I Declare War On Russia

My granfathers were radical Germans who backed John Fremont who co-founded the original ABOLITIONIST Republican Party, that died today. John is in my family tree. He was the first Republican Candidate. He married Jessie Benton. The Evangelical Neo-Confederate Republicans are Hostile Traitors. Ministers have to answer to their President going after Hunter Biden, a Citizen of the United States. Trump employed a foreign leader he suggest is corrupt to destroy the life of a Good American. I declare the Fake Patriot Tea Party DEAD! The Red State Liars For Jesus claim their racist deity only protects Americans who bow down to the Confederate Christ. We are in a Civil War. Hundreds of Evangelicals Preachers ignore the lies of their deranged leader.

I predicted this day was coming.

The Impeachment Papers came out today!

John Presco



Jill Biden said Tuesday that campaigning beside her husband Joe Biden has convinced her that most Americans are “disgusted” with President Donald Trump for allegedly enlisting Ukrainian assistance in discrediting Joe and her son, Hunter.





Rosamond Press

On October 10, 2019 at 8:00 P.M.  I John G. Presco, Republican Presidential Candidate declare war on Russia. For the reason the leader of Russia launched a cyber-attack on Citizens of the United States with intent to corrupt our two party system. and for the reason a foreign power tried to destroy the Democratic Party, and for the reason Russia and others CORRUPTED the Republican Party, founded by my kindred, and for the reason the President of the United States is unfit for office, then I am forced to defend my Nation and Democracy by a Declaration of War. So be it!

John G. Presco

President of Royal Rosamond Press

Articles of War: For the reason all members of the Republican Party have hindered the investigation into Russian Meddling, and for the reason, said elected officials have thwarted the investigation into the Ukraine Threat, then I hereby re-found the Jessie…

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