Revisionist Thanksgiving

My great grandfather is in this article. He came to the New World with Winthrop, as did William Pynchon. They may have sailed on the same ship, the Arbella. The genetic material of two Beat Writers descend from famous Puritans, came together again in our mutual bond with Mary Anne Tharaldsen, whose father told me, descends from Eric the Red. Communal Life was key to survival. We Hippies formed Tribes. Ken Kesey had one in Oregon.

Tribes were constantly at war before the Pilgrims arrived. Europeans were constantly at war before they got here. My 9th. grandfather, Reverend John Wilson, was born in Windsor Castle where royal people are usually born. Why were the Wilson’s an exception? He was aware of the religious strife, the battle over thrones, and chose to become a Puritan. He led the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He found native tribes conducting long warfare with each other that drew in the Puritans. John tried to minister to the natives, and learned their language. He raised a chief’s son as his own.

Of course the ideal was to have found no native people living in the Americas, then the land grab would be on. John had to do some preaching to get his wife to come to the New Land. She was probably terrified of being raped and mutilated by hostile tribes, like Pequot. Then there were the hostile Puritans. I believe Anne Hutchison was a Cromwell spy. John is depicted in Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter as being hostile towards women. Being THE LEADER he got blamed for everything that went wrong, while he was alive, and when the Revisionist History was began.

What you have to keep in mind is that the rival clans fought over territory. This was not an open wilderness. There were boundaries one could not cross. If you did, then you are going to be picked off when you go hunting, or, gathering. Women and children were attacked and kidnapped. The plan was to keep the opposition shut in their village, or fort, and starve to death. Consider all the castles in Europe and the two world wars. What does thee color of ones skin have to do with it? Black and Hispanic revisionists depicts white people coming to the America’s in search of people’s they can lord it over, and use. Native American took slaves – and sold them! Roman Caesars sent their army into Europe, and landed in England. They took WHITE slaves back to Rome.

President Obama is dealing with revisionist history this very day. He and I fear that what John experienced is going to divide the Democrats, and Trump will win another term. Think Swing Voters!

I am going to write a letter to Eric Richardson and have him remove the names he submitted for streets in waterfront area – that was supposed to be slated for the arts. I went on a tour with Mayor Piercy over ten years ago. Guilt&Shame Politics are destroying our Democracy.

Above are two photos of Deputy Sheriff, Dan Wayland, who Rena Easton used to claim vast lands because her alleged husband raised cattle in Montana. In her letter she says she is surprised that she has become a “Redneck Woman”, then says “I see you are left-leaning!” I believe Rena and her husband voted for Trump, who has his tribe wear red hats, that may stand for Redneck. Has our President used the title “Lefters”? How about “Never Trumpers”?

Eric Richardson has used the Mim’s name to stake out more territory for this family. He suggests they harbored back entertainers when the performed in Eugene. Bullshit! There was no black audience because there were not black people here. Being a Jazz Musician, Eric wants to believe that old black Jazz guys blew into town to perform for a munch of redneck peckerwoods, who would not let them stay in their hotels. Why didn’t white Jazz lovers invite them over to their house? Instead, we got them over at the Mim’s place talking about how unfair Whitey is, and, one day there will be a revolt.

And…so it goes!

I told Marilyn I was going to connect the late, Kenny Reed, to Charlie Parker, but, after being put in the dark about her late husband’s death, I’ve changed my mind. I am way too generous – then I get slammed! Charlie played and romped at the Zorthian ranch, he getting naked with the half the folks there. Jerry threw the first Toga Parties. I stood before the City Council of Springfield and suggested they save the car John Belushi drove in Animal House. I got some chuckles like I did the other time. Consider the old cars and junk Tribal Zorthian collected. I will not rest until I get the three names Eric foisted on the City of Eugene – REMOVED – just like my Benton kin’s name was REMOVED!Zorthian was a student of Thomas Hart Benton!

All my videos are Copyrighted!

My tribe! MY TRIBE!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Folk Festival at Zorthian Ranch

In 1965 I attended a party at the Zorthian Ranch with my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren (whose grandmother owned the recipe for Nancy’s Yogurt) and Barry and Seyburn Zorthian, the daughter’s of the artist, Jirayr H. Zorthian, who was influenced by Thomas Hart Benton. Thomas is the cousin of the muralist, Garth Benton who married my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. These four women and myself would live in a commune in San Fancisco, our rent paid by Betty Zorthian, the heiress of the William’s Shave fortune. Seyburn is an artist.Zorthian and I discussed art up in his studio while beautiful young L.A. Godesses soared on the trampoline to ‘Gloria’.

We also partied at Betty’s mansion in Pasadena where she kept horses. We dropped LSD that was legal at the time. I did a psychedelic cowboy shoot-out routine with Toby Zorthian’s gun he had for quick-draw lessons he was taking. I did the slow-mo-draw, where the bullet would come out of the barrel real slow, and do very curious things on the way to a cosmic target where it was swallowed up in a parallel universe. I had folks in stiches in my peace-time play on a deadly weapon turned into an instrument of Cosmic Love!

Nancy dated Stanely Augustus Owlsley, and with Christine, they went on a date with Nick Sands who was also a manufacturer of LSD.

Jirayr Zorthian was the Grand Marshall of the Doo Day Parade that may have inspired the Eugene Celebrations Parade. The New Los Angeles Folk Festival reminds me of the Eugene Folk Festival. Our Mayor should declare Altadena our Sister City and conduct a culture swap. Hip folks could stay in L.A. while those folks stay in Eugene.

Revisionist Thanksgiving

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