The Matrix of Truth and the Gideon Computer

We must begin work on the Bohemian Rose Labyrinth – immediately! We artists must start collecting our beautiful women – THE MUSES OF THE WORLD – who have long been protected (mund) by the Long-faced Comet Kings. Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins and had long faces. I am from the Aaron line. Renderings from the Shroud of Turin depict Jesus with an underbite which I am my daughter have.

You dark ugly thugs of the Sleeping Mud Nest have failed to drag me down. I am awake! I surround myself with the Spirit of the Rougemont Templars!

John ‘Comet King’

The Glass Tower – With Slipper

The owners of the CBCLLC have opened a Pandora’s Box.  They will hire artists and writers  – as a last resort! They will be the last – on the scene! They want us Bohemians walking about wearing their Sandwich Boards. We are not a freak show?  Anyone can design a Glass Box, but, only we can make a glass slipper!

You fools! Can’t you see! Behold the Tower of Beauty and the Labyrinth! On a certain day, the rising sun cast a shodow in the center of the maze. This is a cosmic sundial. The Brothers of the Bohemian Club gathered around this circle. Then, it came, out of the bay!


Who knew this was going on amongst the stacks of felled trees soon to be made into barrels that were sold all over America. My grandfather, William Frederick Broderick was head of sales. He was connected to all the Turnverein. This is why the Mafia never took hold of San Francisco. Beware……….The Woodminster cometh!

Now you understand why I want this façade to be moved to the end of the existing pier. He will rise again!

The CBCLL has plucked the Rose of No Return!

Rosamond Press

When I came back to life, I knew my job was to bring the Kingdom of Truth to the Surface of the World. This is done this day. There is no way to avoid The Fight that I and my Running Mate take to the Republican Party in order to defeat it, and expel it.  The Liars and their King Deceiver have altered the true intention of this party that my kindred, John Fremont helped found. He was the first Presidential candidate. He married Jessie Benton, a ancestor of my niece, Drew Benton.

I will try to answer to Question of our existence……Why does Truth exist? I am ageless in this Quest. My body get old, but my relationship to The Truth – is forever! Here is Danill Andreyev who rediscover the Matrix while in isolation in a Russian prison. It is no mistake that we three look alike.

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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