Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – Is Rubbish!

Every morning I awake to instruction my Muse has downloaded in my soul while I am in defenseless sleep. Sleep to Dream, the original turn on, tune in, and drop put experience. Hallucinations For Free! Our lost psychedelic dreams, have fallen into the wrong hands. Tarantino has made a movie about my ex-brother-in-laws, Garth Benton and Rick Partlow, two actors who got bit parts in Hollywood. Quenton enters my wheelhouse when he brings Manson of the scene. They say Charlie was doing Mel Lyman, who married Jessie Benton. They had a commune of the black ghetto. Charlie killed folks to start Helter Skelter. This is all turned into a movie by a rich and famous guy, who has lost it – Big Time! His muse has left him. He has made an adult cartoon starring the Manson Women that is like the Rosamond Cult. Two Lyman devotees starred in Zabriskie Point. Dalton reminds me of John Lupton who starred in the T.V. series ‘Broken Arrow’.

Curse the Illusion Makers of Hollywood! Damn them all to hell!




Last night I watched the end of the series Breaking Bad that I hungrily consumed in the last seven days. I saved nothing for a Rainy Day, because the stormy destruction of the American Bohemian Lifestyle, is all but dead, as I predicted! This is why I began this blog, that is The Bohemian Ark. No one believes there was a reason to build such a thing. I am called, a wanna-be,  has-been, a raving lunatic. This sums up Breaking Bad. In the end, Walt admits he never – did it – for his family. He did it for himself. He had a muse. He was amused. Science was his art. He is like my Art Patron, Bob Hamilton.

To alter Bohemian History by killing off Charlie Manson and his Crew, all but finishes off Euro-Bohemianism in America. Once upon a time there was the Peace Corps. Veterans of  World War Two sent their graduating children – over there! The Kennedys belonged to the Clans of Ireland. Every kid who was somebody, was sent to France. Charlie Manson was sent to jail, over and over again, starting when he was a teenage. After serving some more time, Charlie was set free, and got a hold of some LSD. Charlie had a Muse. He was not a bad musician. He was not a good musician.


There were ten billion aspiring Rock Stars in Los Angeles. My high school friend, Bryan McClean, was one of them.  Becoming a famous member of the group ‘Love’ added to the number of Bohemian Musician Bryan knew. He ran into Charlie. Everyone ran into Charlie. Bryan was invited to the Tate home for dinner, by Sharron. He chose to meet a previous engagement the nigh the Manson Crew came knocking on the door.

Quentin Terantino was too young to have Manson come knocking on his door, unless Charlie was in love with said mother, or, his father had a connection in the music industry. Shall we have a look-see? Tow days ago I saw an ad on T.V. for Quentin’s new movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’.  My inner-muse upchucked that evenings download. I had no dreams that night, just a cold sweaty palm of dread laid over my dying soul.

“Doesn’t’ he have best friends who could have put a stop to this? This is the sequel to Pynchon’s ‘Inherent Vice’. Didn’t Terantino see that BOMB that also had Charlie Manson at the core of the plot? Did Quentin see wht I saw, The Death Of Beach Bohemianism, and he tried to be a Save A Bad Movie Hero? I trashed Tom’s movie. He fooled around with my ex-wife in Mexico. Some say they were married, thus Pynchon is in my family tree. One rumor has Tom on a bus with Lee Harvey Oswald heading for Mexico. This is the movie Quentin should have made. He could have uused Bus Stop as a model. It is Road Pulp Fiction. It would be a musical about two chumps on a bus that take Sandos LSD with a blonde Vegas Showgirl and try to make her at the next rest stop.

Blondie is shocked to see her friend Jack get his brains blown out, and, is admitted to Camarillo State Hospital when see her friend Lee get shot in the stomach. While working in the hospital dairy, a young man tells her about the book her friend Thomas wrote. The tune ‘Getting Hip’ is sung and danced in the dairy at the funny farm.



In 1969 Los Angeles, actor Rick Dalton, who starred in a black-and-white Western television series called Bounty Law that began in the late ’50s, finds his career is faltering due to ongoing alcoholism issues. Dalton dwindles into a drawling functional binge alongside Cliff Booth, his longtime stunt double and best friend where he laments that his career is over. Booth, by contrast, is a Vietnam war veteran who lives in a derelict trailer next to the Van Nuys Drive-In but seems happy and satisfied. Booth is also rumored to have murdered his wife, and gotten away with it.

While passing the day by, Booth participates in a fists-meets-martial-arts duel on the set of The Green Hornet with Bruce Lee. Later, Dalton, playing a black-hatted villain on a new series called Lancer, gets into a philosophical chat about acting with his 8-year-old costar, a budding feminist and method actress.

Meanwhile Sharon Tate, along with her Polish husband, Roman Polanski, have rented their new home next to Dalton’s on 10050 Cielo Drive. At a Playboy Mansion party, The Great Escape superstar Steve McQueen hangs out with Cass Elliot. McQueen, talking to Dalton, fills in the backstory of Tate, Polanski, and their friend Jay Sebring, a hairdresser who is in love with Tate and, according to McQueen, is hanging around with them to bide his time and wait for Polanski to sabotage his marriage.

After his performance in Lancer receives positive reviews, casting agent Marvin Schwartz offers Dalton the opportunity to shoot a Spaghetti Western in Rome. The prospect fills him with despair; he thinks Spaghetti Westerns are the bottom rung of the entertainment totem pole. Dalton also takes Booth with him, and he spends six months there, making several films while eventually marrying an Italian crew member, Francesca Cappucci.

Back in Los Angeles, while escorting the flirtatious Pussycat to the Spahn Movie Ranch, Booth learns Pussycat is a member of the Manson Family, a cult notorious for stalking and preying on the locals, and that hippie guitarist Charles Manson has established the ranch as a safehouse.

Suspiciously, Booth and Dalton arrive at the ranch where they walk into a murder plot as the Manson Family have kidnapped Tate, Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger and several other hostages, with the intent to kill them. Dalton, Booth and Lee brutally defeat the Manson Family in a shoot-out/kung-fu showdown, and Manson is shot dead by Booth. Tate is saved, but Booth dies from fatal injuries sustained in the fight. Despite his career having not amounted to his ambition, Dalton acknowledges that it is the end of the 1960s, and the Hollywood spirit will live on.



Charlie Manson Is Dead

Pynchon Connects With Manson










“Truman Capote: The truth is, the LaBiancas and Sharon Tate and her friends were killed to protect you. Their deaths were directly linked to the Gary Hinman murder.

Bobby BeauSoleil: I hear you. I hear where you’re coming from.”

This morning I discovered a Pynchon movie is due out in December ‘Inherit Vice’.

“The setting is Los Angeles in 1970; the arrest and trial of the Manson Family is featured throughout the novel as a current event. Larry “Doc” Sportello, private investigator and “pothead”, receives a visit from his former girlfriend Shasta Fay Hepworth, now having an affair with the real-estate mogul Mickey Wolfmann. Shasta asks Doc to help foil a plot allegedly hatched by Mickey’s wife Sloane and her lover, Riggs Warbling, to have Mickey admitted to a mental health institution. Soon afterwards Tariq Khalil asks Doc to find the whereabouts of Glen Charlock, one of Mickey’s bodyguards—Tariq claims that Glen owes him money after their time spent together in prison.

Thomas Pynchon wrote Inherit Vice in 2009. Had he been reading my blogs? Reese Witherspoon will play Shasta. She is in my and Mary Ann Tharaldsen’s family tree, as is Mel Lyman and his wife, Jessie Benton, whose cult following allegedly worshipped Charles Manson. There is an alleged music interest between Mel and Manson, that appears to be extended to musician Bobby Beausoleil who played in the Grass Roots, Arthur Lee’s band that became ‘Love’.

My friend Bryan Maclean replaced Bobby. One blogger suggests Bobby had it out for Bryan who was invited to the Polanski residence the night the Manson family showed up. In an interview Bryan says he changed his mind at the last moment, but, I don’t believe him. I think he knew Manson and Bobby who murdered musician Gary Hinman over a dope deal gone bad. I don’t buy it. I suspect Bobby was pressuring Hinman to promote his and Charlie’s music. When he refused, Charlie showed up. This story of a motorcycle gang is bogus because members would have come forth and bragged, and, there is not investigation of them.

Pynchon was not a hippie, nor did he hang out with hippies. He was married to my ex who was part of the hippie scene, but for her connection to me, she was more of a Beat. I knew members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love who were LA surfers. Bryan was a surfer, as was Larry Sidel, who married my sister Christine. Larry was a LSD salesman, and my have hung with the BEL.

Above is a pic of Bryan singing at Mary Ann and my wedding. Bobby was nicknamed ‘Cupid’. Mary Bruner named her son by Charlie ‘Valentine’
Is this Bobby’s son? Like myself, Bryan got sober. He found Jesus. He talks about how close he came to death. His friend, Sky, was murdered by Malinda’s father. Did Bryan know the truth about the Manson Murders, and knew this cult would kill him if her spoke out? I suspect Sharon Tate knew Manson was going to show up. I believe he was there. Did Bryan know?


Bryan partied with the Polanski, and was a friend of Terry Melcher who worked in the music industry with the Wilson brothers of Beach Boy fame, who befriended and housed the Manson Family. How David met member of the family, sounds bogus. Allegedly the Polanski were into masochism that produced the movie ‘Rosemarie’s Baby’. It appears Bryan knew Charlie. Bryan knew everyone. Did he bring him to David Wilson’s house. Charlie got to know all the musicians in LA. Was Bryan screwing a Manson chic?


Bryan was Christine’s lover. My friend, Michael Harkins, was a private investigator who volunteered to work undercover at our wedding reception where he caught a son of Mary Ann’s good friend, going through purses. My wife got upset at Michael. The question is, was my friend Pynchon’s model for Larry “Doc” Sportello. Michael acted like a doctor, and was trained by the famous detective, William Lindhart, who was hired by Carl Chessman. Michael offered to investigate the death of my late sister, the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’.

It’s time to put my book in print. I have given so much REAL STUFF away for FREE! Pynchon is a wanna-be hippie who is exploiting my brothers and sisters.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014









My Art Patron – Bob Hamilton

robert-ham3 robert-ham10 robert-ham23 robert-ham27

The last time I saw Robert Hamilton, he took me out back and showed me his new greenhouse wherein he raised orchids. Bob loved a challenge. There was no doing things the easy way. My friend was brought up to be an heir of Berkeley’s scientific community. He is at home in any lab. When I visited him at the glass blowing lab at Corey Hall, it was like being in his living room. There was a lens grinding machine. I never called in advance. I would just show up, and I had Bob’s full attention. This beautiful man was my patron. Ten hours after we met, he has taken me to the Berkeley Arts Supply Store, and told his friend to supply me with all the tools of my craft – I would possibly need. He was my equipment manager. He had asked me what I wanted.

“I want to be an artist again!”

In an hour, I am going to give Bob a call. I am going to inform him he is partially responsible for creating an artistic dynasty. He is the Genesis of my creative story that perhaps has Bob in the role of God, another name with three letters in it. Bob is one of my friends who make-up the protagonists, Berkeley Bill Bolagard, in my science fiction novel ‘The Gideon Computer’. It was my trips to Corey Hall that inspired me to depict Bill as a bright student who majored in Mechanical Engineering, but, growing bored, he majored in Art. His training would lead to his great escape from the Gideon Institute, a massive private prison system just outside Salinas.

Robert is an Artful Dodger. His big brain allowed him to see the big picture that he soon mastered. His greenhouse, and love of orchids, is a ruse. It is the entrance to his escape tunnel. Here is found the lost perfection of paradise and the forbidden flower that opens the third eye to the soul of creation.


“Is there anyone who is more conversed in Odontoglossums (regardless of what some might call them) ” could be a line out of the next Men in Black movie, where the twin brother of Gentle Rosenburg disguises his work with alien genetics out in  his bug-free greenhouse. To be befriended by the Science Guy, was a real blessing. Bob changed my world-view and pallet forever. I hung on his every word. Vincent had Theo. I had Bob, who introduced me to Maybeck, who looked over my shoulder as I painted his door, green.

Who are they really “The Mafia-style gowning service.”?


Robert is also the Russian scientist and astronaut, Ivan, in my second science fiction novel, Elfin. All my novels are unfinished. They are experiments with reality. I am compiling a mountain of evidence in my blog Royal Rosamond Press Co. which is vital in sustaining the ‘The Last Bohemian’ who wants to leave an important legacy behind, the evidence of a un-finished experiment, so it can be solved by a brighter being – yet to be born.

Robert took me to the nearby machine shop and showed me where he hung the large canvas I gave him,  The Tree of Life. I had painted it in the house on 13th. where I lived with the Loading Zone. Members of other bands who played at the Fillmore would wander in and watch me paint with brushes Bob had bought me.

When I lived with Peter Shapiro, (who became a good friend of Bob’s brother, Tim) I did a painting of my muse, Rena Christiansen. Her image was rendered on the linen canvas Bob purchased. When my sister saw a photograph of this work, she became inspired. She took up art, and in a year she was one of the highest money-making artists in the world. She would marry Garth Benton, who was the cousin of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton.


This is almost like growing orchids. And if you knew the whole story, you would be amazed! We are the creative product of a great experiment. In this light, nothing went wrong, or could go wrong. We changed the world. To behold these images of Bob’s World, is to arrive near the end of my book. We have entered the Gideon Institute.

“All’s well, that ends well!”

However, will there ever be a scientific investigation into whether of not there exist Life After Death? In this respects Scientists are cowards, they not so much leaving it up The Church to come up with an answer, but, the poor, half crazed artist, who guesses what reality is most of the time. And every now and then, their guess is a good one.


We artists are the Fall-guy, the scapegoat, when reality goes wrong, and the Human Experiment comes to not. Note the energy around me. How did that get there? Robert was a witness to this energy – at its peak! So was my beautiful muse! We were like Adam and Eve. We camped all over Northern California. People were in awe of us. We were alone in the Great Greenhouse, the artist and his muse.

“I want to be an artist again.”

Jon Presco




Robert Hamilton & John Leathers Robert Hamilton, born in Berkeley, CA in 1946. Raised and educated throughout the Berkeley school systems including UC Berkeley, with a significant interest in chemistry and physics. His career plans changed when he decided to become a scientific glassblower specializing in electron tubes, lasers and optics. In 1985 he became the equipment and facilities manager of University of CA – Berkeley Microfabrication laboratory and now manages the equipment of the newer Nanofabrication lab, a lab that serves 450 researchers. In addition to orchid growing, he enjoys classical piano studies.



In July, 2009, the University of California at Berkeley began operation of a new 15,000 square foot clean room-the Marvell Nanofabrication Laboratory. This laboratory will be the successor to The Berkeley Microlab. All equipment from the Berkeley Microlab and several satellite laboratories is being moved and reconnected in the new facility. Lab management has defined an 18 month tool by tool migration process; not a lab shutdown and restart, so that equipment downtime is minimized for the 500 plus researchers that use the facility. All tool connections are prepared in the new lab then a tool is moved, restarted, qualified, and released for general use in the new facility. This translates into running two operations during the transition process. The construction project delivered a clean room with house utilities distributed throughout all chases but no utility drops for fit-up. Selected strategies to facilitate this effort such as crimp tooling for house utility and exhaust connections, flex conduit and extra length cabling, and ‘move litho last’ will be presented and discussed. The new Marvell Lab will maintain and expand the Berkeley Microlab tradition of a professionally managed, self supporting, shared laboratory resource open to all academic researchers and selected industry members on a recharge basis with transparent billing and the lowest possible barrier to entry.

Published in:

At UC Berkeley Microlab we use disposable Tyvek "bunny suits", caps
and booties plus net shoe covers under the booties. In addition, lab
members wear nitrile gloves. 

We provide gowns as part the monthly access fee. Each lab members
keeps their own in their "gowning box". Gowns gets changed when they
show wear and tear and typically last about a week. Lab members are
given a sheet of tacky labels so they are easy to identify when in the

We have not had issues with this gowning protocol effecting yield.

When we opened in 1984 we did what industry did, we engaged a gowning
service. This turned out to be a mafia-style gowning service. We
showed them the door when we saw a regular pattern of cheating us. We
determined fabric gowns were more bother than worth. 

With 350 lab members we have not regretted our decision and no
intentions to revisit the issue as we move to our new, Marvell
Nanofabrication Laboratory.

Bob Hamilton



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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