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On April 26th. I drew a line in the sand in regards to racist bigots in my family, or close to my family, contributing to the destruction of the Artistic and Literary Legacy in my family. Today, the NBA commissioner banned Donald Sterling from basketball for life, because he is destructive to the game. I am having a desperate struggle with my muses, Rena and Belle, because they claimed they wanted to be my muse, but, had a hidden agenda. Racist often conceal their hatred so they can enjoy both worlds.

Here is an old post about the Wild Rose who was a spy for the Confederacy.

This morning I discovered ‘The Order of the Confederate Rose’ the woman’s branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans that was run by my kindred, Anthony Hodges, until Denne Sweeney and his neo-Confederate radicals took over. Governor Rick Perry met with Sweeney, and gave his blessing, as he did the idea of Texas seceding from the Union – once again.

The OCR honors Rose O’Neal, a Confederate Spy. In my blogs we have followed a real Rose Line to my Rosy ancestors who owned plantations in South Carolina and fought the British under Francis Marion. When the famous artist ‘Rosamond’ married a Benton, I became kin to Jessie Benton whose Scouts spied on the Confederacy and belligerent foreigners. The story of these two spies needs to be told and shown on our Nation’s silver screens. I will now try to find a producer for this movie that will show how my brother and I are divided along Civil War lines, he no doubt sympathetic to the Confederate Rose, while I find Jessie Benton-Fremont an unsung heroine the U.S.A.

The British settled a lawsuit brought against her by the U.S.A. for the damage the Alambama did during our Civil War.

This morning our President and Vice President took the oath of office for the second time. Congradulations! May the Aboltionist God – bless America!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013



The NBA’s commissioner came down hard Tuesday on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, ordering him out of his team’s business and pushing to force him to sell over racist remarks that caused a firestorm since becoming public days ago.
Adam Silver detailed Sterling’s punishment of a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine — the “maximum amount” allowed per league guidelines — at a press conference eight hours before Sterling’s Clippers were to tip off in the fifth game of a tightly contested first-round playoff series with the Golden State Warriors.

Silver’s decision was met with immediate support from NBA owners, players and others connected to the league who have been calling for swift, firm punishment ever since TMZ posted audio featuring the incendiary comments.

“I hope that every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr. Sterling and recognizes that if he can fall, so can you,” Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA All-Star who was tasked with leading the NBA players union’s efforts on this matter.

Here is my brother, Mark Presco. I can not make eve my liberal friends how hard it has been to combat his racist influence on my family. Instead of getting all the help I need, I get none!

“Black people turn every place they exist into poverty stricken hell-holes. This includes every sub-Saharan country in Africa, Haiti (as well as all other black communities in the Caribbean and Latin America) and the inner cities of the USA.

I will not tolerate any nonsense that this is due to white racism and white oppression because there is yet one more highly correlated fact throughout the world. Black people who live with white people enjoy a much higher quality of life than those who don’t. This is true for Europe, the US and even South Africa during the height of apartheid. This is because they are incredibly overly subsidized by white people. That is why the migration from black to white cultures is increasing. Even Africa is overly subsidized by white people.

As stated previously, every culture in the world absolutely and totally reflects the content of the character of the people who create it. I reject all politically correct arguments as to why black people are doing so poorly in the world. But black people have added two more verses to their “Blame it all on the white devil” song and dance. All of the problems in Africa are because white colonialism has trashed black cultures so badly they’ve never been able to recover. Haitians have been so traumatized by slavery they’ve never been able to recover. If there is a single reason why black people are not doing better in the world than they’re doing, other than an innate inability to do for themselves, it is their systematic refusal to hold themselves responsible for anything. The one thing they have become expert at is to guilt trip white people to provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves anywhere in the world.

It should be clear by now that black Americans enjoy a much higher quality of life than they have earned. But they still see themselves as victims because they are not provided with economic parity to white people and they hate us for it. This is irrational because white people don’t do this for each other as explained above. Statistically there are twice as many poor white people than black people, but these poor whites don’t seem to get the same attention.

I will now make the case that black people are the real victimizers in this country. I will use negative racial stereotypes which if not entirely accurate reflect the way black people are perceived in this country.

The first victims of black people are their own children. Blacks have a higher birthrate than whites, 70% of their children are born to unwed mothers and get little help from their fathers. There is a very high infant mortality rate. They know these children are going to grow up in the mean streets of the black communities. They don’t care because I believe too many of them try to use their children to retire on the welfare system. If they want a raise they drop another one. These children are raised to believe they are victims of white oppressors.”



These graves are right along a paved road in the woods (I mean, the stones are right along the road). This cemetery is in bad shape. No one is taking care of it. It is over grown in weeds, trees and with poison oak and ivy everywhere. David, Mark and I ventured out into the cemetery a little ways. Couldn’t go to each stone because the poison oak & ivy is soooo thick.

First let me apologize in advance for the insults that will be heaped upon you all. The politically correct method we have been using is not solving the race problem. It is not my intention to denigrate anyone, but no effort will be made to spare anyone’s feelings, including white people.

I will depart from my usual method and write in the first person because it is a highly subjective story of a white man who has journeyed from being optimistic about race relations to an overt racist. This is because I have come to the inescapable conclusion that everyone is a racist and the only ones that seem to be made to feel guilty about this are white people. Well, no more.

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    I posted this April 2014. CNN reported on Simon Roche this morning. I am now very revelant due to my support of the Shembe Zulu Nazarite Church which I am sure was used by the Kimites and Allyites as proof I am insane. “The American news network has done a detailed report on right-wing South Africans who may have influenced Trump on land.
    In an exclusive investigation, CNN has looked at US president Donald Trump’s views on land in South Africa and which far-right elements in South Africa may be informing them.
    The resulting article focuses mainly on far-right extremist group Suidlanders, who the news network said was preparing for an all-out “race war”. They are led by Simon Roche.
    READ MORE: Trump is personally watching SA on land issue
    Roche toured the US for six months in 2017, attending conferences linked to the so-called US alt-right.
    AfriForum, who also traveled to the US to lobby for their cause and said they believed they’d “played a role” in Trump’s concern over the land situation and farm murders here, were also interviewed. https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/2040194/cnn-reports-that-sas-white-genocide-brigade-is-preparing-for-a-race-war/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woOQ6cmxKIY

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