Imperial County of Reuss

I am kin to Kaiser Wilhem who married Hermine Reuss. Below are castles owned by the Reuss family. The name Reuss means “Russians”.  Trump, of German extraction,  knows Putin wants to bring back the Russian Monarchy. Kaiser Wilhelm was in Czar Nicholas’ cousin. They share similar DNA. They and their grandmother, are in my family tree, that usurpers tried to snip.

I gave my friend, Amy, a lesson on how DNA carries TRUTH. History keeps repeating itself because the royals mix their genetic truths together. This is why a prophet born into a royal tree, can predict their moves. John the Baptist was of two priestly line, and Jesus of two Davidic lines. It is like owning psychic powers. It is more like own – The Truth!

The Rapture Usurpers put Trump and Putin together – years before he ran. Demand to see the Mueller Report so We the People can follow the bouncing ball. It is never over for these greedy billionaires. DNA produces wealth.

Wilhem expected Hitler to put him and Hermine Reuss on the restored throne, and was shocked that he did not.

Seer John

The relationship between Nicholas and Wilhelm, two grandsons of Britain’s Queen Victoria, had long been a rocky one. Though Wilhelm described himself as Victoria’s favorite grandson, the great queen in turn warned Nicholas to be careful of Wilhelm’s “mischievous and unstraight-forward proceedings.” Victoria did not invite the kaiser, who she described to her prime minister as “a hot-headed, conceited, and wrong-headed young man,” to her Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1897, nor her 80th birthday two years later. Czar Nicholas himself commented in 1902 after a meeting with Wilhelm: “He’s raving mad!” Now, however, the two cousins stood at the center of the crisis that would soon escalate into the First World War.

Main partition[edit]

The Reuss territories in the 18th century.

In 1564 the sons of Henry XIII of Reuss at Greiz divided the estates into

  • Reuss at Lower Greiz, descendants of Henry XIV the Elder
  • Reuss at Upper Greiz, descendants of Henry XV the Middle
  • Reuss at Gera, descendants of Henry XVI the Younger.

While the Middle Reuss became extinct in 1616, the Older and Younger lines were divided again several times until in 1778 Count Henry XI united the possessions of Upper and Lower Greiz to the Principality of Reuss Elder Line. In return the remaining estates of Gera, considerably larger though, became the Principality of Reuss Younger Line in 1806.

The two remaining Reuss principalities went on to join in turn the German Confederation (in 1815). Henry XXII of Reuss Elder line is notable among the more modern princes of this house for his enmity to Prussia, which he opposed in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, when the Prussian troops occupied his domain. Henry joined the North German Confederation and the new German Empire (1871). He alone of all the confederate princes remained until his death (1902) an implacable enemy of Prince Bismarck and of the conditions created in Germany by the foundation of the empire. His daughter Hermine Reuss of Greiz however became the second wife of the exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II later. His son, Heinrich XXIV, Prince Reuss of Greiz (1878–1927), being incapable of ruling, the regency passed to the ruling prince of the younger line of Reuss.[1] Both lines lost their thrones in German Revolution of 1918–19.

Of both lines, only the Köstritz side branch of the Younger Line still exists today; their main seat is Ernstbrunn Castle in Austria, although the family regained some properties in the former Reuss states following German Reunification in 1990.


After World War I, the Reuss territories were unified in 1919 as the People’s State of Reuss, which was incorporated into the new state of Thuringia in 1920.

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Putin is considering restoring the Russian Monarchy. Karl Scwarzenberg and I are kin to the Romanovs via Kaiser Wilhem.

    Since Nicholas and his family were sainted by the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia in 2000, churches, chapels and shrines dedicated to the so-called ‘Holy Imperial Martyrs’ have appeared across Russia.
    In conformity with Orthodox practice, icons (devotional images) of these sainted Romanovs are for sale in a variety of poses, from mass-produced laminated cards to lavish diptychs housed in soft red velvet cases. Their former palaces and places of exile and execution have become pilgrimage destinations. A hundred years next year since the 1917 revolution, public memory has turned full circle. Where Russians were once encouraged to repudiate the Romanovs as ‘oppressors of the people’, today they’re encouraged, quite literally, to worship them [Of course, we cannot agree with nor endorse this exaggeration—O.C.].

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