Attack On My Cats And Light


My ugly neighbors have been forming a ‘God Squad’ that was founded by Jason who had his sons preaching to other children trying to convert them. I am sure many of my neighbors heard about my resistance to the God Squad who saw me taking walks with my cats. I say MY cats because you did not see them walking with others who live here. Everyone was amazed! They compared me to Jesus, and, that made them irate because I gave them no sign I was one of them, and thus a follower of Jesus. They felt threatened, because they saw a light around me. Why wasn’t I sharing it with them? They could feel my light had healing energy. Why wasn’t I healing them? I was healing them. They being in my presence – is healing! Ugly and obese Kim Haffner needed to be healed. I was healing her, but this giant hog-woman wanted more.

Kim wanted it all for all the wrong reasons. She is a CONSUMER, a ravenous bottomless pit! Look at her ugly lard hanging down! Kim is ashamed she looks like this. She is aware our neighbors are disgusted. She needs a diversion. She needs to make the Beautiful – ugly! She needs to be seen as the beautiful Light Giver and Defender of the Ugly. I doubt she is a Christian. She did this to a woman in the last place she lived. Kim is – insane! She betrayed our friendship by passing around my sister’s biography. Handing it to her was her invitation to invade my privacy – with the help of my fucking ugly neighbors!

Kim is very smart, but her disability overcame her ambitions. This is why she ended up working on a mental ward, the only ones seeing her most of the day, are mentally ill. Tis was a her social level, her station in life. When she read about my family sister, and saw how gifted and smart I was, she was very threatened. All of a sudden the hiding place for all her blubber, is gone! She used my identity to hide her obesity. In the videos she rages about how I don’t belong here – and my cats! We are too beautiful. She is too ugly!

“Look at him – not me! He’s the ugly one – not me!”

If you must know, I am a priest after Melchizedek.

My cat in Boston would walk after me three blocks to the park where she played with dogs. They chased her up a tree, but, she then went down and chased them.

Angry, Jealous, Devils are everywhere! This is why I stay to myself – and write all day! They want me to come outside and play evil witchy religious games with them. Fuck off!

What got my neighbors in a rage is my declaration that I am their beloved Anti-Christ who must come before the return of Jesus. Now being a big part of the Evangelical Pantheon, I declare I will not to FULFILL any of their expectations, thus thwarting the Second Coming.

“I have seen the blue print! How can I be anti-anything if I do not oppose it?”

And they were in a fury that I tripped them up, and challenged their belief system that has taken over the Senate and White House? Why should I leave them alone when they claim that pussy-grabber is like a Messiah? As the latest accusation he raped a woman, it says;

“She’s not my type!”

Where is the Angry Christian Mob gathering at the White House to thwart the real Antichrist? Where is the God Squad? This is Mass Mental Illness!

John Presco


Heraldic seal of the Most Ancient Magi Priesthood of Melchizedek, the origins of the Ancient Priesthood of Solomon, restored by the Knights Templar

The Order of the Temple of Solomon, as the direct continuation of the historical Knights Templar, has preserved the Ancient Priesthood of Solomon, which includes the most ancient Magi Priesthood of the Biblical Melchizedek.

The Magi Priesthood of Melchizedek within the Ancient Priesthood of Solomon is compatible with the practices of Reformed Catholicism. This more ancient part of the Solomonic Priesthood is rooted in the Egyptian Djedhi Priesthood as the earliest foundations of Christianity, as practiced by the 12th century Templars within Roman Catholicism. It includes elements which later became 15th century Rosicrucianism as Gnostic Protestantism, and 16th century Hermetic Theosophy as part of Liberal Catholicism.

The Melchizedek Priesthood is the Gnostic tradition within the Templar Priesthood as a denomination of “Solomonic Christianity”. Although it is part of the heritage of the Ancient Priesthood of Solomon, this is an optional and separate specialty, and is not a requirement for clergy in the Solomonic Priesthood. Thus, Templar clergy can choose their individual preference for either classical Christianity, or the most ancient origins of Christianity.

First & Last Attempt To Kill Jesus

The first attempt to kill Jesus by shoving him over a cliff, might be the first and last attempt. This would mean there was no crucifixion where Jesus dies for your sex sins. Jesus died to free God’s Children from the yoke of slavery, bring debt forgiveness to God’s Children, and restore the land of their anchestors to them. Here is the true motive for murder.

Big Nurses Of The Destructive Gossip Squad

Don’t Let The Dream Die


Jon Presco

Above is an image of a page from my late sister’s biography, which I don’t want you to go buy, because it is not clear if the proceeds are going to my nieces, who Christine named as her Heirs. The author is a ghost writer hired by Stacey Pierrot who was sold my sister’s estate. Only two family members contributes to this evil book that talks about the sexual abuse of children. Tom Snyder is not a trained therapist. He never knew Christine. No one else was left anything, but Garth, who was a left a dollar lest he sue.

I took this photo around four days before I gave a copy of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ to Kim Haffner, who lives downstairs. I photographed several pages. None of them had been dog-eared. One page was dog-eared after I got the book back. I have a photo of that. Treat the above page as the only surviving page, and thus the only clue. I don’t own a picture in my head of how my beloved sister ended up in what she feared the most -the ocean!

Kim Haffner denied damaging my sister’s biography by dog-earing the pages. and said she had not read it. She said it must have come like that. This is Supreme Busybody and Gossip Monger who is always looking for more fuel. Having worked on the Johnson Unit (psych ward) for many years I am sure she had juicy stories to tell her neighbors when she came home from work. Most workers got juicy tales. They, and thus she, could not get enough! Why in God’s name would she (they) not read the biography of the world famous woman artist, Rosamond?

I hindsight I ask myself;

“What were you thinking? You asked for her help in solving some of the riddles in Tom Snyder’s ‘Book of Lies’. Tom helped Christine’s ex-husband, Gaslight my sister – ten years after he mysterious death! My niece, Shannon Rosamond Benton, told me Garth had seven wives! Is Garth (an ex-actor) a pro at Gaslighting – for money? You tell this women you have known for only a year – not to share our family secrets, because;

“I don’t want our neighbors talking!”

Talk about trusting the wrong person. What I did, was hand a Great White a baby seal – on a stick!

Kim Haffner chowed down on the misery of unfortunates who were under her care. She engorged herself as they struggled for clarity. Gaslighting the mentally ill is a art form, for these Big Gossips. Knowing she, or the person she leant my sister’s book to, had been caught, she went into action to cover her fat ass – by going on the attack. It was my credibility against her credibility. Before I knew it, she had worked my neutral neighbors into a froth – a feeding frenzy.

It was not safe to use my stairs. I’m sure Kim was a professional expert on ganging up on a patients who are not going along with the program, and making that poor person feel left out, outnumbered and mistaken about being abused! I’m sure Kim Hafner told her family how she employed mind-control on her patients. She couldn’t wait to get to work so she could get the unruly ones walking and talking in circles – like roosters with their head cut off! Female Great Whites are just as deadly as the males.

Our neighbor, Krista, works in social services, and thus come in contact with desperate people who are needing help, and are at her mercy. I’m sure Krista and Kim compared cases, to see who was better at mind-control. These two women felt like Big Shots. They were far superior to their clients. To see them strutting their stuff, as they walk about our complex, is to see Prison Guards on patrol. They looked for people’s weaknesses, and took notes. How could they not have read the biography of a World famous Artist?

They took my poor late sister into the Back Room, and worked her over. They had to see if she was really somebody, and thus – I am somebody! And, that could not be, because these Two Porkers are The Gossip Squad. They will chop you down – at the knees! They will rule McKinzie Meadows – employing fear!

“I better get on her good side, and show her loyalty – lest she talk about me behind my back!”

Here is a video of me calling the police on them. Krista has come over from the other stairwell to get in on the action. She goes to her car to get her cellphone and calls her lover, who comes rusing over. Krista needs male backup, just incase. Mind you, in minutes her lover is there, saying I need to be locked up becomes I’m insane. In the ten years he has been my neighbro , we never talked. If Krista believed I was a psycho, why doesnt she go home and mind her own business – for her personal safety?

Here is a page from the biography of Christine Rosamond Benton/Presco. I took this photo about four days before I leant Haffner this book I got in the mail. I read parts of it fifteen years ago, and sent it to my niece who wanted to read it. This page is the lynchpin to the massive fraud committed by Stacey and Jacci who wrested away my Nieces’ estate.

“Now what the hell are we going to do to save what she created. We weren’t family, so it was a terrible predicament. We both felt so protective of her art.”

I was Christine’s teacher, and have done an excellent job protecting and promoting her art, and placing her in real art history, which she wanted. These evil greedy women were after $40,000,000 dollars of unsold prints that were stored in Christine’s garage. They believed HER DEATH would increase lagging sales. They put all their chips on DEATH! They were paid to sell Rosamond images. They were after a movie! Looks like a motive for murder!

Jacci and Stacey were not in Christine’s Will. Jacci Belford was the second named Executor – who refused to serve! What? Instead, she nominated Garth Benton, who Christine had taken a restraining order against him for harassing my sister, who claimed Garth was destroying the estate. Then there is the “beach party” that was held at Rocky Point. It was Christine’s First Sober birthday party. Stacey knew this. And, she had to have a list of the guests. She would be in charge of the preparations. This was not the time to go visit her parents – in fucking Fresno! This is an alibi.

Three weeks after my believed sister, drowned, Jacci Belford gave me a call;

“Shannon will destroy the estate. I made an offer to pay off the creditors and purchase the estate.”

This is a lie! Shannon told me Stacey’s father fronted the money. Why are these two women lying? My friend, who is a private detective, told me;

“Now that we own proof they told ONE lie, we have to assume EVERYTHING is a lie, until proven a fact. ANYTHING could have happened at Rocky Point, even, murder!”

Kim Haffner, was my friend. I told her she has a good detective mind, and, I wanted her to read this biography so we could got over it. I was in a very emotional state, and I needed an outside detached opinion. I had found out Garth Benton went to High School with Kim’s parents. I looked at their genealogy. After I got my book back, I grew distant from Kim. A month later, she calls me up and asks if anything is wrong. I lied I did not want to get enmeshed with ANOTHER LIAR, who has shared my book with someone – after I told her not to! I suspect she shared it with Krista, because she is on the attack-defense mode. She works hard to take away my credibility. Why?

These women INSERTED themselves in an ongoing investigation. In the last two months, Shannon has told me some incredible things. My surviving sister is on death’s door.

Christine and I lived in a commune in San Francisco with out childhood friend, Nancy Hamren. We were at the dedication of the Kesey mural, and talked about the mural that was sandblasted off the wall of The Creamery. Mayor, Christine Lundberg spoke about the bad ol days of Springfield that did not take kindly to strangers. Big Springfield Mamma’s had rum this town for a century – with their evil tongues. Christine and Neil Laudati wants artists and writers to come live here, and add to the New Creativity. I am going to make it my mission to tell Destructive Gossipers

“You have had your day!”

At our family funeral, Stacey approached my mother and, got down on one, knee, took her hand, and looked up into the eyes of the mother who gave birth to two talented artists, and said;

“Don’t let the dream die!”

The story you are about to read, will make Shark Week look as tame as feeding the gold fish. I am going to present a theory that women invented Gaslighting. It all started with Eve, in paradise!

The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”

Then the LORD God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

As a theologian, I finally get it. There is no serpent. Eve conjured it up to throw Adam off balance, make him feel he is losing his mind, just incase he wants to blame her some more, present a better case.

Here is my copyrighted case as to why God did not make a serpent in paradise – where Adam was promised he would not die. Snakes, are deadly. They will strike and kill a person for no reason, especially if you step on one by accident. The big cats got pleanty to eat and don’t like human flesh. So, where did the serpent  come from.

“Open your mouth Eve, and let God see the viper you just hurt me with!”

And Eve opened her mouth, again, and the serpents poured out. Here is the ORIGINAL SIN! A Woman’s tongue can bring walls down and poison tribal living – forever! Of courts the Jews had to leave out this idea of blaming a woman’s tongue for The Downfall, because they are going to deny men sex, and if no sex, not babies, and, thus no Heirs of Man.

There is a Giant Anaconda roaming our yard, devouring us, one at time! Go back and look at that partial page about the “beach party”. COUNT THE ALIBIS! This is what I wanted to do with my ex-friend. And, if I could trust her, I was going to bring in a neighbor or two. Then there is the idea she needed money, and, she betrayed me.

Four days ago, Shannon again told me what she said a week after he mother died.

“My friends think my life is in danger!”

Open your eyes, and look for the alibi! LOOK OUT! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

I have to tell you now, because I have long feared for my life, too. Let me present my No.1 suspect. Stacey says;

“I went home to see my family.”

Stacey removes herself on Saturday morning. Christine ended up in the water around 10:15 A.M. Stacey could not have been there at Rocky Point………..nor could her family.

Here is Alan Pierrot a multi-millionaire who invested in my sister’s art. Why wouldn’t he be at the house at Rocky Point celebrating the first sober birthday of a raging alcoholic who everyone around her said was a sure bet to KILL HERSELF! If I were Alan, I would have taken out a hefty Life Insurance policy on Christine just to make sure I got my investment back. Alan knew this was an important day for his daughter. A wise businessman and investor would book a fine hotel in Carmel – for the weekend!

Fucking Fresno is a hundred and sixty miles away. Gaslighter Stacey makes it appear her parents live in Connecticut! A billionaire owned that house at Rocky Point. Did he live there, or, did he rent it out for the weekend? Shannon said Sally Green owned the house. Her ex was a Big Billionaire. Kim Haffner said she was in contact with my daughter, who I suspect sold me out. I am just a poor artist and writer, on food stamps and Section 8.  Krista called me a ‘Psycho Parasite’.  She shouted it out for our neighbors to hear.

Alan would have flown to Carmel on Monterey Aviation owned by the big shot attorney whos lawfirm mishandled my families artistic legacy.

Snyder said Christine took her eight years old daughter down to sea to go tide-pooling. There are no tide-pools. Vicki Presco told the Carmel Pinecone a fisherman was swept from these rock the weekend before. I am going after Great Whites, and don’t have time to go after pollywogs.

“I walked into the gallery.”

This is March 26, 1994. The cellphone and texting have not been invented. Did Stacey drive from – fucking Fresno? Was anyone in the car with her?

“Christine meant the world to us!”

At 5:20 P.M. on April 17, 2019, I went to empty my garbage. Kim was downstairs on her bench. I was going to put all the garbage I was carrying, down, and wait till she went inside. I said to heck with that, and went down the stairs. Kim gave me a hard stare, which I returned. She said;

“You got a problem?”

“That’s what your daughter asked me. It’s getting old.”!

I started walking away and she said;

“The prophet has spoken!”

This is what she said to me that brought her fight into the open. I told her about the death of my good facebook friend, Ben Toni, whose originization was funded by Herbert Armstrong. the prophet of the airways, whose church I adopted.  Kim went on to say this was proof of how crazy I am. After more words were said, she said this;

“Your sister committed suicided – GET OVER IT!”

She ranted and raved about I not having any friends like she does. I am crazy because I work on my books all day. This is more evidence of how intimidated she was when she read Christine’s book. All of a sudden, she felt like a nobody. I am sure her mother read it, and all of a sudden she and her husband were no longer the big couple on campus. Kim had to bring me down, and destroy all my claim to fame, because she has no life, no hobbies, no man in her life. And her friends – are losers!

I told Kim my surviving sister is dying. she could care less. Shannon told me Vicki was assuming much of Christine’s identity. She found evidence that Stacey was doing the same. In our written clue we see some evidence, that these two women who worked for my sisters, were not going to let go of The Limelight, the glow of success that had been in. They held a meeting in Christine’s house the day – before the funeral. Knowing this, let us play a game of putting words in Jacci’s mouth……….

“I’ll never forget the look on Jacci’s face!……………….Then she said……………..?

Their alibi, is, no member of my family cared – including me – the surviving artist. They know I cared about my sister – and the art. How are they going to get me out of the picture? What if I killed myself? I told Kim her evil words would cause a mentally ill person to take her life. She threw me the bird. She has chosen sides, and is living vicariously in our family wounds. She is a Psycho Parasite. She was very poor.

I suspect Christine was ganged up on at Rocky Point. She filed Bankruptcy and was moving to New York. The LEACH PARTY, was over. Jacci had already left the gallery that was going to close, and was getting married. Now, she has changed her mind? She and her husband ended up buying the Lighthouse Inn. Where did they get the money? Has Kim been offered a book deal?

“You don’t have any friends, John. No one likes you. all you got, all you had, was those mangy cats!” said El Sharko.

“Did you use that kind of language on people who were are your mercy at the Johnson Unit? Did any of them – hang themselves?”

It has taken me twenty years to grasp what this book is going to look like. Only with my amazing discovery am I going to be able to author a redeemable book. I would much prefer to make Sims-like video games out of this evil bullshit.

BIG SPRINGFILED MOMMAS -RULE! This video game moves Kim and Krista through a large appartment complex, doing their best to be Queens of the Gossips.

“Let’s go rattle Mr. Writer’s cage. He seems to be the big shot on campus?”

“Yeah! But, he never comes out to play. We got nothing on him – yet!”

“Let’s go over there and kick his cat. That should get his attention!”

Tap! Tap! Tap!


You move Stacey and Jacci about the Carmel Art Scene, they desperate to take control of Rosamond’s Art from her family, and the two heirs. One is a minor child of eight. This is an X-Rated video game, due to the sexual abuse of children.

“How can we manipulate the two Heirs?”

“The same way we manipulated their mother, with lies and illusion!”

“Of course! I’ll get our Gaslights ready!”

“They’re down in the basement!”

“Where’ the key?”

“Garth must have snuck in and stole it. Let’s get into Rosamond’s Bentley and drive to that bastards house!”

“Un-oh! He’s locked us in!”

“Do you smell smoke!”

“I’ll get the fire exstinguisher1”

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Back to reality, as sick as it is. Here is a real line Kim Hafner spoke today. She thought we would hug, fall in love, and live happily ever after. What happened? Who dog-eared those pages? You can ‘t make this shit up. I get it now. My famous dead sister came between us. If she only normal, and not famous. Then, you would know how I can take care of my lover man! I wanted to be – good to you!

“Christine killed herself because-  she was insane, like you are – insane. This is proof! You do need to be locked up!”

Now I get it. I was nice to Kim the old gentleman with those blue eyes. We went to dinner a few times. We talked on the phone several times a week. She took me shopping and to the vet. I told her I was writer, and showed her an example. Kim and Wade was about us. I had no friends, that she knew about. Then she read my sister’s biography. Then she looked at my, blog and saw I was trying to get my daughter back in my life. Then she read I was very religious, and said I was a prophet.

“Oh dear! No! Say it ain’t so – Johnny!”

Kim, thought she had me all to herself. She suffered from deep depression, and I made her blues go away. If only my dead sister would go away – and my daughter! As for this religious stuff, it is not her mother’s religion. Then there are the two cats who loved me. If only they would go away, I would get real lonely, and, go to her for solace. If only I would stop believing I was somebody, could she have me……all of me!

I compared Kim to Nurse Ratched -and Misery. These women had extraordinary relationships with men. Many scholars have suggested Ratched fell in love with McMurphy, and, knew he was going to be released, soon. The ward would not be same without him. She felt alive for the first time in her life. She was aroused by their squabbles. If only she could get him to react in a violent manner, then she could perform the operation, and keep him near her, forever! The evil things Kim Haffner says to me, incite violence. If she was a man……………..?

McMurphy is about to climb out the window to speed off with the two floozies. The ward bodyguard wraps his knuckles in his belt. Did I get that right? Kim reads I am almost finished with my novel. I write the Mayor of Springfield and tell her I do not feel safe.

If I should stop posting, assume Haffner has locked me in a basement with my starving cats that went missing.

“Come – and get it! Heeeeeere’s Johnny!”

What is the lesson here? Don’t mess with the very fragile self-image of a lonely five hundred pound woman…………who worked in a psych ward.

Let me give a shout-out to Steven King who subscribes to this blog!

Hot stuff! Huh – Steven?

John Presco

Coyright 2019


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    My ugly, nosy, neighbors, detected this light surrounding me when I took my walk around the block, ordered by my dicotor so I would not die. I have been writing for eight hours, or more. I am not in their world, and they detect this. They hate me because they hate their world. They want to bring me down, and smear my nose in their shitty domain. My cats spot me, and join me for a walk…………IN WILSON’S WORLD!

    I must say there is one who goes to Wilsonville and is on my side. She is a Reader taken hostage by a witch.

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