World Climate Union

Last night on the news I saw a clip of Black Bloc bringing violence to a peaceful march against The Destroyers of the Environment. I suspect She-Satan, Alley Valkyrie, is behind the Black Bloc violence. I wonder if Putin is funding her.

Kim Haffner has good friends who are into radicalism for the poor. I now see she was extremely jealous of Belle, as was Alley who sees herself as a Woman Savior. So does Haffner. She was chosen by Jesus because she is fat – and rejected by men – just like Jesus was. Haffner and her Springfield coven fell under Ms. She-Satan’s spell after reading her evil threat she gave me. How many dysfunctional women would like to publicly castrate the man they believe did them wrong – and ruined their lives? Not able to get to him, they got to me – with Alley’s permission. How Masonish! Alley and Monroe tried to hijack the Hippie Movement so they could control – everyone!

That’s the winning combo, Ugly Women out for revenge, and mentally ill hungry people without a home. The Coven needed a Beautiful Woman up front to deter the truth Alley’s Army are made up of Total Losers! Belle the Bohemian was born in Paris. The She-Satan was sent there to raise hell. Who is paying her way?

Angie is wearing half of a barrel and stars in Alley and Monroe’s best video ‘Big Naked Tits’

I believe Belle did not give Alley permission to put up the Abuser poster, that used the wording she posted on Kitty Piercy’s FB, that was taken down. Ally was humiliated in front of the Mayor. She wondered if Kitty was on my side because she and Monroe went after Poling! When she heard from Belle I wanted her to be the Heir to my newspaper. she turned Ugly Green. Belle……………………..was The Chosen One!

She still is………….as the Story goes!

Belle’s mother was a Story Teller. When I went to a OCCUPY meeting dressed as Santa Claus, I came as The Story Teller. I am the Last Member of OCCUPY I shut the door behind me. What s a “Nepalese Labyrinth”?

How many roses are on Ofelia’s dress, including the one you can not see. Can you make and educated guess?

You see…………there were signs. I wrote Belle a poem two hours after I met her. The model for the image below, is in it. Belle went and told her comrades that I chose her, and, gave her a rose. Alley turned to her narcissistic lover, John Monroe, and asked;

“Why haven’t you given me a rose?”

The attacks began. I took on all comers. Now, I take on………..The Rose!

Belle! Who is ‘The Answer Man’? This is the question that hung in the air at Ken Kesey Square when you dare get near. Who lifted your arm like a stylist, and placed it on the platter – like a rose? And the rose traverses the Labyrinth getting ever closer to the center where rise Death’s Finger, the Finger of your fate! This was ‘The Sign’ your mother left behind, for you to find!

Did you – read it? You never told me what you thought about it. I never understood, fully, why you and Alley wanted me to……………remove the rose. Why?

You mother did not have time to leave answers for you. Since she died, you have been wondering if there is a Answer Man. He had to be a man?

“Before you were born Your name was a dream In the heart of the world, Saying return.

We remember this for you.

Before you were born The clay whispered its urge To make something  And you became skin:”

John Presco

Copyright 2019

The front cover shows a somewhat demonic, red-toned man (with flames reflected in his sunglasses), Botticelli’s Venus holding a rose (presumably a reference to American Beauty, the album most-heavily represented), and a smoking skeleton spindling a prescient gold record on its extended middle finger. The stem of the rose touches the record, as a stylus. The back cover depicts three men seated around a diner table playing cards, with a globe trophy in the center. A book of matches bears the ecology symbol. Outside in the background, a flying saucer (from The Day the Earth Stood Still) hovers over a futuristic Dymaxion car whose designer, Buckminster Fuller, sits in the driver’s seat. The structure in the distance depicts the Johnson Wax Administration Building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The three men depict Marlon Brando from The Wild One, a portrayal of Jesus in academic dress, and Cesar Romero as The Cisco Kid.[5]

Lady finger, dipped in moonlight, writing “What for?” across the morning sky
Sunlight splatters, dawn with answer, darkness shrugs and bids the day goodbye

Speeding arrow, sharp and narrow
What a lot of fleeting matters you have spurned
Several seasons with their treasons
Wrap the babe in scarlet colors, call it your own
Did he doubt or did he try? Answers aplenty in the bye and bye
Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills
One man gathers what another man spills

Saint Stephen will remain, all he’s lost he shall regain
Seashore washed by the suds and foam,
Been here so long, he’s got to calling it home

Fortune comes a crawlin’, calliope woman, spinnin’ that curious sense of your own
Can you answer, yes I can
But what would be the answer to the answer man?

The climate rally saw sporadic confrontations between police and masked demonstrators who had infiltrated the march.

Groups wearing black clothing associated with the so-called black bloc anarchist movement formed barricades, set fire to bins and a motorbike, and threw paint over the front of a bank.

Similar skirmishes occurred later in the march with the prefecture again attributing violence to black blocs. Police responded with tear gas.

The violence tarnished an otherwise peaceful march that brought thousands of people, including some yellow vests, onto the streets, a day after marches in Paris and other cities worldwide to demand government action against climate change.

Alley Valkyrie and Norte Dame

Kim Haffner denied me my Civil Liberties. She and her Cult impeded my coming and going to my residence. They attacked my newspaper and tried to impede my right to Freedom of the Press.

I suspect Alley Valkyrie is looking for a way to exploit the idea that the homeless believe the monies spent on reconstructing Notre Dame, should be spent on them. This is a theme members of SLEEPS put forth before the Eugene City Council, and the press.

Alley made the worst video I have ever seen. She says she wanted to make it at “the Nun’s graveyard” but, was impeded. Now she sets out to get to the river so she can film herself by the river, but, again she is impeded. Then she asks for suggestions on what to film. Perhaps her fan club in Springfield can come up with something, like, attack the ruins of Notre Dame? Evangelicals say Catholics are not Christians.

Take a look at Alley’s face! That’s the face of a real witch. I know the Mayor and the Springfield Police don’t want The Alley Gang coming round her – or her backers!

John Presco

Why so many Protestants do not consider Catholics Christian

Alley Valkyrie breaks down the current situation in Notre-Dame-des-Landes at the ZAD (French: zone à défendre; English: zone to defend) in rural western France. What originally began as the defense and occupation of a large patch of relatively undisturbed land from a state-sanctioned developmental project to build a massive international airport, has over time become become a place, by its occupants, to experiment with living communally, non-hierarchically, and outside the socio-economic logic of capitalism (to a degree) that pervades the dominate culture and society.

PARIS (AP) — French yellow vest protesters set fires along a march route through Paris on Saturday to drive home their message to a government they see as out of touch with the problems of the poor: that rebuilding the fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral isn’t the only problem France needs to solve.

Like the high-visibility vests the protesters wear, the scattered small fires in Paris appeared to be a collective plea to the government to “look at me — I need help too!”

Police fired water cannon and sprayed tear gas to try to control radical elements on the margins of the largely peaceful march, one of several actions around Paris and other French cities.

While the decision to build the airport has been recently rescinded by the French State under President Emmanuel Macron, the ZAD has, in recent weeks, been under daily assault by thousands of riot police, in an attempt of force the occupants off the land, and ultimately demolish what has been built there. Alley Valkyrie brings us all up to speed on the details of what is happening there objectively, as well in her subjective experience visiting and volunteering at the ZAD.

Alley Valkyrie is an activist, political theorist, and co-founder and contributor at Gods&

This is a segment of episode #116 of Last Born In The Wilderness “A Zone To Defend: The Historical/Cultural Context & Purpose Of The ZAD w/ Alley Valkyrie.” Listen to the full episode:

The World Union of the Rock of Rougemont

L’Union mondiale de la roche de Rougemont

When I saw the Agha Kahn at the peak of Videmanette overlooking Rougemont, I knew I and others had broken out of Gideon Institute and defeated the malevolent computer that had captured us.

With the call to Climatologist all over the world, President  Emmanuel Macron’s courage has raised the Rougemont Knights Templar from their sleep at Belleveux, and are at his disposal. We have been set free!

Macron is the President the United States should have elected. I open up a Second Front, consisting of every State that touches the Pacific Ocean. Here the Knights Ecologists will meet and gather their forces in preparation of taking back all States from the Orc of the Trumpire and rendering the Lord of the Dark Towers – impotent! We will destroy Breitbart and Bannon!

I will bring forth the Oriflamme! The Nazarites of John shall vanquish the darkness that has failed to overcome us!

Now these angelic visions make sense. Now the woman coming out of the sea – is The Lady Liberty of the Rock! She has pulled the WORDS from stone!

Vive de la France!

Vive de Rock la Rougemont!

Jean ‘The Nazarite’.

The Ark upon the mountain
The Dove and Branch upon the sea
The hammers of iniquity
beat upon my forgotten tomb
I am awake upon the turbulent waters

My enemies cast lots
and blame me for their sins
while God’s friends
read me on the Day of Atonement
so all will be saved
so all will be united in peace

The sun went down on me
so long ago
The vine that grew over my head
has wilted in the desert of forgetfulness
But, there on a mountain
a purple haze
a rosy afterglow
in a King’s rose garden atop a mount
that bid noble knights to climb hither
that beckon knights to sever a thread
and once again
be brave


The hackers behind a “massive and coordinated” attack on the campaign of France’s president-elect, Emmanuel Macron, have been linked by a number of cybersecurity research firms to the same Russian-affiliated group blamed for attacking the Democratic party shortly before the US election.

Tens of thousands of internal emails and other documents were released online overnight on Friday as the midnight deadline to halt campaigning in the French election passed.

New York’s Flashpoint Intelligence and Tokyo-based Trend Micro have shared intelligence that suggests that the hacking group known variously as Advanced Persistent Threat 28, Fancy Bear and Pawn Storm was responsible. The group has been liked with the GRU, the Russian military intelligence directorate.

French president-elect Emmanuel Macron, a consummate internationalist, heads into office primed for clashes with two ­nationalist rivals on the world stage: US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

From climate change to the war in Syria, international trade and the conflict in Ukraine, Mr Macron has staked out positions at times at odds with the two leaders and clashed at a distance with both on the campaign trail.

Though he didn’t offer a formal endorsement during the French campaign, Mr Trump had cheered on Mr Macron’s vanquished rival, far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen, calling her “strongest on borders” and “the strongest on what’s been going on in France”.

Environmental protection and advocacy[edit]

In 1977, Prince Sadruddin, together with Denis de Rougemont and a few other friends, established a Geneva-based think-tank, Groupe de Bellerive (named after Bellerive, the municipality where he lived in Geneva), and a non-profit organisation, the Bellerive Foundation. The foundation collaborated with international institutions, British and Scandinavian bilateral aid organizations, and other NGOs such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).[6] It became a leading grassroots action group promoting environmental protection, natural resource conservation and the safeguarding of life in all its forms.

Initially, Bellerive worked with UNICEF and the United Nations Children’s Fund in the struggle against deforestation. Prince Sadruddin was motivated in part by what he called “ecological refugees”, who were forced to leave regions that could no longer sustain them due to desertification and other environmental changes. The foundation worked with Swiss specialists to develop low-cost, energy-efficient cooking stoves that relied on renewable energy sources such as methane and biogas. It distributed these among needy rural populations, primarily in Africa. Other areas of concern for Bellerive included the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the protection of threatened species.[6]

As a resident of Switzerland, Prince Sadruddin was concerned about the impact of insensitive tourist development and deforestation on the European Alps. At the World Economic Forum in 1990, he launched Alp Action to protect the mountain ecosystem and preserve the Alps’ cultural diversity and vitality. The Bellerive Foundation program encouraged eco-tourism, aiming to reduce the impact of outdoor adventure sports on the fragile alpine habitat. During its years of operation, Alp Action successfully launched over 140 projects in seven countries.[13] It found inspiration in the system of national parks of the Canadian Rockies.[7]

A long-standing trustee and former Vice-President of the World Wide Fund for Nature International, Prince Sadruddin led Bellerive’s support for threatened species. Bellerive was also amongst the first organisations to warn of the potential human health hazards of modern intensive farming methods.[7]

In May 2006, the activities of the Bellerive Foundation were merged into the Geneva-based Aga Khan Foundation (founded in 1967 by Prince Sadruddin’s nephew Karim Aga Khan IV) to form the Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan Fund for the Environment.[14] The US$10 million fund is dedicated to finding practical solutions to environmental problems. The fund concentrates its activities in six areas that were important to Prince Sadruddin: environmental education; natural resource management in fragile zones; nature parks and wildlife reserves; environmentally and culturally appropriate tourism infrastructure; environmental health; and research.[14]

“(Mr Trump) should have a little more humility,” Mr Macron said in January, defending the EU from the US President’s criticisms. “Mr Trump, never forget what you owe us, liberty, your existence. Mr Trump, look at your history, it’s that of Lafayette, it’s ours!”

In 1940, it is mobilized in the Swiss army and, with other personalities, it founds the League of Gothard which aims at stimulating the spirit of resistance to Hitler. Its positions being considered to be not very compatible with Swiss neutrality, it is sent on mission of conferences to the United States. Installed in New York, it publishes the share of the devil into 1942 who is a reflection on the disorders of the modern world, limed in totalitarianism and the materialism. It binds with many writers or European artists in exile (Saint-Exupéry, André Breton, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Saint-John Perse, Wystan Auden). After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it shows, in its Letters on the atomic bomb (1946), that the nuclear weapon places the men in front of a world danger which must encourage them to exceed the idea of national sovereignty.

Returned definitively to Europe in 1947, it takes part, at the sides of the federalists, the efforts to link Europe. On August 26th, 1947, he makes the inaugural speech of the first Congress of the European Union of the Federalists (the federalistic attitude). At the time of the Congress of $the Hague (7 May 10th, 1948), he is at the same time rapporteur of the cultural Commission and writer of the Final declaration (Message to Europeans). During this Congress, the cultural Commission proposes the creation of a Center European of the Culture, tries whose seizes itself Denis de Rougemont who to this end organizes the first European Conference of the Culture (Lausanne, 8 December 12th, 1949). The Center European of the Culture is finally made up in Geneva in 1950 and placed under the direction of Denis de Rougemont.

At the same time, it is mobilized with other intellectuals against Stalinist propaganda conveying the idea of a culture to the service of the class struggle, within the Congress for the Freedom of the Culture of which he becomes President in 1952 (he will occupy this function until 1966).

In charge of the Center European of the Culture, Denis de Rougemont provided the foundations, in December 1950, of an organization gathering the European scientists working on nuclear energy: it will be the CERN. He was at the origin of the first association joining together the very first Institutes of European Studies, which was drawn up in Geneva in 1951 (it existed until 1991), as well as European Association of the Festivals of Music. In the sides of Robert Schuman, it took part in the creation of the European Foundation of the Culture (Geneva, December 16th, 1954) which was transported to Amsterdam in 1957 when it always continues its activities.

He undertakes a deliberation on the cultural features which characterize the Occident compared to other civilizations. It is the topic of its work the Western Adventure of the Man (1957) and the think tank on the “dialog of the cultures” (formulates begun again later by UNESCO) which it organizes as from 1961. This same year, it publishes a work on the history of the European idea entitled Twenty-eight centuries of Europe. In 1963, it founds in Geneva the Institute of European Studies which will be incorporated in the University in 1992.

From the years 1960, its activity will concentrate on two topics: the rise of the areas and the transborder areas which carries out it towards the idea of a federalism being combined to the ideal of “Europe of the Areas”; destruction of the environment which leads it to call in question the finalities of our companies. He sees in the emergence of areas to human size at the same time an alternative to the State-Nation and the chance to reintroduce in our companies the concept of responsibility so essential to safeguarding for the environment. Ecology and areas are in the center of its last two major works: Open letter with Europeans (1970), the Future is our business (1977).

One will also raise permanence of his reflection on the technical development and his consequences, since his work on the atomic bomb going back to 1946 until data processing (article “Information is not to know” in 1981), via civil nuclear energy (the CERN).

Euro Union of the Western States

New Orleans………… ours!

German Defense Minister, Ursuala von de Layen, made the mistake of saying Germany and the European Union need money. Steve Bannon jumped on this. He bid Trump to put the economic squeeze on Merkel in order to destroy the European Union. As head the Teutonic Knights, and Knights Templar of America, via a blood line, I give my support to Ursuala in her endeavors for her Nation and Nato.

I am considered empowering State Rights in order to defeat The Trumire here and abroad. My message in regards to the Lousiana Purchase, has become revelant. Last night sharpshooter were protecting workan as they tore a Confederate Monument down. This may have come from Sweeny and his group who took over the CVA from my kindred. So many issued are hurtling at me like asteroids. I am not grasping at straws. If Trump were not elected, I would be fishing right now. The Trumpire is working both side of the street. They got a hidden religious agenda that is not invisible to me. They don’t get it both ways.

In regards to the insult Ivanka Trump paid the Women of the World, when she denied her father molested women, claiing it was “politics” played by the Enemy Press… a Nazarite Judge after Samuel and Absalom, here is my ruling.

Because Donald Trump encouraged Billy Bush to commit an act of adultery, the President of the United States flirted with the strict prohibition against adultery, that is punishable by death. Because his daughter is a convert to Judaism, for the reason her husband is a Jew, I suggest any Orthodox Jew who heard Ivanka’s lies, take the vow of the Nazarite. I draw a line in the sand. Unless Donald repent of his sins, his sins will contaminate millions. Not only in this nation, and other nations who come in contact with this GREAT SIN. I will rule on Sanctuary Cities, next.

So be it!

Here is the solution – I alone discovered – for the Judgement of Jesus.

John ‘ The Nazarite Judge’

Western Union of States

[U.S. 26 Fremont Flag-white]
White Canton – Correct Version
image by Rick Wyatt, 28 July 2001
[U.S. 26 Fremont Flag-blue]
Blue Canton – Wrong Version
image by Rick Wyatt, 28 July 2001

John Fremont, and Justin Trudeau, look alike. John was born in France. Justin’s ancestors are French and Scottish. One of his grandfathers is James Sinclair. Trudeau emerged the ‘Torch Bearer’ of the European Union in North America after his meeting with Trump, who has more of an interest in hawking the wares of his family, then tending to Real Business. For this reason, I found ‘The Western Union of States’ that will carry on the vision of John and Jessie Fremont, who designed a flag with a Peace Pipe. Let us make peace with our Canadian neighbors, and conduct sane and harmonious trade.

I encourage Democrats in Western States, that are carried by Republicans, to register as Republicans so as to present ideals based upon the Abolitionist Republican Party co-founded by Jessie and John in order to oppose the slave owners of the Red States, who took up arms, and as Traitors of the United States of America, formed the Confederate States that Jeff Sessions owes allegiance to. Trump has surrounded himself with Neo-Confederates racists who are destroying our American Culture.

Here is Elijah Cummings proposing a mountain be renamed in order to honor Jessie Benton Fremont. Let this mountain represent the entrance of  the Western Union of States into the European Union.

Empress Zita fled from the Nazis who took over Austria, and as a royal immigrant, found sanctuary in the U.S. Her son, Otto von Habsburg, was a co-founder of the International Paneuropean Union.

Jon Presco

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the European Union on Thursday as an unprecedented model for peaceful cooperation, in a speech to EU lawmakers that contrasted sharply with the critical stance of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Speaking to the European Parliament a day after it backed a comprehensive free trade deal between Canada and the EU known as CETA, Trudeau said the 28-nation bloc had a crucial global role to play.

One unusual variation of the U.S. flag was a 26 star flag carried by western explorer John C. Frémont, who later became the first Republican candidate for President. Between the rows of stars in the canton of his flag was an eagle. The eagle held the usual arrows of war, but the olive branch of peace was replaced by the calumet, or peace pipe. He hoped that this would be accepted by the Indians he met in his travels as a token of his peaceful intentions.

810px-international_paneuropean_union_flag-svg ct_9 flag_of_europe-svg fremont-peak-sunsethabsburg john_c-_fremont justin-trudeaujohn-c-fremont-planting-the-us-flag-on-the-colorado-rockies-1842-a8fet4 mammoth-mtn_wikihike392_680x392

Fremont Peak is the third highest peak in Wyoming and straddles the boundary between Fremont and Sublette counties.[3] It is named for American explorer John C. Fremont who climbed the peak with Charles Preuss and Johnny Janisse on August 13 to August 15, 1842.[1][4] Kit Carson had been with the climbing party on its first attempt at the peak, but had gone back for supplies the day Fremont and his men reached the summit. Carson is thought by some to have been the first to climb neighboring Jackson Peak. At that time, Fremont Peak was mistakenly thought to be the highest mountain in the Rocky Mountains, although there are actually over 100 higher peaks in the range.

The peak is located on the Continental Divide and is the second highest peak in the remote Wind River Range after Gannett Peak. The east flank of the peak is in the Fitzpatrick Wilderness of Shoshone National Forest, while the west side is in the Bridger Wilderness of Bridger-Teton National Forest. The Upper Fremont Glacier is located on the north slopes of the mountain.

World Templars United Against The Fake Crusaders

I am the only newspaper that saw this coming.

Jon Rose Presco

At least four times in the past week, the Trump administration has linked financial support for the United Nations to compliance with American demands.

First President Trump and his ambassador, Nikki R. Haley, fumed that all countries with seats on the Security Council except the United States had opposed American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his decision to put the United States Embassy there.

Then Mr. Trump dared the General Assembly to follow the Security Council’s example. “Let them vote against us,” he said. “We will save a lot.”

When the General Assembly voted 128 to 9 against the Americans, Ms. Haley said she would take names and remember them the next time the United States was asked for financial help from members who disagreed with its stance on Jerusalem.

The vote against the United States, she said, would make a difference “on how we look at countries who disrespect us at the U.N.”

Then on Sunday, when United Nations members reached agreement on a 2018-2019 budget of $5.4 billion, Ms. Haley issued a statement emphasizing the American role in achieving more than $285 million in cuts, along with hints of more reductions to come.

“We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked,” Ms. Haley said. In future negotiations, she said, “you can be sure we’ll continue to look at ways to increase the U.N.’s efficiency while protecting our interests.”

It was certainly not the first time Ms. Haley had hinted at using America’s financial leverage to get its way at the United Nations. When she first took the job last January, she warned that “you’re going to see a change in the way we do business.”

And Secretary General António Guterres has said that some parts of the organization must become more efficient.

But the link between American largess and political sympathies at the United Nations has been a recurring theme for Mr. Trump, who once described the 72-year-old organization created after World War II as a sad social club that had squandered its potential.

Many among Mr. Trump’s base of supporters regard the organization as suspiciously anti-American. When the $285 million budget cut was reported on Monday in Breitbart News, a media group that supports Mr. Trump, reader responses were ebullient, with some arguing that America’s entire contribution should be rescinded.

Critics of Mr. Trump’s approach to the United Nations argue that American coercion can work against the United States, by subverting respect for the agreed-upon protocol for financial contributions. They say Mr. Trump should not expect others to follow his lead just because the United States wields the biggest monetary cudgel.

“The hallmark of this administration is not paying attention to the benefits that the United States actually gets in a rule-bound system with international institutions,” Stewart Patrick, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said after the Jerusalem vote last Thursday. “This is not something we can treat in a purely transactional way.”

Under a formula tied to economic size and other measurements established under an article of the United Nations Charter, the United States is responsible for 22 percent of the United Nations operating budget, the largest contribution. It paid about $1.2 billion of the 2016-2017 budget of $5.4 billion.

The United States also is the largest single financial contributor, at 28.5 percent, to a separate budget for United Nations peacekeeping operations, which totals $6.8 billion in the 2017-2018 budget finalized in June.

Then, as now, Ms. Haley took credit for cuts to that budget, which she said had exceeded $500 million. “We’re only getting started,” she said at the time.

According to the United States Mission, the reductions in the budget reached on Sunday included across-the-board cuts in expenses for travel, consultants and other operating expenses. It also included tightened rules on compensation and new ways to maximize the use of United Nations headquarters in New York to reduce the need for expensive leased space.

Human rights groups reached on Monday reserved judgment on the new budget, saying they needed to see more details on how it might affect the United Nations’ ability to monitor abuses or respond to emergencies — major parts of its work.

They also did not necessarily disagree with Ms. Haley’s appraisal of the cuts. But some worried about the potential impact of future reductions.

“There’s nothing wrong with increasing efficiency and eliminating waste at the U.N.,” said Louis Charbonneau, the United Nations director at Human Rights Watch. “But it’s crucial that we don’t curtail the U.N.’s ability to monitor, investigate and expose human rights abuses or its ability to save the lives of men, women and children worldwide.”

The word Crusade is associated with the European Christians of Middle Ages. The declared purpose of the European Crusades was to reclaim Jerusalem from Muslims. Currently, a Judeo-Christian Crusade is underway to consolidate the territorial claims of Israel, a state instituted by the European Jews with the support of the European Christians, in lands that constitute historical Palestine. Since 1948, the European Jews have occupied some parts of Palestine through a colonial gift from Great Britain and some parts through wars and settlements. Jerusalem, however, is still a disputed city. The Jews, supported by Evangelical Christians, claim exclusive and complete authority over Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

On December 6, 2017, the United States officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This recognition alters the nature of the conflict from an Israeli-Palestinian issue to a grand conflict between Jews and Muslims. Muslims willing to recognize Israel are refusing to recognize the Jewish sovereignty over entire Jerusalem. The 56 Muslim nations spanning from Morocco to Indonesia reject the Jewish claim over Jerusalem, as do some other nations, including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, the nations that themselves conducted the Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages.

A brief comparative study of the First Christian Crusade and the First Judeo-Christian Crusade furnishes profound historical insights and may even predict the probable future course of the conflict. It appears that the Muslims would strive to reverse the gains of the Judeo-Christian Crusade as they did those of the Christian Crusades. However, numerous complicating factors thicken the plot.

First Christian Crusade (1099)

In 636, four years after the Prophet Muhammad’s death, Muslims conquered Jerusalem, a city located in the Christian Byzantium province called Palestina Prima. From thereon, the European Christians, particularly the Franks, were determined to reconquer the city by all means necessary. For them, Jerusalem was the sacred town where Jesus was born, crucified, rose from the dead to the heavens, and “would return to the earth with the great sound of a trumpet.” On July 15, 1099, four hundred and sixty-three years after the Muslim conquest, the European Crusaders seized Jerusalem from the Fatimid Caliphate headquartered in Cairo. However, the Crusaders refused to cede the city to the Byzantium, the pre-Islamic sovereign of Jerusalem.

Warfare needs theories. Peter the Hermit (1050-1115) theorized that the chaos in the world prevailed because Muslims ruled Jerusalem and that reclaiming the holy city from the heathens would bring peace to humanity. Acting upon the Hermit’s theory, the European Christians plotted to cleanse Jerusalem of all nonbelievers, Muslims, and Jews, for the exclusive domination of the Christians. The merciless massacre of Jews and Muslims living in Palestine was defended in the name of Deus Vult (God wills it.)

Peter the Hermit might have been far less influential than the credit he receives in European history. Yet the First Crusade transformed European Christianity. The crusading theology discarded the New Testament teaching of turning the other cheek and promoted a notion of pitiless warfare for “just causes” turning Europe into a killing machine for centuries to come. The expulsions and the holocaust of Jews, the colonization of the Middle East, and the current Islamophobia in Europe are the revival shocks of the Hermit’s theorization.

Since God works in mysterious ways, the Hermit’s crusading theology flopped to bring peace to the world and God declined to keep Jerusalem under the Christian hegemony. The Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem came to an abrupt termination in less than a hundred years. In 1187, Saladin, a Kurdish Muslim military leader, recaptured Jerusalem. For centuries onward, Jerusalem would remain under the control of various Muslim dynasties. In the 20th century, however, the European Christians and the European Jews joined hands, the first time in history, to defeat Muslims occupying the holy land.

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First Judeo-Christian Crusade

It is unclear how to date the first Judeo-Christian Crusade to recapture Jerusalem from Muslims. Some might date it from the November 1917 Balfour Declaration when the United Kingdom, then at war with the Ottoman Empire, promised to establish a homeland for Jews in Palestine, an Ottoman territory. Some might date it from May 1948, when Israel was declared an independent state. Some might date it from June 1967, when the Jews defeated the Arab armies and conquered East Jerusalem and other Muslim territories. Some might date it from December 2017 when the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. November 1917 is most certainly the date for the public declaration of the first Judeo-Christian Crusade. June 1967 is a more realistic date for the actual conquest of Jerusalem. December 2017 is significant because this is when the United States abandoned its false neutrality and openly sided with the Jews against the Muslims.

Whatever date is the origin of the Judeo-Christian Crusade, this is the first time that Jews and Christians have come together to take Palestine and Jerusalem away from the Muslims.

Even though many Christian nations are divided over the final status of Jerusalem, their support of Israel as a replacement state in Palestine has been loud and clear. The United States and many other Christian nations support Israel in its wars with Muslim countries. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and Yemen have been deliberately destroyed to strengthen the foothold of Israel in the region. Iran is next in line. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and some other Muslim countries have been compromised in favor of Israel by non-representative governments, monetary incentives, and military threats.

Since Israel is militarily invincible, Muslims cannot take back Jerusalem by force. For all practical purposes, Jerusalem is already under the exclusive control of Jews, what Israel calls “the truth.” Jerusalem is home to Israel’s legislature, its Supreme Court, and the prime minister. In recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, President Trump says, “This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.” Thus, Jerusalem is a disputed city only in unenforceable U.N. resolutions. The Jews are doing whatever they can to slowly but steadily remove the defiant Muslim residents of the city through settlements, demolition of houses, and purchases of real property.

Complicating Factors

It is unclear whether Muslims have now lost Jerusalem and Palestine for all times to come. The Muslim defeat appears to be a foregone conclusion, a fact on the ground. The European and other Christian countries seem to have made a commitment to the survival of Israel. Muslim countries neighboring Israel, which refused to recognize Israel, have been decimated. Nations, such as Iran, which oppose the existence of Israel, have been marked out for retaliation. Efforts are underway to foment a grinding war between Shias and Sunnis to further eliminate any unified Muslim threat to Israel. Muslim militants who oppose the Jewish sovereignty over Palestine are universally condemned as terrorists. Right now, Muslim militants are fighting their own governments. Taking Jerusalem as a flashpoint, it is likely that the militants will begin to fight Israel.

Furthermore, the demographics pose the greatest threat to Israel. Within Israel, nearly 20% of the population is Muslim of various denominations. These Muslims, more than a million, are Israeli citizens. In Gaza and West Bank, the areas under Israeli occupation, nearly five million Muslims refuse to accept Israel as a legitimate state. Another five million descendants of the Palestinian refugees live in Jordan and Lebanon, dreaming the right to return to the land of their ancestors displaced in 1948. Periodically, intifada is likely to erupt to revive resistance to Israeli occupation.

It is also unclear whether all Muslims nations will ever recognize Israel as a lawful state. It is also likely that Muslims nations that have recognized Israel, such as Egypt and Jordan, may come under popular pressure from their peoples to reverse recognition. Brewing militancy, threats of the intifada, and the dynamics of Muslim non-recognition of Israel demonstrate that the Judeo-Christian Crusade for the control of Palestine and Jerusalem faces an unpredictable future.

Ali Khan is the author of Shariah and Sufism (2017) and Flexibility under Islamic Law (2015).

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