Imperial County of Reuss

Putin is considering restoring the Russian Monarchy. Karl Scwarzenberg and I are kin to the Romanovs via Kaiser Wilhem, the cousin of Nicholas. King BoBo’s  Bosom Buddy wants to get his hand on some Royal Romanov Seed. If God made everything, then He made DNA. Evangelicals claim BoBo is the embodiment of King David, whom the Jews have paid special attention to because of his DNA.

The way it looks, thousands of members of the Rosamond Family, are linked to the House of Schwarzenberg. We’re talking about Real Rednecks – the Real McCoy – who may own America. How many of my kin see Russia, and Putin as the world leader of Christianity?

Here is a good article on early religions in America. There is a Hidden Deed and Seed. God has to have a hand in all this.

It is a fact Russia used a farm of cyber-warriors to attack the American Elections as part of their plan to restore the Monarchy – and Christianity in Russia. These attacks can occur again, thus the Cyber Content War between Mega Meg and Oprah Winfrey, is vital. My Barrel Company is about preserving DNA. The Da Vinci Code – is fiction!


Since Nicholas and his family were sainted by the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia in 2000, churches, chapels and shrines dedicated to the so-called ‘Holy Imperial Martyrs’ have appeared across Russia.
In conformity with Orthodox practice, icons (devotional images) of these sainted Romanovs are for sale in a variety of poses, from mass-produced laminated cards to lavish diptychs housed in soft red velvet cases. Their former palaces and places of exile and execution have become pilgrimage destinations. A hundred years next year since the 1917 revolution, public memory has turned full circle. Where Russians were once encouraged to repudiate the Romanovs as ‘oppressors of the people’, today they’re encouraged, quite literally, to worship them [Of course, we cannot agree with nor endorse this exaggeration—O.C.].

Rosamond Press

I am kin to Kaiser Wilhem who married Hermine Reuss. Below are castles owned by the Reuss family. The name Reuss means “Russians”.  Trump, of German extraction,  knows Putin wants to bring back the Russian Monarchy. Kaiser Wilhelm was in Czar Nicholas’ cousin. They share similar DNA. They and their grandmother, are in my family tree, that usurpers tried to snip.

I gave my friend, Amy, a lesson on how DNA carries TRUTH. History keeps repeating itself because the royals mix their genetic truths together. This is why a prophet born into a royal tree, can predict their moves. John the Baptist was of two priestly line, and Jesus of two Davidic lines. It is like owning psychic powers. It is more like own – The Truth!

The Rapture Usurpers put Trump and Putin together – years before he ran. Demand to see the Mueller Report so We the People…

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