for office in Oregon, letting all the voters know where you are coming from, is they don’t want what you a are selling. You would LOSE! You hate losing, because you are a LOSER! You are a psychologist playing Manifest Mind Games! You will not be leading your Tribal Class around the buildings renamed, showing off your Pillory’s Of Perpetual Shame. I am exposing you to the Press. The people will put your revolution down.

Thanks for the fantastic publicity! Long live the English Speaking People!

John Presco

White Supremacy and Manifest Destiny

There is a movement to remove Benton’s name from a Oregon County. Joseph Lane is overlooked. The Hart family were partners of Daniel Boone. You couldn’t convince many Americans to get back on a ship, go home, and leave a billion acres to the Rustic Native American Park of America. How many did so? None!

So, someone had to eventually step foreword and explain why no white man was going home, but rather was heading West to get more FREE LAND. Politicians are voted into office to shoot their damn mouth off.  No one shot their mouth off more than Benton – until Trump was elected. This article begins, thus……….

“Alaska has had two renaming controversies this summer. Most recently, President Obama announced the official renaming of Mount McKinley to the native name of Denali. But earlier this year, an effort began to remove the name of a Confederate solider from a census district.”

“President Donald Trump, during a meeting earlier this year with Alaska’s two Republican senators, asked about reversing a decision made by the Obama administration and renaming the nation’s largest mountain, according to Sen. Dan Sullivan.”

Above is the home where Garth Benton, the famous muralist, and Christine Rosamond Benton lived with their daughter, Drew Benton, an artist. If I am elected Governor of Oregon, I promise to piss and moan about how the Bentons were attacked and victimized – for generations! When will it stop!

“Make the bad men go away, mommy! All we want to do is paint pretty pictures, now. Conquering the most powerful nation (to be) on earth, was interesting, but, not that interesting. We soon grew bored! You know how we are!”

Thomas Hart Benton


White Supremacy and Manifest Destiny in one of Oregon’s Most Liberal Counties

By Joseph Orosco (September 1, 2015)

Alaska has had two renaming controversies this summer. Most recently, President Obama announced the official renaming of Mount McKinley to the native name of Denali. But earlier this year, an effort began to remove the name of a Confederate solider from a census district. These districts are used by the government to section off areas of the state for population counting and they have no other state function. However, they are about the size of counties in other states. (The story of how a census district could be named after a Confederate is here). This made me wonder about the naming of counties during this season of renaming, particularly the name for Benton County, in which OSU is located.

Across the United States, there are at least nine different counties, including Oregon, named Benton. Seven of them are named after the US Senator from Missouri Thomas Hart Benton (1782-1858). Benton served five terms in the Senate, failing to gain a sixth term in 1851 because of his opposition to slavery.

Benton’s legacy in Oregon comes from the support he gave in the Senate for acquiring the Oregon Territory. In 1842, he and the other Senator from Missouri, Lewis Linn (whose name adorns the country next to Benton), sponsored an idea to flood the Oregon Territory with American settlers so as to overwhelm the British administrators and pressure them to give up the area. The plan did not pass, but it did provide the groundwork for the Oregon Donation Land Act of 1850. The bill offered settlers hundreds of acres of land title if they could show they had worked it for several years.

The effect of this act is still felt today; if you ever ask why there are so few people of color in Oregon, then part of the reason is the Act of 1850. It prohibited Blacks, Hawaiians, Indians, and Asians from owning land in the state. Moreover, in preparation for the act, the territorial government of Oregon had started to negotiate with Native American tribes in the 1840s in order to remove them to reservations so that land would be available. This obviously led to tensions as some of the Native groups did not want to leave their ancestral lands. In the1850s, war broke out between settlers and Natives in the Rogue River Valley. Eventually the remaining Natives were corralled together and sent off by the US Army, forming today’s Siletz and Grand Ronde reservations.

Benton was out of office by the time the Rogue war took place, but he was instrumental in creating the environment in which it happened. He wouldn’t have been too upset about the developments, however. In 1846, he told Congress:

“The Red race has disappeared from the Atlantic coast; the tribes that resisted civilization met extinction. This is a cause of lamentation with many. For my part, I cannot murmur at what seems to be the effect of divine law. I cannot repine that is this Capitol has replace the wigwam-this Christian people, replaced the savages-white matrons, the red squaws . . . . Civilization, or extinction, has been the fate of all people who have found themselves in the trace of the advancing Whites, and civilization, always the preference of the Whites, has been pressed as an object, while extinction has followed as a consequence of its resistance”

In other words, Benton was a proponent of Manifest Destiny. At least in his version, the white race had a divine calling to expand its control from the eastern part of North America to the Pacific and to extend the reach of government and Christianity to other “races”. Part of his justification for the settlement of Oregon was that he believed the state could be the launching point for the white race to begin interbreeding with Asians and, thus, improve their culture and society:

“The sun of civilization must shine across the sea; socially and commercially the van of the Caucasians, and the rear of the Mongolians, must intermix. They must talk together, and trade together, and marry together. . . . Moral and intellectual superiority will do the rest; the White race will take the ascendant, elevating what is susceptible of improvement-wearing out what is not”

Benton also called for expansion into other territories. He advocated for reneging on a treaty with Spain to acquire some of its territories in the Caribbean and he was a supporter of Texas independence from Mexico. However, he was not a supporter of the Mexican American War of 1846-1848. Unlike many of his fellow white supremacists of the time, Benton believed that Mexicans were actually white people—a different branch of the Caucasian race than the American “Anglo-Saxon-Celtic” people, but still white. (Sam Houston, the first president of the Lone Star Republic, on the other hand, called Texas independence a matter of a conflict between “Anglo Saxon chivalry” and “base” Mexican marauding.)

So Benton leaves an odd legacy. Oregon is here largely because of his life’s work. But he saw his life work as bringing white civilization to save the rest of the world from its “savagery” and “backwardness”. His policies were instrumental in excluding people of color from the state and for the genocide of Native peoples in the Northwest. And while he did not support the tremendous land grab that was the war with Mexico, he did so only because he saw Mexicans as white cousins who only needed a bit of a push to modernize their way of life and certainly not destruction of it. (However, Benton was father in law and supporter of John C. Fremont, who gives his name to the Fremont Bridge in Portland.

Fremont led several expeditions into the West, including Oregon, and was a US army officer. His forces murdered an entire Klamath Indian village in 1846 before he returned his attention to stoking the fires of hatred between Mexicans and Americans in California. Under Fremont’s orders, Kitt Carson and others murdered three prominent Mexican Californians who were coming to see about the conditions of some of their relatives held prisoner. Fremont later ran as an anti-slavery Republican candidate against James Buchanan).

Benton’s legacy complicates the political mood around renaming these days. Most efforts at renaming public property focus on changing schools, parks, buildings or roads that commemorate Confederate leaders. The Confederacy was indeed a political movement dedicated to secession and founded on slavery. Yet, it’s important to realize that the Confederacy did not suddenly arise out of nowhere. It was nourished by an anti-black white supremacy that had much deeper roots in the United States and that was embraced by leaders who might not have backed the Confederacy. Thomas Hart Benton stood against slavery and it ended his political career; but that does not mean that he did not leave in his wake forced dislocation, murder, and a sense of racial superiority that still affects the lives of scores of people in the state of Oregon.


A good source for Benton’s views:

Reginald Horsman. Race and Manifest Destiny:  The Origins of American Racial Anglo-Saxonism.  Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 1981.

Thomas Hart and Daniel Boone of Kentucky


dan3My adopted son, Hollis Lee Williams, was born in Louisville Kentucky, and is kin to Thomas Hart from whom the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, descends. My brother-in-law, Garth Benton, was a cousin of Thomas


Colonel Thomas Hart

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