William Pynchon and God Crucified


Two days before I discovered the writing of William Pynchon, I debated whether or not I would apply my belief the Crucifixion of Jesus ‘The Man’,  never happened, to the Moravian church. Jesus is not God, because there would be TWO Gods.. The Jews considered this a heresy, that their ONE God was crucified, and somehow, became the God of the Christians. I believe this idea was invented by Paul/Saul of Tarsus in order to wrest Jesus ‘The Jew’ from the Judaizers who still clung to the Laws of Moses that God gave to Moses, and ‘The Jew’. Moses saw God – in person! Paul did not see God, or Jesus, after Jesus -died! This is a Great Transference, and is Anti-Semitic, a issue that was voted on in ur Congress. Most of Christianity teaches Anti-Semitism.

Paul is a GOD-HATER, who rarely talks about Jesus, he very busy talking about himself. Is this why evangelicals had no problem voting for Donald Trump? In the right light, you see Paul does much evil to the God of the Jews. I suspect Paul was an apologist for the one god of the Jews who failed to defeat Rome, whose army destroyed the temple. God failed His chosen children. Paul wrote – after the fall of the temple and is chasing down rebels. I can not accept the idea that the surviving disciples accepted Paul, the murderer of the first church. Why would Jesus-God put them through this trial of forgiving a great sinner – if he died for our sins? Why not another great flood, or fire? How about a great tribulation – and rapture? Why not bring a great comet down upon Rome? Why did God-Jesus give the world THE CURSE OF SAINT PAUL – AND TRUMP?

Jesus never said he was God. In John 17 he says he will make his disciples like God. Why so vague – if the idea is to make believers out of gentiles – and not the Jews? Why didn’t God-Jesus make his after-death message perfectly clear so the Jews can accept it? The disciples didn’t have a clue the crucifixion was coming. Why? Didn’t they know they tried to shove him of a cliff – as THE SCAPEGOAT?

Today, Americans can ask these questions without having a mob after him. My ancestors conducted real Witch Hunts, like the hunt Kim Hafner, my neighbors, and Alley Valkyrie conducted with me. They crucified me. They tried to destroy my reputation, and take away my home. They wanted to destroy me – even murder me! Is it because I am God-like? I look like God. I am very smart and have much Biblical knowledge. But, I am not like them.

I am named after John the Baptist who was bringing a New Atonement because this is what God wanted. The Jews had the Day of Judgement and absolving of their collective sins. Did God tell John His people are going to murder Him so He will go to hell and suffer some more? I don’t buy it! The Witches and the Evangelicals hate me because I wrote in this blog and said I died and saw God -and His Kingdom of Truth – that is perfect. We live in a world where THE LIE and THE LIARS are worshipped. It is that simple.

John Presco


“When considering potential heresy, clergy members kept an eye out for a series of red flags. Pynchon’s book rose just about all of them. First, he openly and defiantly questioned the nature and origin of God’s Grace. Most Puritans of the era believed that God had gifted his spiritual elect with salvation by “imputing” his son with their sins on the cross. In effect, these sins were wiped clean the moment Jesus died and descended into Hell where he “suffered the extremity of [God’s] wrath”. To Pynchon, Christ was not so much a sacrifice as a mediator. According to the historian Philip F. Gura, Pynchon believed that “since sin had come into the world through Adam’s archetypal transgression, Christ’s perfect obedience to the Father’s will — evidenced by his passion and death — and not the Father’s imputation of men’s sins to him, redeemed the elect from Adam’s curse”. In other words, mankind inflicted its wrath upon God (in the form of man), and not the other way around. The elect, then, earned salvation through the example of Christ’s perfect life, which culminated on the cross. Obedience, not Jesus’ suffering, ultimately served as the wellspring of Grace.12

While Pynchon does not explicitly say so, The Meritorious Price nonetheless put the millennia-old idea of “works” back on the table — a belief that flew in the face of Grace-based redemption. Though Pynchon in effect doubled down on predestination by denouncing Antinomians and other troublesome Anabaptist groups (which had advocated for universal Grace in the past), the Court likely did not read these contentions when it made its initial ruling. Based solely upon the nutgraph printed on the title page, the Court seems to have inferred from the text that anyone, should they live piously, might earn Grace rather than receive it. This constituted Pynchon’s second major offense. Many who read The Meritorious Price saw this belief as incongruent with the notion of a spiritual elect.

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