Euro Union of the Western States

New Orleans………… ours!

German Defense Minister, Ursuala von de Layen, made the mistake of saying Germany and the European Union need money. Steve Bannon jumped on this. He bid Trump to put the economic squeeze on Merkel in order to destroy the European Union. As head the Teutonic Knights, and Knights Templar of America, via a blood line, I give my support to Ursuala in her endeavors for her Nation and Nato.

I am considered empowering State Rights in order to defeat The Trumire here and abroad. My message in regards to the Lousiana Purchase, has become revelant. Last night sharpshooter were protecting workan as they tore a Confederate Monument down. This may have come from Sweeny and his group who took over the CVA from my kindred. So many issued are hurtling at me like asteroids. I am not grasping at straws. If Trump were not elected, I would be fishing right now. The Trumpire is working both side of the street. They got a hidden religious agenda that is not invisible to me. They don’t get it both ways.

In regards to the insult Ivanka Trump paid the Women of the World, when she denied her father molested women, claiing it was “politics” played by the Enemy Press… a Nazarite Judge after Samuel and Absalom, here is my ruling.

Because Donald Trump encouraged Billy Bush to commit an act of adultery, the President of the United States flirted with the strict prohibition against adultery, that is punishable by death. Because his daughter is a convert to Judaism, for the reason her husband is a Jew, I suggest any Orthodox Jew who heard Ivanka’s lies, take the vow of the Nazarite. I draw a line in the sand. Unless Donald repent of his sins, his sins will contaminate millions. Not only in this nation, and other nations who come in contact with this GREAT SIN. I will rule on Sanctuary Cities, next.

So be it!

Here is the solution – I alone discovered – for the Judgement of Jesus.

John ‘ The Nazarite Judge’

In the dark of night, workers wearing masks and tactical vests arrived Monday at New Orleans’ Battle of Liberty Place monument to take it down. Police snipers were positioned on nearby rooftops, according to The Times-Picayune newspaper. Company names on trucks and equipment were covered with cardboard and black tape to protect contractors involved in the controversial operation. It was the first of four scheduled relocations of Confederate memorials in New Orleans after years of heated public debate and legal battles. City officials have attempted to move the monuments since 2015 amid opposition from pro-monument groups and threats against workers. A federal judge in Louisiana affirmed the city’s right to move them in March and the city secured private funding to do so. Because of threats and security risks, the city will not publicly disclose details for the next three removals. Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office said the statues will go to storage while the city looks for a suitable venue to display them, such as a museum.

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the Trump administration from enforcing a threat to take away funds from sanctuary cities — the latest blow from the federal judiciary to President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda. In his ruling, Judge William H. Orrick sided with Santa Clara County, the city of San Francisco and other jurisdictions, who argued that a threat to take away federal funds from cities that do not cooperate with some federal immigration enforcement could be unconstitutional. In making the ruling apply nationwide, Orrick blocked the government from enforcing a key portion of Trump’s January executive order on immigration, which ordered the Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department to block cities who do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement from receiving federal funds.

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has warned the new Government in the form of unusually clear foreign policy going it alone in the Russia policy. NATO is a community of values. “This means that we – as we have a common interest – if we want to come back to a reliable cooperation with Russia that go together and not bilaterally over the heads of partners across”, said von der Leyen at the opening of the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

The fight against Islamist terrorism must be done together and should not be operating in a “front against Islam and Muslims in itself”. “Otherwise we run the risk, to deepen the rifts grow from where violence and terror.” The United States had triggered worldwide protests with an entry ban for several Muslim countries.

More on the topic

The foreign policy of the new US administration of President Donald Trump is the focus of the meeting. In Russia politics is the lurch of the Trump Government as clear as in hardly any other field. In January, Trump sent clear signals of rapprochement towards Moscow. Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson but demanded more peace efforts of Russia in Eastern Ukraine by Russia at the G20 meeting of Foreign Ministers in Bonn.

Pence will present security policy of the White House

Burden-sharing among allies is more than a question of money, said von der Leyen. To bear the burden, was to first of all once the principle to standing by each other, no ifs or buts. “That excludes solo efforts – both to go it alone of the pre-emptive preschens, but also to go it alone of the which way duckens.” The Secretary of Defense James Mattis had the NATO partners on Wednesday threatened to drive back the commitment, should they no longer spend on their defence.

Of Leyen said, Europe should plan better in defense and work together – that is a kind of burden-sharing. A stable European Union was as much in America’s interest in such a closed NATO.

To Sunday, up to 30 heads of State and Government are Bayerischer Hof is located about 80 foreign and defense ministers at the hotel. The powerful of the world have so far rather contradictory American foreign policy many other topics: tensions with Russia, Syria war, conflict in Ukraine, and last but not least the future of the EU.

NATO commitment

The admonitory words of Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in the United States, their American colleague James Mattis has known nor even clear to NATO and to trans-Atlantic cooperation. Mattis said no country can alone ensure security on Friday at the Munich Security Conference. That go only to the team. He was confident that the partnership will strengthen and that one together step forward which, which endanger democracy and the freedom. Because the transatlantic link is the best defense against instability and violence, said the Secretary of Defense.

Trumps Deputy Mike Pence the security policy of the White House will present this Saturday – and should meet there also Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). It is Merkel’s first meeting with a representative of the new American Government. The Security Conference in Munich is the third Forum this week, introduced members of the Trump Government after the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels and the G20 Minister of Foreign Affairs in Bonn.

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