The Anti-Teaching of Satan Paul

Acts is the text of the Anti-Christ. Once Dead Jesus is Dead, the mass-murderer of the first church brags about destroying the church Saints, and have the Main Teacher-Rabbi turn over this mission and teaching to the monster who threw the children of the first church in boiling oil in order to get their mothers to the denounce Jesus. Surely this created a schism that drove out the surviving family members – as intended! Paul’s church is a rival church! Paul invents anti-Semitism. Saul’s followers are gleeful the original Saints are dead.

Read ‘The Jewish Dispersion In New Testament Time’ by Howard Marshall as preparation for my book ‘Bonds With Angels’.

John Presco

Scholars think the paintings were used as an instructional display to educate and teach the history and laws of the religion. Some think that this synagogue was painted in order to compete with the many other religions practiced in Dura Europos; the new (and considerably smaller) Christian church (Dura-Europos church) appears to have opened shortly before the surviving paintings were begun in the synagogue. The large-scale pictorial art in the synagogue came as a surprise to scholars, although they already suspected that there was a tradition of Jewish narrative religious art at this period, which had all been lost, leaving only traces in later Christian art. The discovery of the synagogue helps to dispel narrow interpretations of Judaism’s historical prohibition of visual images.

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