The Glass Tower – With Slipper

The owners of the CBCLLC have opened a Pandora’s Box.  They will hire artists and writers  – as a last resort! They will be the last – on the scene! They want us Bohemians walking about wearing their Sandwich Boards. We are not a freak show?  Anyone can design a Glass Box, but, only we can make a glass slipper!

You fools! Can’t you see! Behold the Tower of Beauty and the Labyrinth! On a certain day, the rising sun cast a shodow in the center of the maze. This is a cosmic sundial. The Brothers of the Bohemian Club gathered around this circle. Then, it came, out of the bay!


Who knew this was going on amongst the stacks of felled trees soon to be made into barrels that were sold all over America. My grandfather, William Frederick Broderick was head of sales. He was connected to all the Turnverein. This is why the Mafia never took hold of San Francisco. Beware……….The Woodminster cometh!

Now you understand why I want this façade to be moved to the end of the existing pier. He will rise again!

The CBCLL has plucked the Rose of No Return!


Seer Jon



The Towers of Beauty

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Capturing Belle in Labyrinth

Marlborough Maze at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK




I just discovered Belle’s mother, Catherine Vandertuin, brought Gamelan music to the UofO. My surrogate daughter studied this music, and played it when she attended the UofO. Her uncle, Ron Ramus taught Tai Chi here. Belle’s father, Jeffrey Burch, introduced a Labyrinth Walk that was accompanied by Belle’s mother.

My autobiography is about making my way into the center of Rosamond’s Labyrinth, where I find her, Mon Belle. Belle Burch is at the epicenter. In Friday she will pose for my rendition of Belle Rosamonde in the Labyrinth.

It is uncanny to discover this Labyrinth Walk conducted by Belle’s mother and father whom she talked about briefly. This post shows two painting of Fair Rosamond being found via the clue of the red thread. The Rosamond cote of arms depicts a weaving needle made into a cross with two roses to the side.

Belle’s mother died nine years ago when my muse was fourteen. There is something being reborn here, are awoken. The Descent of Innana (1997) is like Pan’s Labyrinth. (2005). “There will be signs.”

“Catherine brought Javanese gamelan music to Eugene in 1992 with the founding of Gamelan Nuju Laras, well known for accompanying labyrinth walks created by her partner, Jeff Burch.”



Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Above we see a genealogy published in 1947, the year Christine Rosamond Benton, was born. It shows the Scarlet Thread Line descending from the royalty of Crete where the great labyrinth was made. The ritual practiced within was conducted by the “mistress of the labyrinth”………The Rose of the World?
On this day, February 20, 2013, I declare Rosamond Clifford the embodiment of the Labyrinth Mistress, and a Mistress of the Holy Grail.
You also see the descent from the Milesian Kings from who the Kings of Ireland descend. Cretans migrated to Miletus.

John Aubrey, in his “Remaines,” 1686, tells us that his nurse used to sing the following verses to him:

p. 167

“Yea, Rosamond, fair Rosamond,
Her name was called so,
To whom dame Elinor our Queene
Was known a deadly foe,
The King therefore for her defence
Against the furious Queene
At Woodstocke builded such a Bower
The like was never seen.

“Most curiously that Bower was built
Of stone and timber strong.
An hundered and fifty dores
Did to this Bower belong,
And they so cunningly contriv’d
With turnings round about
That none but with a clew of thread
Could enter in or out.”

This is the tale of Rosamund’s Labyrinth, a tale of love, jealousy, hatred; a tale whose truth is lost in the mists of time. What we have are myths, legends, songs and stories, passed down by word of mouth, from that medieval time.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I have been called ‘The Reluctant Messiah’. I am amused, and amazed, to find myself at the epicenter of the Bohemian Labyrinth, because, I have been tortured enough. Everything and everyone has been take from me. I know ignorant people want to kill me. But, I have experienced death. Am I Lazarus?

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