Rosalie Ritz and Upstairs Art Association

Ben Williams was on our board of directors. You would see him at his desk we reserved for him in one of the the bay windows overlooking Broadway St. in Downtown Oakland where roamed real radicals who owned real targets and goals. To be shut out by radicals who targeted me, and a civic character who has no respect for real history, is to burn down the real thing of real things. Since Belle and Alley lied to the people, I have been thinking of going back to Oakland. Now the stadium is gone, there is nothing here – here! If the Black Panthers had gotten their way, there would be no ISIS. There would have been PEACE for the last forty years.

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I found Rosalie Ritz before her huge easel in and old Victorian office building on Broadway in downtown Oakland. I had come to get some more brass fittings from the old bait and tackle shop, but, they had moved. I was the only model boat sailor in the East Bay. I had rigged a automatic tacking device on my catamaran that would eventually bring it to the edge of the unused model boat lagoon that was built by the WPA located in Berkley’s Aquatic Park. It was all mine, now.  The WPA had built Jaunita Miller’s Woodminster Theater and Water Wonder. I made my model at the time Altamont was being lauded as the West Coast Woodstock. My friend Peter Shapiro asked me if I was going and I told him it is going to be a disaster. I am a prophet.

I was moving away from the hippie scene…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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